Spill it Sunday…on Monday! BREAKFAST!

Hi all!

Welcome to another Monday! Hope you have lots of fun things in store for the week ahead!

Today has to be the best Spill it Sunday (on Monday) topic ever and I am sooo looking forward to chatting about it with you all… drum roll please… BREAKFAST!

Linking up with the gorgeous Arman over @thebigmansworld, let’s get the breakfast party started!


First of all, the Spill it Sunday obligatory selfie – me this weekend exploring and playing hopscotch! You are never too old!

20140426 - New Lanark-3

And now for the questions!

1.What is your classic go to breakfast of choice?

20140405_083051eggs, kale and almond b

– I think if I had to have a ‘classic’ breakfast of choice then it would have to involve a combination of eggs, meat, a healthy fat and a carbohydrate. For example I love scrambled eggs with banana and nut butter or sunnyside up eggs with sausage and root veggies.

Oh but any breakfast, any day of the week and anywhere, has to involve coffee – hot, strong, black coffee!

20140330 - Refuel

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast?

20140304 - Pancakes

– Hmm, I think my favourite sweet style breakfast would be pumpkin pancakes or Amanda’s Banana Greek Yoghurt pancakes (subbing banana for pumpkin). But dont worry banana, I use your wonderful taste as a topping instead! We enjoyed this (below) for our breakfast on Sunday – this is a picture of Davids plate, he likes to put all his toppings on in one go – mine was very similar, I just like to top and eat one pancake at a time, very odd I know!

20140427 - Sunday Breakfast

I do love a banana scramble too though, with almond butter!

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast?

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

– Fish! I love a fishy breakfast, especially Kippers with sweet potato hash and a sunnyside up egg. Oh it leads to one happy Jen!

I also love rollmops at breakfast, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. Oh smoked salmon and poached eggs, is there much finer a start to the day!?

blythswood 2

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of- It can be your own or another bloggers!


– I do find my zucchini patties to be a super handy breakfast option. Make them the night before, heat them up and serve with fish, eggs, cottage cheese, nut butter, meat – the list is endless. Or you can have them cold and use them as ‘buns’ to make a grab and go breakfast. Equally as good incorporated into a lunch or dinner – wonder patties!

Juli over @PaleOMG has such a good recipe for 3 ingredient protein pancakes too that I rate highly.


5.Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?

– Hmm, a strange breakfast? Nope dont think I have ever had one of those! I think it’s because I would class anything as a breakfast, lunch or dinner option, sweet or savoury. Steak and sweet potatoes – yep that’s a breakfast, sushi – yep, butternut squash, kale and cranberries with chicken – yep breakfast too! Even leftover chilli can be mixed with some scrambled eggs and made into the most delish breakfast!

6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

– Oh yes, David and I have a good breakfast menu for the week that we are really happy with. As we do CrossFit in the mornings, we need a good re-fuel. The days we don’t do CrossFit, well, they need to simply set us up for the day ahead! It tends to go as follows

Monday – Banana Scramble with almond butter


Tuesday – Zucchini Patties with hard boiled eggs and fish

Wednesday – I tend to have scrambled eggs, banana and almond butter, David (at the moment) tends to go for protein pancakes (see above) with banana, blueberries and greek yoghurt.


Thursday – Brussels Sprout, Pancetta and cranberry omelette

Glasgow City-20140214-00364 (1)

Friday – Banana Oats (I can tolerate oatmeal max once a week) 

Saturday – eggs, sausage and root veggies

20140301 - breakfast

Sunday – changes every week but it is usually something that takes a bit longer to make like smoked fish and sweet potato hash.

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

And breakfast always involves catching up with the news – both week days and at the weekends. Monday – Saturday – breakfast TV. Sunday – Sunday newspapers.

So there we have it – breakfast, the meal of the gods! And it really is, nothing else can prepare you for the day ahead (both mind and body) better than a nutritional breakfast!

What is your favourite breakfast? Is there one breakfast item you couldn’t live without? I think mine would be eggs!

Spill it Sunday…on Monday – Sweet and Savoury!

