Crossfit – Good Times!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope your Tuesday is going well and you are all having a nice day!

Here is my recap of last night’s Crossfit session – good times!

wod 15

We began by doing an AMRAP warm up which was really cool. I do like when I row but it was nice to do a warm up with the rest of the group for once!

So the 5 minute AMRAP consisted of – 15 air squats, 15 kettle bell swings and coach switched from the original plan of double unders to wall balls.

Air squats and kettle bells, no problem but I am still struggling with those wall balls. I think my problem is, as David mentioned to me, that I can never perfect the technique as I am always struggling with the weight. I use a 5kg ball which is the lowest our box has so there isn’t really any other option. I guess I will just have to wait until I get stronger in my arms and then hopefully the ability to do wall balls will follow. Unless anyone else has any tips for practicing?

We moved on to some hip mobility stretches which were great as I really felt the benefit. Yes they were sore, I’m not going to lie, but it was good to give my hips a good stretch out and learn some new exercises that I can also do at the gym. They should really help improve our squats and flexibility in general.

David and I paired up for the next part of the WOD, 5 reps of back squats, 7 times at 75% our 1 RM. I checked my notebook and my 1 RM was 25kg, so decided to start with a 7.5kg bar with 5 kg each side = 17.5kg. I slowly increased the weight and by the time we had finished I managed to do 5 reps at 25kg! Result! I couldn’t believe my progress; to go from what was my 1RM to being able to do 5 reps of it gave me such a boost! Happy Jen!

Then we wrapped up with the main WOD, another AMRAP, this one for 8 minutes and comprising of 7 thrusters and 10 deadlifts.

It was a bit annoying; my arms were always going to be the problem for this one, having to go for a lower weight in order to do the thrusters. Therefore it meant when I came to the deadlifts they were probably easier than they should have been (although I am aware the deadlifts in this WOD were going to be the easier part for all). I started with 15kg but after the first round had to go down to 12.5kg – only marginally less but it meant that I could actually lift correctly! I managed 5 rounds plus 3 thrusters.

Good session though! Really enjoyed myself, I think (although I can’t lift a large amount) lifting really is my favourite part of Crossfit and I love a WOD that incorporates many lifting aspects. I also love the fact that it is through lifting that I can really see my progress. Let’s hope it continues!

Crossfit – In with the big boys and girls now!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a good start to the week.

Well last night was David and I’s first session at Crossfit, joining the big boys and girls! I was nervous; I am not going to lie. I think it was just the uncertainty – what will everyone else be like? Will they be frustrated at having newbies in the class? Will I remember everything and be able to keep up? And, most prominently, what will the WOD be!? David was just excited and keen so it might of just been me being me and looking into things too much. I may be like that before every session, especially with regards to the WOD but I’m sure it will pass in time. Did I used to get nervous when I first started going to the gym? you know what, I think I did and now I love it. Will try and keep that in mind.

Anyway… enough of my random thoughts and back to the session itself. We began by using the weight rack to try out 5 rounds of 3 reps of back squats. The more senior members of the group did 85% of their 1 rep maximum weight and they partnered up together. Wow, they looked incredible and seeing them lift those weights really did spur me on, not to lift the same amount, don’t worry (!) but it inspired me to show what can be achieved eventually through time. They were newbies once too. David and I partnered up and, as we don’t know our max weights yet, we started from a low weight, increasing dependant on how we felt during the lift. We both got up to 22.5kg, not bad for the first session and we have a starting point now for when we do it again.

We then did the same principals but with deadlifts. Both of us got up to 35kg with this one. I think David was comfortable with that weight and may have gone higher had we done more reps but I definitely struggled at the 35kg mark and I think my technique was beginning to suffer, which I do not want to happen.

After this came the WOD.

15 minute AMRAP

7 push presses

7 box jumps (or step ups in my case)

7 pull ups (or gym rows for David and I).

I went for a 7.5kg weight on the push presses and to be fair, for next time, I will go slightly heavier on the weight, probably 10kg, and see how I go with that. The step ups were fine, but as usual after doing them, my knee was a little sore today at the gym. The gym rows were tricky and I had to do mine elevated. I think after all those reps on the weights before the WOD, my muscles in my arms were very tired and they just didn’t want to pull me up.

So some good, some not so good but a lot of information to take away and apply to next time round. I managed 9 rounds within the 15 minutes, plus up to 5 step ups in the 10th. Quite pleased with that actually. I did enjoy myself and felt like I had definitely had a good work out. Everyone was really friendly within the ‘big boys and girls’ group which will make heading to Crossfit on Thursday evening a slightly less daunting process. Although saying that, what the WOD will be is already on my mind, eek!

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) and Crossfit Re-cap

Hi all,

Today’s post is going to be twofold and kind of a bit back to front! I will start with my first ever ‘What I ate Wednesday’ (WIAW) post – woop woop, super chuffed to be doing this, building on an amazing creation by fellow blogger Jenn @ Peas and Crayons.  After that I will look at my Crossfit session from Monday.


My day began, after seeing David off to work, with breakfast. Urgh, this is where I am still struggling. I currently have a half and half mix of all bran and organic corn flakes and I know the gluten from the wheat in the all bran is doing me no good whatsoever. I still am trying to find quick, grain free, filling, sustaining breakfasts and I know I will get there and David is the same. For now, it is the best I can do and as I am not happy about having it, I refuse to give it the acknowledgement of a picture! Ha! That’s it told! I have however, made the switch from dairy to either having coconut or almond milk and am already feeling the benefits of this. So I am happy with that side of things – i.e. what I put in my cereal!

