What I ate Wednesday – My Eats!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a great Wednesday and that you are having nicer weather than we are here in Glasgow, Scotland! Grey and raining… not great! But we did have a few days of lovely sunshine so I’m not going to complain, only hope instead that the sun comes back soon!

It occurred to me last week that it has been ages since I have done a traditional ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post – so decided to rectify that and share with you all today.


Here are my eats from yesterday (Tuesday 29th April) – my thanks to Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for the link up!

Breakfast – Zucchini Patties, Hard Boiled Eggs and RollMop (pickled) Herring – topped with Furikake

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday

Exactly what I needed and wanted after CrossFit  – such a tasty combo!

Let me also introduce you to Furikake! It’s a blend of black and white sesame seeds with nori seaweed and red shiso leaves – a common Japanese seasoning. It is also delicious and jazzes up anything and everything – David and I are addicted! From sweet potatoes to eggs, it adds the most amazing umami flavour!

(We found ours in our local Whole Foods – you may be lucky to find some in your local supermarket or Asian store – just make sure the ingredients are clean, some have hidden nasties!)

Mid Morning Snack

Oh russet apple and tahini, how I love thee – yep still not tired of this combo! Paired with a cup of English Breakfast tea.

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-2

Lunch – Chicken with veggies and a side of baba ghanoush

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-3

Chicken and veggies, yum and need no explaining really! Baba ghanoush is an aubergine dip that David and I became addicted to when we went to the Middle East – it’s so smoky and delicious. We have even found a local company that make it exactly as it should be done, all with fresh, simple ingredients.

Mid Afternoon Snack

I say mid afternoon, more 6pm! Time for a nice relaxing bath = a nice relaxing gin and tonic! I also had some dried prunes to nibble on.

20140429 - A Wee Tipple

Dinner – Broccoli, Pea and Spring Onion (Salad Onion) Frittata

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-5

Fresh, delicious and nutritious, the perfect meal! We grated a little manchego cheese on top and served it with spinach and olives.

Want my recipe? Check out my post HERE on my simple, easy frittata!

Pre Bed – Peppermint tea and a small bowl of melon


Nothing more soothing than a peppermint tea before bed. Combine that with some fresh, juicy melon and I was very happy!

And that was my eats for the day! Why not head over to Peas and Crayons to see what other bloggers have been enjoying?  

London Eats!

Hi all,

Remember my recap post on Monday regarding the London Coffee Festival? I loved writing about it but there was one vital part missing that I am sure you are all dying to read about… what did I eat!!!??? (with the exception of bucket loads of dark chocolate of course!)

So today I am linking up with Jenn over @peasandcrayons for What I Ate Wednesday, focussing on my favourite foodie delights from my holidays, the festival and our Road Trip! Prepare to get hungry!

Friday – Road Trip

Trippin’ Lunch – Salad Box – smoked mackerel, lettuce leaf, sweetcorn, peppers, olives, feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, mango and melon! Yep quite a feast! (Can you believe this all came from our local supermarket? Who says you cant get a healthy lunch from a supermarket!?).

South Lakeland-20140404-00444

Snack – Strawberries – massive and delish!


Dinner – Nando’s in London – Lemon and herb chicken with ratatouille, sweet potato mash and avocado – very nice and perfect fuel after our road trip!


Saturday – The fest and the rest

Breakfast – Hotel breakfast – fresh fruit and yoghurt to start (not pictured) then poached eggs with bacon, tomato and mushroom (side of green tea and OJ)


Lunch – Brick Lane Street Food Cart Caboose – we ordered the pulled pork and the beef brisket and shared. Served with a crunchy beet salad, pickles and siracha! Yum!

Tower Hamlets-20140405-00449DSC04441DSC04440

Dinner – CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!! – First time ever! We only have them in London in the UK and David and I were desperate to visit! I had the burrito bowl with barbacoa, lime coriander rice, lettuce, grilled veggies, salsa and loads and loads of guacamole! It totally met our expectations. And yes I may have already tweeted Chipotle to ask them to open a store in Glasgow…!