Hi all,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Today I am linking up with Arman over @thebigmansworld for Spill it Sunday…on Monday!


I had always planned to link up with Arman this week, however I was more eager when I saw the topic – sweet and savoury!

Then I panicked, he was going to make me choose…wasn’t he…. sweet or savoury! :-S

So without further ado, here are the answers to some of the toughest questions I have ever been asked!

1. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘sweet’ food?

20140302 - sunday_foods

– It has to be dates. I am addicted to them – big massive gooey ones from California, the dark rich fudgy ones from the middle east or even date pieces that I buy from Whole Foods to put in various dishes, I love them all! I have tried so many varieties and I honestly couldn’t, and don’t want to, pick a favourite – it really depends on your mood as to which one you fancy. Some may say a date is just a date – that’s like saying an apple is just an apple! Not true – there are so many different varieties out there why not try hunting down a few different types and taste the difference. Yum!

2. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘savoury’ food?

DSC0425520140125 - porkDSC04099

– Meat – hands down. I don’t think meat could be anything other than savoury! Favourite meat of all – pork. But also loving lamb at the moment, eating a lot of lamb mice (ground lamb) and lambs liver (nope no pic of liver, it never looks good – but tastes amazing!).

3. Best ‘Sweet and Savoury’ combination?

20140304 - PancakesIMG_20140330_183600

– Eeek! This is a tough one. Either dates and blue cheese or the good ol’ bacon and maple syrup! It’s funny, so many people in the UK still can’t comprehend the thought of bacon and maple syrup, the sweet and savoury combination isn’t a huge hit here. Such a shame, and so funny when you look at how many other countries in the world embrace it!

Oh geez, forgot about bananas, eggs and almond butter! Can I add a third!?


4. Worst ‘Sweet and Savoury’ combination?

– I had a flat mate at university who used to have tomatoes with sugar sprinkled on top, floating in milk like cereal. I know tomatoes are technically a fruit but this was just plain odd!

5. Favourite sweet recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favourites!


– Hands down, banana soft serve. Here is a link to my recipe and it’s so easy! I tend to only make it at the weekend because otherwise I would eat it everyday… not that there would be anything wrong with that!

Favourite topping on my soft serve – date pieces, almond butter and coconut – yum!

6. Favourite savoury recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favourites!

20140217 - Nom Nom Burgers

– This is a tough one again! I love Nom Nom’s Kalua pig and my Sweet Potato Huevos Rancheros but I have mentioned those before in a Spill it Sunday post so this time I will go for another Nom Nom recipe (seriously I am addicted to this cook book!) – Big Ol’ Bacon Burgers! You will need the Nom Nom app or cookbook for this recipe but here is the link to Michelle’s webpage  #the best purchase ever!

7. The big question…which one wins. Sweet OR Savoury?

DSC04233 (Pork and apple sauce…yummy!)

–  Probably savoury – but by a tiny amount. The best dish combines both!

Spill it Sunday…On Monday – Carbohydrates!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a fantastic weekend!

David and I followed my own advice and actually rested! Yep, we didn’t go in the car, didn’t plan, organise, sort out, tidy up – just rested our bodies, including a Saturday afternoon nap! Woop woop! We cooked our favourite foods, drank some wine, watched our favourite TV shows and just relaxed together – it was brilliant!

Next few weekends will be a little more crazy…!

Anyway, on to today’s post – the final post in Arman’s three part Spill it Sunday. We had fats, then protein and now carbohydrates!


Spill it Sunday…on Monday – Carbohydrates

Carb-y Selfie…

banana jen


1.What is your all time favourite carbohydrate based food/dish?

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

I LOVE sweet potato hash! You can have it with anything and everything as a side dish or make it into a main dish! I follow Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe which you can find HERE. Favourite way to have it? With a smoked kipper and a sunny side up egg! Fantastic!

2. What is your favourite fruit?

th (1)

The fruit I use most often is bananas and I do love them! I love the fact that you can have them with eggs for breakfast and whip them up into a soft serve for a snack – can you do that with anything else? Also bananas and almond butter – absolute heaven.