After the gym, I came home and had a bit of post gym refuelling in terms of a coffee, apple and some nuts/ dried beans. Tasty! Especially the almonds – which were locally smoked in Whisky casks giving them such a unique flavour. Yes it is true, us Scots do love Whisky (no alcohol appears in this product, simply the casks used!).


After working on some emails etc it was time for lunch. Same as last week but just as tasty – carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, cucumber sticks, salsa and cottage cheese, with Total 0% Greek yoghurt (my favourite!) and some grapes for afters.


By the time afternoon snack time came around I was pretty beat. And alas as a result forgot to take a photo of my snack! Eek! But it was yummy and consisted of a few pieces of jerky, 6 delicious seasonal English cherries and some dried prunes (the prunes being a part of my snack every day, uber yummy gooeyness!).

David then came home and we did our usual catching up of the day and its goings- on. A Wednesday is also the day that we do our meal planning for the following week. Something we always do and always do it together. I love that we are both involved but it is important to both of us so it makes sense! Dinner then followed – spiced lemon veal with grilled courgettes, a spinach salad with a drizzle of natural yoghurt. It was so tasty and flavourful! And grilled courgettes (or Zucchini to my American friends) is just delicious, I will be sad when their season is over.


Dinner filled me up but often I just want a little bit of something sweet – the answer, a wee bit of cantaloupe melon and watermelon. Combine David being home, a dinner like that and a few episodes of Revenge = Good Times!


Although I must have to admit, when it comes to food (and I guess maybe everything really…), I am a bit of a ‘routine’ girl and I wish I could escape it but find it so difficult. However with doing WIAW I will just have to mix it up a bit, as I don’t imagine you all want to read about me having the same breakfast, lunch and snacks every Wednesday! (Dinner at least is always different!).

So now on to Mondays Crossfit session! We are now half way through our On-Ramp Crossfit training, with having the choice between joining regular sessions or going over the past 4 sessions of training again. David and I both chose to do the latter, we really feel that concentrating on the basics and perfecting them is the best thing to do at the moment.

So as you may recall, our first training session focussed on squatting and the variety of squats for different techniques. I really felt like I had made such an improvement here and feel quite confident now in my squat position, only having to be corrected now and again! ‘Jen keep those arms straight!’

When we moved on to the WOD, our coach wanted to see our progress. So instead of 3 rounds for time, we had to do 5. I was not looking forward to this. When I first did this WOD, it really did make me doubt Crossfit as it showed me just how little strength I had, particularly when doing the wall balls. Here is a reminder of the WOD, with the update.


5 rounds for time

10 wall balls

10 KB swings

10 box jumps (step ups for me and my knee)

Oh boy did I surprise myself! Now that I know the power a squat can give and the ‘thrust’ your core can bring to lifting a weight of any kind, the wall balls were a completely different story! I was able to use my inner strength and fitness to throw that ball up there and I even managed to catch 75% of them! Now, by no means were they perfect or even close to what they should be but compared to last time I certainly kicked booty! (Weight the same as last time 5kg).

The KB swings, which I enjoy were great and I was able to power through them (8kg), along with the step ups.

I think the biggest ‘wow’ of all though was that 5 rounds were actually do-able and I did it! And the times as well were amazing. The first time I did the WOD for 3 rounds my time was 7.58. This time, doing 5 rounds I managed it in a time of… drum roll please… 8.59! BOO-YAH!

It’s Monday again! My weekend of fun!

Hi all!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a good weekend!?

Apart from being sore all over my chest and shoulders from Crossfit this week, David and I had a weekend of fun and smiles.

We started our Saturday with our usual bowl of oats for breakfast or porridge as we call it in Scotland. We have become quite inventive with our oats, or David has anyway, I tend to come up with the ideas but then choose old faithful combos like plain oats and strawberry jam, yum! But on Saturday I went for plain oats with coconut milk over the top, and boy was I not disappointed! Talk about uber yum! David went for oats topped with organic grade A dark maple syrup and chopped pecans. Also very tasty!


Anyway, enough about our oats and on to our day! We took the train over to Edinburgh to meet some friends of ours who we have recently reconnected with. I went to university with Lynsey and we were roommates for 2 years. Then, as is sadly sometimes the case, we lost touch. Now we have reconnected again and I could not be happier! David and I met with Lynsey and her partner Ally who we were meeting for the first time. They really are a perfect couple! And we all have so much in common and are such similar people, so it was a joy to spend the day with them. We met for lunch at the 4th Floor Brassiere at Harvey Nichols, a very fancy store in Edinburgh. David and I both had a red mullet dish, with chargrilled courgettes, tomatoes, olives, red peppers and basil oil. It looked so good and tasted so delicious that we forgot to take a picture! Ahh! Forgive me, I am still getting used to the blogger trait of photographing everything!

20130810 - Fringe

After lunch we headed for a wonder around the Edinburgh Old Town. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is currently on at the moment and the whole town is buzzing with performers, comedians, musicians, dancers etc all with shows to go and see, but doing a bit of street performing during the day to try and drum up some interest for their shows. So much fun to walk around and see what everyone is offering. We didn’t have time to see any shows but saw some amazing little snap shots!

It was great fun to soak up some culture and buzz in Edinburgh for the day. It’s crazy, it’s manic, it’s loud but that’s why we love it! And to spend it all with good friends, that made it complete!

20130810 - Fringe-3

On Sunday David and I began our day with a workout, combining a little of what we did last week with some practice Crossfit moves – especially squats, feel the burn!

Then, after breakfast and cartoons, we headed to pick up our new car! What do you think? I love it! We needed to think of a name… its red, it’s fierce, so we went for… RED ROSS! Anyone who is a friends fan will know which episode that was from!


After that we came home, had some lunch and headed to Starbucks so I could catch up on some blogging and we could both get a caffeine fix!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is your favourite way to have oats?