CrossFit – You gotta be a little weird!

Hi all!

Hope you are well and your Tuesday is set up to be super fun!


I am back blogging in my favourite local Starbucks with the sun shining outside. I think it was all that coffee talk yesterday that has made me crave a fresh brew! But not just any coffee, oh no, I am having my Americano iced today! Little bit of sunshine = desire for iced drinks!

But now on to my 2 day recap of CrossFit!

Monday Morning (14th)

So this morning I was still nursing my cold and was still pretty sore from my crash on Thursday! (See here for info if you missed it). I decided to still attend CrossFit, but like Friday, proceed with caution!

We began with a block run and then some additional warm up exercises to get us prepared for the WOD.


The strength WOD was 8 rounds of 4 rep back squats at 80% of our 1RM. My 1RM was 35kg so I decided to round down rather than up and go for a weight of 25kg. Each round was then to be superset with a form of pull up, dependant on your level. I tried a few different pull up options but ended up going with 15 jumping pull ups in between each set of back squats.

The back squats were fine, the 4th rep of each set being quite tricky but hey that’s what it is meant to be! The jumping pull ups were done on top of a 16 inch step which made them more tricky than normal. (In case you are thinking ‘woah 16 inches is still so far from the bar!’ I should probably add that I am 6 foot 1 so not as low as it would be for a ‘normal’ person!). Out of everything at CrossFit, I feel my weakest at the gymnastic work but I am getting there. It may be slow progress but still progress nonetheless.

The second WOD was

4 rounds of

2 minute AMRAP

16 kettle bell swings

12 goblet squats

8 hand to hand snatches

Rest for 1 minute in between each round

I went for an 8kg kettle bell. I could have done 10kg for everything bar the hand to hand snatches, they were difficult to master and new for a few of us so wise to go lighter and to a higher intensity.  My results were as follows

Round 1 – Up to 5 snatches

Round 2 – Up to 6 snatches

Round 3 – Up to 7 snatches

Round 4 – 1 complete round

Yay, increased by 1 rep every time – get in!

Tuesday Morning (15th)


We began with a block run and some killer mobility work. Much needed work on my tough area – the scapula.

The strength WOD for today was strict press and I was pleased as I love to press. I think I may be a rarity in that but I guess I just feel more in control of the bar pressing that squatting.

Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes – 4 strict press at 80% 1RM

I do think I could have gone slightly heavier with this. My 1RM (gained quite a while ago now) was 20kg so I went with 15kg for the WOD. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t tough either so I hope 1RM’s come up soon so I can have a more accurate weight to work from.

The second WOD today was tough, very tough! Anyone still feeling the pain from 14.5, look away now!


4 rounds of

3 minute AMRAP

12 thrusters

12 toes to bar/ knee to chest

1 minute rest in between each round


Round 1 – 1 round plus 4 thrusters

Round 2 – 1 round

Round 3 – 1 round plus 3 thrusters

Round 4 – 1 round plus 5 thrusters

Holy guacamole! Killer WOD but actually really good fun! One of my favourite WOD’s we have done recently!

I went with a 15kg bar for the thrusters and did knees to chest. I am very chuffed as when I did 14.5 I went for 10kg so a 5kg increase on a thruster heavy WOD – big smiles from Jen!

I also managed to get better as the WOD went on, just like yesterday – but I am odd like that, I always tend to improve as I go on with WODs, instead of the regular more understandable result of getting slower as you get more tired! But hey, you got to be a little weird to be a CrossFitter, its part of the criteria!


CrossFit – Bring on the day!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this fine Tuesday.

Do you have days when you know things are just going to be good? Whether you have something planned for later on, or it starts off with a bang?

I have one of those feelings for today – it began with a workout and then a bowl of banana GF oats, with a little greek yogurt and almond butter. When something this warming and full of love hits your tummy, it can only bring smiles. Then I went to get my nails done, a real big treat for me and not something I do very often. It was lots of fun and I love the colour. And now I get to write! All winners in my book!


Got a good lunch planned, bits to do in the afternoon and then some fun with David this evening. All in all, good times! Bring on the rest of the day!

Time for a recap of yesterdays CrossFit…

wods and all

It began with a block run in the rain. Not good, especially when the hood on your jacket gets blown off every time you run! Note to self, bring hat!

We came back in to another big warm up – 3 rounds of…

10 air squats

10 jumping jacks

10 mountain climbers

10 tuck jumps

Definitely warm by the end of it!