20130711 - A cherry on top

However my favourite fruit would probably be either ripe, juicy mango or cherries. And not just any cherries, English cherries when they are in season (around June). Nothing beats it, rich in colour, full of flavour.

3. What is your favourite grain?

East Renfrewshire-20140301-00381

As a Paleo peep, I don’t eat grains. However, I am quite lucky that I can tolerate a small amount of white rice and my body copes quite well at digesting it. So every couple of weeks or so, I will treat myself to some proper sushi! It doesn’t fill me up very much or give me a lot of energy but I really enjoy it! Favourite roll – avocado and prawn! Yum!

4. What is your favourite starchy vegetable?

20140301 - sunday_foods-3(they are in there, honest! along with carrots!)

I think it would have to be the parsnip! I was going to say sweet potato and to be fair I have them quite a lot. But if you told me I could only have a portion of one starchy veg it would be roasted (to a crisp, in coconut oil) parsnips. Nothing fancy but so sweet and unique!

Oh and I also have to mention here the wonder of beets! Beets and guacamole = winning combo!

5. Which carb receives unfair flack? Which carb is most overrated?

20121227 - Leftovers

Most flack, has to be the Brussels sprout! Hello, does nobody else realise how amazing these little cabbages are? Most people in the UK can’t stand them and only have them on Christmas Day because ‘they feel they have to’. I actually fear for the Brussels season being over, I can’t imagine a week without them, especially in my Brussels, bacon and cranberry omelette!


Overrated? Refined carbohydrates (processed foods). Is that one moment of taste really worth it?

6. Link up a favourite carb embracing recipe (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-7

One from me this time – I love my version of Huevos Rancheros – Paleo style!

7. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

Carbohydrates = energy. Energy = strength. All part of the fuel I NEED!

8. What benefits do CARBS play in YOUR personal eating habits?


I am a CrossFit athlete and I need carbohydrates for energy. Along with protein and fats they are a necessity in my diet (Paleo does not equal low carb!). It’s all about choice and choosing the best/right energy sources for your body. For me, as someone who follows the Paleo lifestyle, these come in the form of fruit and (mostly) vegetables. And I love it!

Thanks for the link up Arman, and for getting us all talking!

Spill it Sunday…On Monday!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a wonderful weekend!

I am super excited because my Mum comes to visit today! And not only that, for her birthday we are going to spend the night in one of my favourite Glasgow hotels – Blythswood Square!

To top that all off we are being pampered with a massage (deep tissue massage for me #crossfitproblems) and then off to the Thermal Experience spa!

Annnd we are also going to Viva Brazil for dinner – MEAT!

Gosh it’s going to be a fun day!

Today I am linking up with Arman over @thebigmansworld, for Spill it Sunday (but for me on Monday!).


I felt I had to link up today with Armans topic of choice being one close to my heart – FATS!

1. What is your favourite fat source?


– Eeek! Can I only have one!?

I adore avocados, coconut and nuts but I also couldn’t live without meat and the healthy nutritional fats within them. And then there is oily fish! Hello mackerel!

2. What is your favourite nut? What is your favourite nut butter?


– See that would be 2 different answers for me, and a real tough nut to crack! (Sorry, nut pun, cracks me up!). Favourite nut at the moment would be a macadamia nut, but I do alternate on favourites – other top ones would be pistachio, cashew and pecan.

Nut butter on the other hand – almond butter hands down! Not that I have tried many of the others. I know I definitely do not like cashew butter, it doesn’t taste of anything to me!

3. What fat is receives unfair flack? What fat is most overrated?


– Butter receives the most flack. Provided it’s grass fed and you don’t go over the top with it (as with anything), it is a good source of healthy fats. And then there is the outdated, false information over eggs and cholesterol. Eat the yolks people!

I don’t know if I think any healthy fat is overrated. I think more should be done to ‘rate’ the healthy fats and show people that they are fantastic nutritional powerhouses and nothing to be afraid of.

4. Link up a favourite recipe embracing fats (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

20140125 - pork20140125 - pork-2

– Kalua Pork! And then turn the fat on top into crackling! Yum! LINK

Serve with lettuce cups as taco shells and guacamole! More healthy fats!