Sunday – Rest Day/ Family Day

Breakfast – Hotel Breakfast – Cold meats, melon, pineapple, grapes, raisins and walnuts to start. Poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, chorizo and tomato with coffee. (Pic of David’s plates but mine were pretty much the same!)

20140406_092923 (1)20140406_102616 (1)

Lunch – Pinkberry! – Again first time ever, again only stores in the UK are in London, again was incredible! Tart original yoghurt with mango, banana, dark choc chips and crushed almonds. I wanted it again after I had finished #willpower


Dinner – Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Not pictured 😦 It was dinner with my brother who lives in London and we were catching up soo much that I forgot to snap it! But I had a bunless beef burger with pineapple, grilled mushroom and a crunchy slaw. Nicest burgers ever!

Snacks bought in London (sorry for the bad phone pics!)

Pistachio Halva from the Food Hall at Selfridges

You all know I love tahini. Mix that with honey and pistachios and you have heaven. Amazing


Also from Selfridges – Beef Biltong – Best jerky I have tasted. Totally hunting for more of this!


Road Trippin’ back up to Glasgow

Lunch – Tomato Mackerel Salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes – another supermarket find!


Partnered with another London find – Happy Kale BBQ kale chips – very nice!


Snack – Love Raw Cacao and Maca Organic Bar – will definitely buy again. Ideal snack and just the right size.


Oh and to finish the trip off, as the sun was shining – a 100% Orange Juice Ice Lolly – refreshing and fun in the sun!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Seasonality – Aprils Finest!

Hi all,

Well it’s mid-week already! Time for a bit of hump day posting!

Just a short one from me today as I am heading up north on the early morning train to Aberdeenshire to briefly see my Mum and get my hair cut – yep I still go home to get my hair cut but I give no apologies, I have an awesome hairdresser and you know how hard that is to find!

So I thought I would link up with Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for What I ate Wednesday and do a wee post on Seasonality!


Spring has now officially sprung so let’s take a look at what goodies will be in season over the next month – I love eating food at its best and notice such a difference in taste. Also eating seasonally isn’t only good for your tummy but also your wallet – foods in season also tend to be cheaper as they are more in supply! Double win!

Meat and Fish



Check some of these foods out at your local store/ supermarket – especially ones you may not have tried before. You may find a new tasty favourite!

Anything you are particularly looking forward to coming into season? 

I love kale and asparagus! Pineapple at the moment is amazing too!

Snack Attack!

Hi all,

Happy hump day from a very sunny Glasgow! Doesn’t it just make you feel so much better when the sun is out?!


Today I am going to post about snacking. There has been a lot mentioned at the moment about whether or not snacking in between meals is a good or bad thing. Whether it indicates that your big meals of the day weren’t nutritionally enough, whether or not your body is simply craving x,y or z or any number of reasons as to why it is a good or bad thing to do.

Personally, I snack! I usually have 3 snacks a day – one mid morning, one mid afternoon and one before I go to bed. And I don’t think for any minute it is a bad thing to do! The reason? Because my body knows if it is hungry, then I will give it FUEL, REAL FOOD FUEL! Fuel to power, fuel to excel and fuel to be able to drive and energise my way throughout the day!


So in order to honour snacking, I thought I would reveal my top 6 snacks and the reasons behind why I have them (apart from them being darn tasty!) and when I would use them.

1)      Dates

20140302 - sunday_foods

–          Dates are the perfect fuel for when you need a natural sugar hit but also need some sustainability to your snack. You can mix and match to make a more sustaining snack by stuffing them with whole nuts, nut butter, cheese or even (my favourite) greek yoghurt. I tend to only grab dates when I need that instant boost of energy – hence why I have 2 large ones before early morning CrossFit. If I was really hungry, I know they wouldn’t keep me going for too long (unless they were paired up with other bits).

