CrossFit – Aint Nobody got time for that!

Hi all,

Yay it’s finally Friday! Ok so this week has gone a bit faster than normal with having Monday off but still always pleased for the weekend to arrive – especially seen as David and I are off on a ‘seeing a bit more of what is on our doorstep’ day on Saturday – see my Thinking Out Loud post yesterday for more info!

But for now, it’s time for my 2 in 1 CrossFit recap!

Thursday Morning (24th)

We began with a double block run, always a favourite…not! And then came in to do some more squat style stretches and movements.

After that came some squat clean tekkers, first using the Burgener warm up and then applying that to the squat clean movement. Here is a video for those who are new to these moves and would like to actually know what a squat clean is!

Then we had 15 minutes to work up to our max squat clean. I am still working on technique with this one, I tell you the concept of going down and under a barbell while it is travelling up is a strange experience and quite a feat to master. I know the principal steps and understand them, it’s just the speed I need to work on and I am getting there – definite improvements. I managed 17.5kg in the end. Yes I have done 21kg before but the technique just wasn’t there. At least I know that every rep done at this weight was done with speed and precision – and I definitely prefer that, weight will come.


The main WOD

In front of a 12 minute clock

1 minute box jumps

1 minute sumo deadlift high pull

2 minute box jump

2 minute sumo deadlift high pull

3 minute box jump

3 minute sumo deadlift high pull

I went with a weight of 15kg on my ball and a 19 inch box.

Well if you read my post yesterday you will know that I froze when it came to the box jumps. I just couldn’t do it – my mind just wouldn’t let me. Blame fatigue, my crash a few weeks earlier, the fact that my side still hurts but whatever the reason, my mind just wasn’t there. I used the first minute of box jumps to try and with no luck, moved on to step ups – would rather go to the max with them rather than stand around trying to find the courage to jump.

Barney Stinson Quote Meme(source)

Good to do sumo’s again in a WOD though!

Friday Morning (25th)

Today’s WOD was insane. Our warm up consisted of 200m sprints and jumping jacks – we were super puffed out by the end! Then we moved on to some hamstring stretches which were fab actually, just what I needed to limber up.


The strength WOD was 15 minutes to gain a new 1RM deadlift. Again I wanted to focus on technique, as my back tends to round just as I am away to put the bar on the ground. I worked with high weights, slowly upping them and trying to make sure the technique followed through. I finished the 15 minutes equalling my PB of 60kg. Coach was not going to stand for this! He ordered me to put another 5kg on the bar and go for 65kg – and I did it! Yay – new dead lift PB.

bear deadlifts(A bear, my CrossFit animal! Grrr!)

We had to take 80% of this new deadlift PB (50kg for me) for the next part of the WOD…

For time

400m run

21 deadlifts

800m run

15 deadlifts

1200m run

9 deadlifts

Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry!

The deadlifts were heavy but for me they were the ‘relief’ of the WOD. The running was killer and every second was so tough, mentally and physically. But I kept running, didn’t stop, kept focused, stayed positive (or tried to) and even sang songs in my head to keep the running beat – crazy I know but it worked!

I finished in 24.40 and I am super happy about this!


Ok so it was the WOD from hell and I hated every minute of it. But will I be back for more on Monday? You bet I will!

Have a fab weekend folks!

CrossFit – Helen and Elizabeth

Hi all,

Hope you are well this happy hump day!

Before I begin today’s post, I have a few updates for you!

First of all, the February 1000 burpee challenge – well I counted up all my tally’s on Friday and it turned out that I did a total of 1235 burpees within the month! Almost a quarter more than required! I am really pleased with the result and it did exactly what I hoped it would do, stop me from HATING burpees! It turns out it is true, if you do something over and over you start to dislike it less and enjoy it more. Now don’t get me wrong, I still don’t love burpees however it’s more of a mild dislike rather than hate!

judges cert

Second of all and more importantly, I passed my CrossFit Judges course! I am over the moon and really excited to be an official judge for the CrossFit Open. I will still do the Open WOD on a Friday but will judge after. Doing the course has really helped me understand more of the technicalities of CrossFit and I know through doing this I will be a better CrossFitter for it. So nervous for Friday about the WOD, but excited about judging! At least I can do the WOD scaled with not being registered – phew!

And the last update… our pancake stack from yesterday – paleo pumpkin pancakes with honey almond butter and bacon… need I say more!

20140304 - Pancakes

Now time to recap Monday and Tuesday mornings CrossFit!


Monday Morning (3rd)

We began with a double block run to get us all warmed up and then moved on to some calf/ hamstring mobility. I didn’t realise I had any tender tissue in there until I got the rumble roller on there – ouch!

Toe to Bar tekkers then followed – with us working on our kipping swing and then trying to get our knees up to our chest (for me) or toes to bar for the others. I really feel like I am making progress each time I go on the bar and I understand all the technical elements behind it – just don’t have the strength to actually do it! But I am getting there and progress is always the main thing.

The main WOD was another girl WOD  – Helen

3 rounds for time

1 block run

21 kettle bell swings

12 pull ups

For the kettle bell swings, I did 10kg – the highest weight I have used for a kettle bell in a WOD but wanted to give it a go. And for the pull ups I used a green band.

It certainly was a toughie, but the girls aren’t easy! The block runs were tiring but I ran the whole time which I was pleased about. Really happy that I went with a 10kg bell as I managed to get those swings done! The pull ups are always tough, especially after the swings, but I just tried to muster up all the strength I had to get up! I completed it in 14 minutes 38 seconds.