Or just anything with guacamole! Or nut butter….! Or eggs! Ahh!

5. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

– Essential, strength builder, delicious, a real life changer!

6. What benefits do FATS play in YOUR personal eating habits?


– Since incorporating more fats into my diet I have seen my energy levels rise, my immune system boost, my hair, skin and nails become stronger and I just feel healthier in general. It was like I was finally giving my body what it actually wanted!

Spill it Sunday…on Monday!

Hi all,

Happy Monday!

Hope you are all well and had a fab weekend! David and I tried as best we could to just relax and chill out and it worked to a certain extent! But even though at times we were cooking or pottering around, we were still both having fun and having fun together which is the main thing!

Oh and the kalua pig was amazing in case you were wondering! Just like last time! And yes a pork induced coma did follow… and it was good! But I promise that is the end of meat talk and now on to my post for the day…

Spill it Sunday on Monday! – Linking up with Arman over @thebigmansworld for more fun questions and ways to get to know our fellow bloggers a little better.


This week’s theme – Books! Something I haven’t really spoken much about in my blog before, so I was keen to link up for this one!

1. Favourite novel of all time?


It has to be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is such a classic! I have read it so many times now that I can just pick up the book, open it at any point, read one sentence and know exactly where I am and what is going on!

A classic love story some may say, well yes and no. I see it more as being a true indication of society at the time. Many see the Georgian period in such a romantic way, all sunshine and roses. However, Pride and Prejudice shows us that life was hard, even for someone in the upper ranks of society and the pressure put on these women to marry, and marry well, was intense. Their whole livelihood, and often the livelihood of their families too, depended on it. Immense pressure.

(Sorry for the deep analysis, a bit intense for question one!).

2. Favourite genre?


I think it has to be cookery books! Especially recently!

I take so many recipes now from blogs, websites etc that more often than not it is my ipad that rests on the cook book stand! However, there is nothing better than buying a new cookery book and going through it, deciding what you are going to make and even more difficult a decision, what to make first!

My favourite cook book at the moment (as my readers probably know too well by now) is Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam. Insanely good recipes and the book itself is so well written with hints and tips and just a fun read!

I have so many other cook books I want to buy – Well Fed 1&2, Everyday Paleo and one that I have only just discovered called Beyond Bacon….!

3. Favourite childhood/teen novel?


Ok, this one is a tricky one, I mean there are so many to choose from! But I think I have narrowed it down to two.

The Jolly Postman – I used to get this one out from the library over and over again, it was so much fun! A good story with actual envelopes inside with letters in them! Even though I had read the letters many times before, it still felt amazing! And if for some reason The Jolly Postman was out, well I could always get the Jolly Postman at Christmas of course!


My second favourite childhood novel was Mr Christmas. Yes a Mr Men book! It has such good memories for me, my brother and I reading it together all the time, even out with the festive period. I can just see my copy of it now, all battered and beaten = well read and well loved! The best Mr Men story for sure!

(And coming in at a very close third (believe me, it was so hard to make this choice!) was Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl – all of his books are just genius!).


4. Favourite series?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book(source)

No question, this was an easy one. Harry Potter. Incredible books that struck the hearts of so many over the world. I was glued completely and can read them over and over. With the last 4 of the books, I was there at midnight on release day to get my copy. I went home, got comfy and did not stop reading until I was finished. How often are you struck by a story like that? Even my Mum was addicted!

5. Which book would you hope future generations will continue to consider a classic?


This has to be the Harry Potter series too. I want kids to read them in school – it got so many children into reading in general, I know it will continue to do so. However, the main worry I have is that children of the future may come to see Harry Potter as a ‘film franchise’ rather than a series of books. I started reading Harry Potter long before the films and have such a vivid picture in my head of what everything looks like down to the last detail. As a result, I refuse to watch the films – I want to keep these images in my head as to me that is where the magic lies. Some people can differentiate between what they read and what they see on screen but I’m not one of them. I don’t think children shouldn’t watch the films, I just think they should be encouraged to read the books first to feel the spark, magic and wonder of the story.