–          I also include other dried fruit in this mix with dates – prunes especially, raisins, dried apricots etc.

2)      Apple and tahini/ nut/ seed butter


–          I have mentioned once or twice on the blog my love for apple and tahini at the moment! I find it the perfect mid morning snack and it keeps me going until lunchtime. I just make sure I have a decent sized apple and portion of tahini, giving me the sugar hit and energy from the apple and the protein and healthy fats from the tahini/ nut/ seed butter if you prefer (tahini does have a higher protein content than nuts – top tip for you!). If I am still hungry after this/ my apple isn’t very big then a couple of nuts afterwards (walnuts or brazil nuts) usually does the trick!

3)      Roots

20140301 - sunday_foods-3

–          On a Saturday afternoon, David and I as part of our weekly cook up, chop and roast a batch of root veggies (usually parsnips and carrots but you could use Brussels, cauliflower, beets etc). We store them in a sealed container in the fridge and they last a good week. They are fantastic for when you are hungry and need something to keep you going for a while. Nibble on one or two while prepping dinner or a bowl of them if you need something longer lasting. I eat them cold and sometimes with some almond butter at the side for dipping – yum!

–          I also use them as a snack in David’s packed lunch box – kids would love them too, especially the parsnips and carrots as, roasted in coconut oil, they have such a sweetness to them – satisfying the sweet tooth in a healthy way – yay!

4)      Dark Chocolate


–          When I talk about dark chocolate, I mean at least 75% dark or above. These levels are where the nutrients lie. And I don’t mean sit and eat a whole bar – just a couple of squares! In doing this you gain a small amount of caffeine, a potential lowering of blood pressure (good to relieve some stress at work!) and a good antioxidant boost. I tend to have one or two squares with a cup of coffee, or occasionally after dinner when I just want ‘that something sweet’. It is a flavour to savour.

5)      Nuts


–          Nuts are a firm favourite in our house and we both have a portion of them every day. They can be a great mix and match snack – pairing them up with other items/ having one or two or a full portion, depending on how you are feeling. Full of healthy fats, protein and fibre a balanced portion can keep me going for a few hours if I am super hungry or I often pinch a few if I finish a meal and am not completely satisfied.  If you are a nut fiend though, you may want to measure out your portion!

6)      Fruit

5 a day

–          Finishing on the snackers true best friend! I adore so many types of fruit and change them up snack wise dependant on how I am feeling. Very hungry/ need something to keep me going for a while – a banana or apple. A natural sugar hit – pineapple, plums, mango or grapes. Just bear in mind that fruit is a natural sugar and on it’s own, it probably wont keep you going for too long. Try pairing it with nuts or nut butter or some natural/ greek yoghurt for a more substantial snack.

These are just my top 6, I have plenty more bits that I often munch on throughout the day if needed.

Simply make snacking your friend, not enemy, by giving your body real food fuel!

Linking up today with Jenn over @peasand crayons for ‘What I ate Wednesday’.


What are some of your favourite snacks?

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all!

Its hump day time!

First of all I must say a big thanks to Holly for letting me guest post on her blog EatGreatBEGreat yesterday and for all the lovely comments I received. Glad you enjoyed the post and stay tuned, there is another one next week!

Now on to today…

Normally I try not to follow a routine with posts, but I have been getting such good feedback from my ‘What I ate Wednesday’ posts that I thought I would do another one this week! To be honest, WIAW posts are some of my favourites to read so I think we must all think alike – loving being nosy at what we all eat, getting ideas and lusting over other pictures with jealousy!


So as per my other posts, here is a recap of some of my favourite foods from the past week!



Sunday Morning – Kippers, sweet potato hash , coffee and the Sunday papers

Absolute bliss – love my kippers, warmed under the grill, partnered with crispy hash, oh so good and a perfect start to a chilled out Sunday with my David

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

Brussels, parma ham, cranberry 3 egg omelette with almond butter

Perfect post CrossFit breakfast


Zucchini patties with cured herring and hard boiled eggs

Another perfect post CrossFit refueler 



Mac and Guac Salad

Similar to my one from last week but with guac instead! So tasty and yay for healthy fats!