The real star during this WOD was David who managed to do the WOD RX! That’s a 24kg kettle bell! Holy guacamole! So proud – he just needed bringing round a bit afterwards!


Tuesday Morning (4th)

The warm up was another double block run (please don’t let the doubles become the norm coach!).

After the run we worked on some hip mobilisation – I needed this so much! And my squats afterwards were awesome!

We then did some practice on power jerks with the pvc pipe – breaking down the movement into sections in order to help us understand it better, especially with the thrust.

We then grabbed a barbell and some weights and worked on 5 sets of 3 RM power (push) jerks, really focusing on the thrust and lift. I stuck with 20kg and worked on trying to get that bar up and locked out within the second dip. I am still having to push press the bar for that last couple of centimetres due to my shoulder mobility issues but getting better every time and totally working on those shoulder issues!


Another girl WOD? Why not! This time, Elizabeth…


Squat Cleans

Ring Dips

Wowzer! This one got us all!

I went with 20kg on my bar and nailed it! I finally got my clean accurate (with the exception of keeping my elbows up on a few reps!) and my squat was brilliant! I don’t think I have ever gone down so far in this move. The weight was perfect though – after all my 1RM was 21kg!!!

But what was even more fab was the dips, which we all did in between 2 kettle bells. Last time I did these it was awful and I had to use 2 ab mats underneath my bum in order to be able to do it. This time I managed 21 reps strict and then the other 15 + 9 with 1 ab mat. Sooo over the moon! This really was something I couldn’t even do one rep of last time and I managed to do 21 of them strict – I really am gaining strength! And it makes me so happy!

Crossfit – Skips and Lifts!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope your Tuesday has gotten off to a terrific start!

I started mine with some pumpkin spiced oats which certainly brought a smile to my face! How could it not!?

Time to recap yesterday morning’s Crossfit session…

We began with a row for me and a block run for the others. I knew coach was keen to push us hard today as what followed was a mix of mobility and burpees. Lots of ‘ow’s’ and then ‘urgh’s’ to be heard from us all. I was so glad when that part ended!

We then moved on to some tekkers for the WOD today. The WOD had 4 moves with weights that we practiced on with PVC pipes – deadlifts, thrusters, squat cleans and push jerks. Oh boy was this going to be a workout! I was glad for the tekkers though, sometimes I still get my moves slightly confused and it was good to go over the exact techniques for them all.

wod 161213

The WOD was in pairs. David and I were put together due to our similar level and we got all our bits and bobs ready to tackle this WOD. It was as follows

All 4 rounds each for time and score (number of reps)

Round one – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ Deadlifts

Round two – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ thrusters

Round three – 75 double unders (225 skips)/squat cleans

Round four – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ push jerks

While one partner skips, the other does the weights, then they swap. Number of reps done on weights counted.

Wow, this was hard work!

The skips were more challenging than expected, all the more so when you know your partner is doing mass reps of heavy weights until you finish! Saying that, it was always going to be hard work when the total amount of skips done during this workout being 900!

I went with a weight of 15kg. I needed that lower weight for the thrusters and squat cleans. They are still very tricky for me – I even had to drop the bar (and I fell with it) at one point during tekkers of squat cleans as it had pulled me forward too much. But I wasn’t going to let that defeat me! Coach stayed quite close to me while I was doing my lifts, just to make sure I was doing ok and lifting correctly. He could see I was finding it tough but what a motivator he is! He kept me going, kept me pumped and I was adamant I was going to do this and do it well!

Also just checked and I have never done a WOD with that weight for thrusters, squat cleans or push jerks before. It has always been lower, sometimes by half! Definitely pays off recording these workouts in a book! Really over the moon now!

We finished with a time of 26 minutes and 26 seconds. I was really pleased with our total reps too

  • 52 for deadlifts
  • 25 for thrusters
  • 26 for squat cleans
  • 28 for push jerks.

Going to need to do some mobility today though, geez am starting to get stiff and achy! Just got to keep those muscles moving!

Crossfit – Energise!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are well and are looking forward to the weekend. For those celebrating yesterday, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Also hope you are enjoying Black Friday- so very jealous that you have this big day! Hello, shopping, major sales, win win! Black Friday is coming over here in some shape or form, especially through Amazon. Although nothing like what America has, maybe one day! If I hope and pray…!

Anyway, just a wee post to recap Crossfit from yesterday. Not got much time to write as David and I have been preparing for my parents coming this weekend – so excited!

WOD 281113

Yesterday morning’s session was taken by one of my fellow Crossfitters at our box, Elizabeth. Coach is on holiday having a well deserved break but Elizabeth is definitely experienced and qualified enough to run a WOD.

We started with a block run/ row for me and then moved on to some mobility for the glutes. Bring on the burn! Good to get stretched out though (did some more mobility this morning, that was a major killer, I had to use all my willpower to stay in the stretch without having a coach to force me!).

Then it was on to front squats – 80% of our 1RM 8 rounds of 4 reps. I was really pleased as last time I tackled this same task one month ago I did 20kg. My last round yesterday was 25kg – brilliant! An increase of a quarter, bring on the strength!

The main WOD was as follows

5 rounds for time

5 squat cleans

10 press ups

It was a really energising WOD actually. I was super pumped afterwards!

I was only able to lift 10kg for my squat cleans, however, a) I have never done squat cleans in a WOD before and b) I have never been able to properly do squat cleans! So to tackle it on this scale and achieve it was fantastic – happy Jen! And then the press ups, well, were just press ups!

Good WOD! Progress made, strength gained!

Have a good weekend everyone!