Then we went on to something new – Pendlay Rows. Similar to a deadlift in terms of stance but when you go down to reach the bar, you don’t pull your back up, instead lifting the bar to your chest and back, like rowing up and down. In the bent down position, your back must be flat the entire time. They were tricky, mostly due to my restrictive mobility in my upper back and shoulders, which meant that I could lift heavy, but not take that weight to my chest. We had to do 5 rounds of 5 reps and I lifted 12.5kg. Something again I know will improve when my mobility does.

The next section was 5 rounds of 5 reps strict press. I was glad to revisit strict presses as I haven’t done them since early October. My 1RM in October was 18.5kg and I managed a 5 RM of 17.5kg. Good progress. But in increasing my weight during this, I managed to do 2 reps with 20kg – so major improvement in my 1RM then! Would be interesting to see what that 1RM would be now…

After this came some hollow rock tekkers and then 8 rounds on 10 second rocks with 10 seconds rest in between. It was not fun!


And now for the final WOD…

In a 5 minute window perform the ladder:

10 double unders – 1 burpee

15 double unders – 2 burpees

20 double unders – 3 burpees

25 double unders – 4 burpees

And so on in 5 increments for double unders and 1 burpee…

So I was hoping coach would sub double unders for skips. Nope! Instead tuck jumps! Ahhhh!

I had enough of those after the 30 I did earlier… but it must be done! We were recording reps in total (unders and burpees) so I got an exact 100! Really pleased with that actually, I pushed myself even though I was uber tired!

Buuuut… the major high five of the day goes to my David who got his first RX (as prescribed) in a WOD! He managed to do double unders in the WOD (one NY resolution ticked off) and therefore do the WOD as prescribed (another NY resolution!).

Very proud wife over here! Just makes me even more determined to get mine!


Well, Crossfit last night was the aim…!

Hi all,

As you can see from my title, our aim last night was to head off to Crossfit as usual. Unfortunately, David had a major project that ended up taking longer than expected to complete and he couldn’t leave work at the usual time. So Crossfit was a no go. He really had hoped to make it but at the last minute he had to concede to the fact that it wasn’t going to be. I was all ready to rock for Crossfit and was ready for a workout so decided to head to the gym instead.

(Oh I don’t drive by the way, hence the reason I couldn’t go to Crossfit alone!).

It was so strange heading off to the gym in the evening, haven’t done it before. It was also absolutely freezing last night so I piled on a major amount of layers before heading out!

As expected, it was packed with people – the ‘after work’ crowd. It’s normally so quiet when I go mid-morning, I really am spoilt! Also the men in the weights section mid-morning tend to be a bit more accommodating of having women there, it tends to be about ¾ men to ¼ women (I wish more girls would see the wonder of the weights!). However this evening there wasn’t another women in sight at the weights, I got some funny looks for being in there (don’t care!).

So anyway, about my workout. I wanted to do something Crossfit inspired and tried to get my thinking cap on while power walking to the gym. Power walk= warm up = literal warm up, it really was bitterly cold! And this is what I ended up doing.

Crossfit Inspired Gym Workout

10 minutes on the rowing machine/ 2000m (whichever comes first) – at highest setting.

5-5-5-5 Front Squats

5-5-5-5 Strict Press


10 push ups

20 ab mat sit ups

Repeat 3 times.

Foam roller stretches and warm down.

The workout went well. I did 2011m on the rower in 10 minutes 42 seconds with a 2.39 average.

The front squats and strict presses were done with a 12.5kg bar bell as I wasn’t too sure of my usual weights (I left my Crossfit note book at home).

The push ups and ab mat sit ups were a killer! But I persevered – I don’t think I realised how much I benefit normally from coach motivating us during WOD’s!

All in all, not bad for an emergency workout but would I swap it for Crossfit – heck no! Bring on Crossfit Thursday AM!

After that I threw on my layers of clothing and power walked home! Luckily David was only 10 minutes behind me so it wasn’t long before we were chilling out to a tasty dinner. The only picture for the post but I hope you enjoy it! Dinner was delicious, only 4 ingredients and just perfect – beets, steamed broccoli, smoked mackerel and sunflower seeds. Yum!


Crossfit – You want me to climb an 18 foot rope?!

wods and all

Hi all!


Happy Halloween!


Hope you all have some spooky fun plans for the day. I hope to write about ours tomorrow!


Time to recap my latest Crossfit workout. Normally David and I do Monday and Thursday Crossfit sessions but this week, due to Halloween plans, we decided to switch to a Tuesday workout.


I must admit, my body did struggle slightly with 2 sessions in a row, nothing too major and my energy levels were still high, it’s just that I felt a bit sore on Wednesday. But then again, it could have just been what we were doing and the fact that I am upping the intensity/weight now and my body is just getting used to it. Either way I am feeling fine now so no problems – foam roller does work wonders, even if it is painful when you do it!

tues wod 2


We began with some general stretches, burpees and muscle holds to warm up which did the trick and got us going. Then we moved on to something I never done in my life before – rope climbs!