6. Worst novel to be written?


Gosh now that’s the most difficult question of them all? Is there such a thing as a bad novel? One persons love is another person’s hate and vice versa.

I don’t think I could pick one really, I mean books like 50 Shades of Grey and the whole Twighlight series don’t really appeal to me (now if it was films that never should have been made…?!).  However, if I have to pick something, I will go for the only book I have ever given up on and that’s Lord of the Rings. The language in it is so intense that I found I had to read pages four or five times just to understand what was going on! It was not a relaxing read so I had to pass on it! (Please note that I am very glad LOTR was written and I am by no means saying it was a bad story!).

Hope you enjoyed reading about my reads! What are your answers to any of the above?

Spill it Sunday…on Monday!

Hello all!

Hope you are well and had a fantastic weekend!

I had a super time at my parents up north, lots of laughs and smiles! We went to see The Lego Movie and it was ‘AWESOME’!!! (folk who have seen the movie will have a smile on their face right now… hehe!). Great to catch up with them and my brother too who was up from London for the week.

But now it is time for ‘Spill it Sunday… on Monday’!  – linking up with the incredible Arman over @thebigmansworld.


This weeks theme is ‘Top 5’s’ and I couldn’t resist linking up!

Behold the selfie – taken very quickly this morning before I went into town! (Got my haircut when I was home this weekend, it’s even shorter now! Loving it though).


And now for the questions themselves…!

The last 5 people you spoke to on the phone

(I have to admit, I never call anyone! Can I change this to text…!)

  1. David (we text and email throughout the day)
  2. My Mum – everyone should be in contact with their mum!

mum (2)

3. Paul my brother – he needed tips on what to get mum for her birthday

4. My auntie sending me her new address

5. A text from my doctor’s surgery reminding me of my appointment.

The last 5 meals you ate

  1. Snack – grapes


2. Lunch – Soup and beets with spinach and seeds


3. Snack – coconut water and raisins


4. Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, banana and nut butter (holy yummers!)


5. On waking up – cup of hot water, lemon and manuka honey

The last 5 places you travelled

  1. Into town to grab some valentines pressies, card and bits and bobs
  2. Costco
  3. Morrisons (Supermarket)
  4. My parents house up north
  5. Into Aberdeen to see Lego Movie!


The next 5 places you will go

  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedroom
  3. Living Room/ Kitchen
  4. Bathroom
  5. Bedroom

(Not leaving the house for the rest of today or plan to tomorrow! Working from home!)

The last 5 workouts you did


  1. Burpees – doing the FitFluential 1000 burpees in a month challenge. Why, because I am crazy…!
  2. Walking
  3. Burpees
  4. Walking
  5. Burpees!

5 things making you happy right now

  1. Thinking about the weekend I just had up home at my parents. It was so much fun and I had such a good time. Brilliant memories.
  2. I have a cup of choco tea brewing right now…mmmm…choco tea.


3. David and I are celebrating Valentines Day on Wednesday by going to our local Brazilian restaurant Viva Brazil. Bring on the meat! So excited!


4. Knowing that even though David is away on business in London right now, he will be home tomorrow night. Only one sleep!

5. Writing. I love writing my blog, it really does make me so happy!

Spill it Sunday…on Monday!

Hi all,

Happy Monday!

This has been written in advance, knowing that I will probably still be asleep/ recovering after last night’s Super Bowl (it is shown live in the UK, but begins at 11.30pm and probably won’t finish until around 4am!).

Mondays sees another link up with one of my favourite bloggers Arman over @thebigmansworld for

‘Spill it Sunday…on Monday!’


The theme this week…

List your 5 most important possessions/ items and the reasoning behind each one (humans and pets not included!).

Well, this one was a real thinker for me. I am not really a ‘possession’ type person and I don’t tend to hold sentimentality on to many items. When people ask me ‘if your house was burning down and you could only grab one item, what would it be?’ I always reply with ‘the folder that all our insurance documents are in’ – honest! But that’s just me!

Arman invited us to ‘interpret’ this question any way we chose, so I thought I would put a twist on it and do…

5 most important possessions/ items from the kitchen that I could not live without!