Sweet Potato – half with tahini, half with cottage cheese

For those days when you want both and don’t want to choose between them!


Chicken, veggies and guacamole

So delicious but yet so simple – juicy moist chicken, crisp veg (just mixed frozen veggies #keepingitsimple) and a quick guacamole!



Steak sausages and Neeps (swede/turnip)

Sometimes it really is the simple dinners that are winners.


Thai Green Curry

This was incredible! I took the recipe for a Thai green curry paste from Gordon Ramsay’s book ‘Ultimate Home Cooking’ and simply added a tin of coconut milk and let it render down. Then I added cooked green peppers and chicken and let it simmer until thick. Served with cauliflower rice and peas, the perfect Saturday night in dinner.

20140215 - Thai Green Curry

Nom Nom ‘Big Ol Bacon Burgers’

Another recipe from Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and once again it was insanely good! These burgers were full of flavour, moist and simply heaven! We served them with Brussels sprouts (boiled and then sautéed in the pan the burgers had cooked in for amazing flavour) and roasted root veg.

20140217 - Nom Nom Burgers


Valentines Treat Plate

As a special surprise for David on Valentine’s day, I created a snack plate to go along with a delish bottle of Argentinean Chardonnay. I made dark chocolate covered strawberries, salted dark chocolate covered roasted almonds, parma ham wrapped dates and opened our special purchase a few weeks back of venison chorizo. Everything was lovely but will definitely be making the salted dark chocolate almonds again soon!

20140214 - Valentine's Treat

Apple and Tahini

Has to be a russet apple. They are the only ones that work in partnership with tahini, and what a beautiful partnership it is too!


Jen and David mid afternoon snacks!

Two wee snack pots to go along with our coffee. Mine- sweet potato coins and almond butter, kiwi and prunes. David – one huge banana and 3 dates. Happy times!



Ah Kombucha, I love you so – why can I only get you from Whole Foods/ you are so expensive! Will try making at home one day but need the bacteria to start it all first, which isn’t easy to find!


And there you have it! My favourite eats from the week! Thanks to Jenn over @Peasandcryaons for the link up!

See you tomorrow for a recipe…!

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all!

Happy hump day and all that jazz!

I am sooo excited as tonight I get to celebrate Valentines number one by going out to dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Viva Brazil – watch out meat, here I come!

Today I am linking up with Jenn over @peasandcrayons for the delightful ‘What I ate Wednesday’!


Instead of one day’s particular eats, I thought I would share some of my favourite meals from the past few weeks. Sorry if a few of the pictures are a bit grainy/ blurry – some were taken on my phone and others were at the mercy of the lighting in our apartment, which is so unpredictable!



I currently have a slight obsession with scrambled eggs – especially when paired up with a banana and nut butter. Had it 3 times since Sunday! But all full of goodness so no big deal! (Note this was not a post CrossFit breakfast, I would always require much more after training to help my muscles).


I also thought I would share with you one of David’s favourite breakfasts at the moment, banana oat pancakes – created by the wonderful Amanda over @runningwithspoons. Although for this one, we gave it a twist using pumpkin instead of banana, it was delish! Topped with grass fed butter and trail mix  – tasty!



Mackerel Salad

I had this one yesterday – simply tinned mackerel in olive oil with beets, a hard boiled egg, olives, the usual salad bits and seeds. So good!


Haggis and Neeps

Some people give haggis a bad rep. I think it’s delish! Some people just aren’t into their offal, and that’s fair enough, but at least give it a go! It’s simply offal and oats. Partnered with mashed swede (neeps in Scotland, Turnip in other areas).


Smoked Herring Salad

Smoked herring with peppercorns, beets, some guacamole and a wee bit of mackerel hiding in the corner too!

smoked herring


Broccoli and Pea Frittata (for 2!)