Some of us had done it before, other novices but it was just rope climb tekkers so an ability to learn the techniques and practice them. We were taught 2 ways to do it by our coach, one the more common, the other a bit more tricky. In my eyes, the 2 options were the ‘sensible’ one and the ‘crazy stupid, why would you try that?’ one! The first option gave us all more control over the rope and really showed us how we should be using our legs 100% to do the climb, not our arms. I tried my best, the whole concept of climbing the rope does scare me quite a lot so I think I have to get over that fear first before I will be able to move any higher. However, I did, on my 3rd attempt did manage to climb slightly so I was pleased about that, showing that I understood the technique and process. David was amazing! Like me he had never done it before but he managed to climb to the top of the 18 foot rope! Hidden talent there!


I was glad to move on to strict presses after that! The strict press is so difficult – simply because you cannot use the ‘dip drive’ technique to move the bar, instead totally reliant on what your arms can do. We had to do 4 rounds of 10 and I managed 15kg. I was very pleased with that though – another example of my arms getting stronger!


The main WOD was a combo of thrusters and pull ups in a 5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5 pattern.


I really wanted to continue with pushing myself out of my comfort zone so although a weight of 12.5kg felt more ‘do-able’, I decided to up it to 15kg – and very glad I did too! The thrusters were tough and felt so heavy but I did it!


I did the pull ups with a medium band and was really pleased on how I did with them. Considering I have only done band pull ups once before, last week, and found them tough, I was zooming through them during this WOD! I really enjoyed them too! My arms must have been pumped!


A good workout, felt pleased with my progress afterwards and look forward to hopefully more improvements!


And, as it’s Halloween, another wee visit from Jack Skellington!

20131027 - Pumpkin Carving



Crossfit – My favourite WOD yet!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and ready to tackle Tuesday!

Just a wee post to recap my Crossfit session from last night – it was so much fun!

We began with a simple warm up, a 400m block run for most and a 400m row for me. We then stretched by doing some squats – 10 air squats followed by 30 second ‘hold’ squats, repeated 4 or 5 times to really get our muscles warmed up and prepared for the WOD ahead. This was followed by some stretches on the PVC pipe to get our arms and core also prepared.

Today’s WOD was part of our boxes October Crossfit Open – everyone can sign up to take part in 4 WOD’s, a different one each week, post their score and there are prizes for the winners! Sounds like fun! I decided not to take part – not quite there yet in terms of being able to compete with the other females at my box, but I am quite happy with just being a beginner and taking my time to learn and perfect! And cheer everyone else on of course!

Normally the open WOD’s won’t take place during the normal WOD times (you have to arrange a time to come down and be ‘judged’ by one of the coaches), but for the first WOD, coach decided to make it the workout for all – and I really pleased about this!

So here was Mondays WOD


David and I worked as partners and got our equipment together. We work well together as we are similar in height and not too distant in terms of weights.

The first part of the WOD was to determine our 1 RM strict press. This was a tricky one as you couldn’t use your legs or core to help you ‘dip drive’ the bar up. We began with doing 10 reps at a low weight, 5 with more weight on the bar and then 3 reps with a higher weight – meaning that when you began trying to your one rep max your body was prepared for it. I managed to get up to 18.5kg as my 1 RM – not very high but this move requires strength in your arms and this is my weakest area.

The second part of the WOD was to determine our 1 RM back squat. Once again we did the 10, 5 then 3 reps to get our muscles ready and then on to being judged for our 1 RM. I struggled to begin with for how low down my squat needed to be to qualify, but after some practice I was able to get the feel for how low I needed to go. My 1 RM got to 25kg, woop woop! (although my shoulders and back of my neck are definitely feeling it today!).

The last move was to determine our 1 RM deadlift. This really is where the weights get heavy. You try to focus on yourself at all times but occasionally, during a rest or when David was being judged, I would take a look around the room and see some of the weights others were lifting. In doing this though, it just inspired me – inspiration for the future on what can be achieved if you work hard and train safely. My deadlift RM? 45kg…! The heaviest I have ever lifted – almost my body weight!

Overall, this WOD was fab! Both David and I were able to finally gain our 1 RM for 3 moves, which we really needed to do to as it is so pivotal to many other workouts. We also were finally able to see just what our bodies really could do and this is what surprised me the most, I never imagined I would be able to lift so much weight and I am quite proud of this! I also look forward to looking at how this progresses over the next few months and how much I can improve as I get stronger.

I really was beaming after this WOD – my favourite so far, I loved it!