My ‘egg’ spatula


Seriously, this is the best spatula I have ever found! The edge of it is so thin that it makes flipping eggs, fish, pancakes etc so easy! When we do a self catering holiday, I even take it with me! (Am I the only one who takes kitchen utensils on holiday with me…?) I am actually on the hunt for another one, just so I can have two.

A good, non stick, stainless steel skillet


This really is a must for cooking – something that will cook your food to perfection, you can regulate the heat on and will stand the test of time wear wise. This particular one was a bargain from the Ikea 365 range and does everything I want it to – I even have the wok version of it as well. Another great thing about these skillets is the ability to put the pan in the oven/ under the grill, keeping things warm and making the most amazing frittatas!



I know, I know, not normally something a cook would rave about being an essential item in their kitchen but for me it is a must. Making oats, heating up soup (leftovers, meat, well anything really!), cooking vegetables, making mug cakes for my hubby, cooking sweet potatoes, eggs – the list is endless. I use it every day at least once and if I am honest, would struggle without it!

My plastic tubs and boxes


I prep and do a weekly cook up with most of my food, so having containers to store them in and keep them fresh is essential. David also takes a packed lunch to work every day and needs tubs for all his yummy food bits and bobs. We also have a lot of dried fruit, nuts, jerky etc in the house and keeping them in sealed tubs keeps them fresh until they are eaten!

And last but definitely not least – our coffee press!


I love coffee – I love the taste, the smell and the warmth it brings (and yes sometimes the caffeine is a definite bonus too!). David and I buy coffee beans which we grind ourselves in small batches meaning freshly ground coffee every day – delicious! This is our new coffee press after, sadly, our ‘old’ one (I put old in brackets as we only bought it just over a month ago…) got broken the other day. But never fear, I only had to cope a couple of days and a new one was purchased! Very happy!

What couldn’t you live without in the kitchen?

Spill it Sunday… on Monday!

Hi all,

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fun weekend!

David and I had such a lovely 2 days, chilling out, making the most AMAZING food (more on that later on in the week) and doing the things we enjoy – Whole Foods, the cook up, catching up on TV, mobility and sleep to name but a few!

This week is going to be ‘link up week’ where I link up with three of my favourite bloggers about all manner of things!

Today begins with ‘Spill it Sunday…on Monday!’, linking up with the amazing Arman over @thebigmansworld.


I begin with the ‘selfie’ (below), trying to remember what times were like when I needed to wear sunglasses! (me in London in the summer).


The theme for this week – TV Shows!

Enjoy and please comment with some of your answers to the questions, would love to know your responses!

What was your favourite TV series growing up?


–          I grew up with a lot of brilliant classic TV shows. I definitely was the generation of The Simpsons, Friends, Frasier, Roseanne and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I loved Rugrats, Blackadder, Allo Allo, Fraggle Rock, Button Moon, Live and Kicking (every Saturday morning), Noels House Party and Red Dwarf. I honestly could go on and on, 90’s TV was so good!

–          By the time I got to university, it was still Friends but we watched a lot of Sex and the City, ER and Will and Grace. I also was slightly obsessed about Monarch of the Glen!

–          How could I possibly pick a favourite from all those classics! All are incredible!

What is your current favourite TV series?


–          I think I would have to go with Revenge, in terms of your ‘typical’ TV show, we are hooked. But I do love an episode of Location, Location, Location. For my UK friends (and anywhere else it is broadcast), a new series of Outnumbered starts on Wednesday on BBC one, I really can’t wait!

If you could guest star in any TV show what would it be?


–          Friends. Could you imagine hanging out with the gang over a coffee in Central Perk! Amazing! Then again, dancing with Carlton from Fresh Prince… I can only dream! ‘It’s not unusual to have fun with anyone… do do do do do do…!’


What genre of television do you enjoy the most?


–          I really like comedy; anything that can make people laugh and smile is true genius. I know, for example, that no matter how bad my day has been, there are many episodes of Fresh Prince, Roseanne and Scrubs that will turn that frown upside down!

Which TV series do you think should not have been renewed after its first season?