Rotisserie chicken with salsa, a sprinkle of grated manchego and veggies


Liver with onions served on a bed of parsnip mash

Not a great picture but I wanted to put this in as it truly was amazing! Remember I said I wanted to try Melissa Joulwan from theclothesmakethegirl’s recipe? Well it rocked! Cooked to perfection I think it will be a household staple meal!


Southwest Cowboy Chili

From the amazing cook book that is nom nom paleo (totally recommend buying it – review coming soon!). I will never make another chili recipe again, this is THE recipe. Michelle used chuck roast but said ground beef would work well too – so that’s what we used. And we added in some grated carrot and peppers. Divine!


What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Happy hump day!

Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday so far!


Today I bring you the second of my weeks ‘link up’ – What I Ate Wednesday, with Jenn over @peasandcrayons.

I have decided to go with ‘my favourite eats from the past few days’, and oh boy have they been good! We haven’t been doing anything fancy, just honest, healthy ingredients and making them shine for exactly what they are.

I will begin with the most amazing meal I have ever made. Not exaggerating!

Remember a couple of weeks back when I shared with you the recipes I was looking forward to making? Well on Saturday we made Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig – 16 hours of slow cooked goodness resulted in the most tender, juicy, flavoursome pork I have ever had. I could have eaten the whole pot!

20140125 - pork

We also removed the skin after cooking and grilled it to make amazing crackling – it turned out beautifully!

20140125 - pork-2

This 2kg shoulder joint of pork could be used in anything and everything – we used it in…

Kalua Pig Lettuce Tacos


Kalua Pig with Braised Cabbage (cabbage cooked in the pork juices with bacon) – and David had his with a chopped boiled egg on top (will definitely be doing that next time)


Kalua Pig with Chopped Neeps (sweede)

meat and neeps

Kalua Pig stirred into Homemade soup – no picture yet as it is for my lunch today!

So thats 4 meals for 2 people, all from one joint of meat – winner on the economy front. But in all honesty, the biggest winner of all time in the taste front!

Some other highlights of the past few days…

Sunday Breakfast – Smoked Kipper with Sweet Potato Hash


Ah, the wonder of a Sunday morning! Fresh crisp newspapers (and the supplements!), strong coffee, a good debate with your husband over the news stories and amazing tasty food – what more could you want!

Monday Breakfast – Pickled herring, Zucchini Patties, hard boiled eggs and sauerkraut, oh and coffee!


Monday Dinner – Rotisserie Chicken (free range), Roasted Root Veg, Spinach, Brussels and a wee dollop of tomato chutney.


Tuesday Dinner – Crispy Cabbage, Mushroom and Tomato Frittata (crispness courtesy of grated parmesan) with Spinach.


And now some of my favourite snacks…

Choco Almond Milk


We discovered this in Whole Foods on Saturday and couldn’t wait to try it. Normally chocolate almond milk is filled with all kinds of nasties but this brand was all full of goodness. And tasted it too!

Tahini with a Russet Apple


I grew up on Tahini (my parents were stationed in Cyprus for 4 years) but never liked it! However, now that my taste buds have grown up, I can’t get enough of it! Mix with a teeny tiny bit of honey and it is the perfect dipper for a tart, rich Russet apple.

Gin and Tonic with pot of joy! (Prunes, kiwi and some pork crackling)


Nothing better than chilling out in an evening with a tasty drink and some of your favourite nibbles. Watch out, that crackling is too addictive!

Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my favourite eats from the past few days! I hope yours were just as delish!

WIAW – Date Night!


Hi all,

Time for a good old ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post! I haven’t done one of these in a while, mostly because, strangely enough, I tend to eat the same things on a Tuesday, with dinner being the only difference! However, yesterday was a winner in terms of posting! As always, thanks to Jenn over at @PeasandCrayons for the link up!

Had a fab day yesterday, good food, good writing and lots of good fun! Had a date night last night with my husband David and we went out for dinner and then off to the cinema to see Saving Mr Banks. It was amazing! Would recommend it to anyone, you don’t even need to be a Mary Poppins  fan to enjoy it, although being a fan (I am a massive one!) certainly helps!

So my day began with some banana oats, topped with greek yoghurt and almond butter. Only just discovered this combo and holy guacamole it’s incredible! Don’t know how it has taken me so long to discover this – delish!

greek oats

Snack time after the gym was an English Russet apple with some nuts. These Russet apples look so different but taste amazing. They really are quite unique – I just love apples!


Lunch was a tasty treat. Some Italian dry cured ham that my Mum treated David and I to at the weekend along with half a roasted butternut squash and some sauerkraut. The ham was divine and was the perfect partner to the sweet nutty squash. Will be going to my local organic supermarket to pick up some more of that soon (hello cured ham wrapped dates!).


My snack was a quick grab before we headed out to the cinema/dinner. My usual portion of dried prunes (plums) along with a couple of nut clusters that we picked up last week. They are really tasty – cashews, almonds, honey, pumpkin seeds and some cane sugar. A natural treat when you need something to grab and go/ a sustaining energy boost.


We had a quick stop at ASDA (supermarket) to pick up some dried fruit that we needed and a TV recorder that we had ordered (finally we can stop recording TV on a VCR!). Then we jumped quickly into IKEA (they have the most amazing pickled fish!)  before heading off to Braehead for dinner and movie!

For dinner we went to a chain restaurant here in the UK called Harvester. I hadn’t been in a while, not for at least 5 years, and didn’t know what to expect. They have focused on ‘grills’ the past few years so that did appeal to David and I. We went for grilled salmon and green beans with a side salad. It’s great at Harvester, you get unlimited salad from the salad bar and there was a lot to choose from. My expectations were certainly exceeded! The salmon was flaky, with crispy skin and cooked to perfection. The green beans had lots of flavour and still had a good crunch to them and the salad was crisp and fresh – I had 2 bowls of salad, one as a starter and one with my meal! Can’t wait to return!


Then we headed upstairs for the movie! As mentioned above it was fantastic!

Late night home but what a lovely day!

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all,

Happy Hump Day! Hope you are well!

Time for another ‘What I ate Wednesday’ – as always thanks to Jenn over at @peasandcrayons for hosting the link up.

Breakfast – Brussels Sprout and Bacon Egg Scramble


This is so yummy and is going to be a major addition to our breakfast menu. I love keeping the eggs loose, that way it is still slightly gooey, like the French have their eggs. And you have the crispness from the delicious combo of Brussels sprouts and bacon which have been sautéed beforehand. Also a perfect pre workout breakfast.

Snack – Cox Apple with Pumpkin Seed Butter


Another perfect sweet seasonal British apple combined with some rich pumpkin seed butter. A match made in heaven. Also had some mixed nuts at the side (not pictured).

Lunch – Carrot and Coriander Soup with Spinach and Chicken. Greek Yoghurt and Grapes


I love this soup! I think I am addicted! So simple to make and yet full of flavour – it was lovely and warming on a cold day. Once heated, I add a handful of spinach and stir through, it wilts almost instantly. Then I top with shredded chicken.

Snack – Dried Prunes, leftover Pepita’s and a mug of dried leaf Peppermint Tea.

(Not pictured. David came home and I wanted to chill out with him, have our snack and discuss Christmas bits and bobs – exciting planning!).

Dinner – Tuna, Cabbage, Red Onion and Baby Corn with a Mustard Sauce

20131105 - Tuna Dinner-2

Will put the recipe up for this soon! It is so easy to make and the flavours combine so perfectly. Easy, quick, tasty and packed full of nutrients – what more could you ask for!

Snack – White Grapefruit


I love grapefruit, that zing and tartness, yum! We alternate between white and pink grapefruit, pink tends to be a little sweeter but both tasty in their own unique way. Good doze of vitamin C too!