–          Reality TV can be good but it can also be awful. Embarrassing Bodies… I mean who wants to watch TV about people who have medical conditions that they are so embarrassed about having, but yet will reveal all on TV to the entire nation? It’s so staged!

Which TV series do you think deserved to be renewed yet was not?


–          Firstly, Pan Am – it was brilliant and really fast paced. David and I were glued! So disappointed it was not renewed after its first season.


–          Secondly – Dirty Sexy Money. Anyone else catch that show? It was so good! It ran for 2 seasons and ended on the biggest cliff-hanger I have ever witnessed. And I will never know what happens!!!! I feel enraged every time I think about it! (Note- I am one of those people who MUST have an ending to TV shows, films, books etc. I cannot stand when they ‘leave it up to your imagination’… give me closure!!!).

Big Smiles for the rest of the day! TV tonight… last nights recorded Mr Selfridge!

Spill it Sunday… on Monday! – Trends

Hi all,

Happy Monday – back to the beginning of the week again! Hope you are all well and nice and relaxed from the weekend. Never enough chill out time in those 2 days if you ask me, but as long as you spend the time doing what you love doing then that’s all that matters!


Today I am taking part in another Spill it Sunday, with my ‘on Monday’ twist! Thank you once again to Arman over @thebigmansworld for the link up – major cool points to you!

Selfie! Me with my new NomNom Paleo t-shirt!

Nom nom

Today’s theme is fab – Trends.

What were five trends you followed and the back-story behind them?

1)      POGS




I thought I would do my trends in chronological order, and what could be better to start with than Pogs. My class at primary school were obsessed. Those little round disks that you piled up and then used a harder disk to ‘pop’ the pile. It wasn’t complicated; it wasn’t really about the game, mostly about the collection and what disks you had! As per most of these trends, aka Pokémon cards, tazo’s etc, the real gems were the ‘shiny’ ones. And I had a few in my collection! Woop!

I just remember being allowed to go to the newsagents and buying a packet of Pogs. That thrill when you opened them up to see what ones you had inside. Exciting stuff for a youngster!

Definitely a trend that I still maintain was cool and I am very proud to be a part of!

2)      Sarcasm.




Oh boy, this is a trend I would rather forget. It was soooo not cool!

So basically the gist behind it was that for at least 2 years at secondary school, it was cool to be sarcastic about everything, to the point where you would say the exact opposite. For example, if you wanted to say someone looked really pretty you would say ‘Oh my godness you are soooo ugly!’. Or if you were really hungry, you would say ‘I am sooooo full right now I could burst’.

Our poor parents and teachers, I bet they didn’t have a clue what we were on about. It didn’t even make sense. I don’t know where it came from… actually I think it may link into something from Clueless… or not. Anyway, thank goodness we grew out of that one!

3)      TY Beanie Babies




Yes I collected these. To. The. Max!

I had well over one hundred, I spent all my pocket money on them and I was quite obsessed. I hunted high and low for the new ones, rare ones (the bears) and even went to MacDonald’s just to get the ones that came free with a Happy Meal (yuck!).

But I enjoyed it and I had a fun time collecting them. My poor parents now just have a loft full of them, probably now worth pennies, when we thought they would be worth hundreds! Why didn’t I sell them at the time when they were! Doh!

4)      Max cardio with a low fat/ low carb diet.




Now for something a little more recent. Rewind 2 years and this was me – doing cardio to the max at the gym, and then fuelling myself with a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. It wasn’t fun and it really didn’t lead to a healthy Jen. In fact I was burnt out and led to some quite unhealthy habits – food restriction, calorie counting etc.

However now I have found a way to be healthy happy Jen. Crossfit really is the workout for me, focussing on strength and conditioning. My body is looking the best it has in years and I feel the best I have in years. My lifestyle now is also attribute to the change in the way I look at food, now focusing on protein, high healthy fats, unprocessed carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, squash etc) and basically getting rid of all the ‘nasties’. Food is fuel.

I must note that this is the perfect balance for me and my body. I would never advocate the max cardio, low fat/ low carbohydrate lifestyle, but if it works for you then so be it.

5)      Reality TV




To end I thought I would go for a trend that I, along with many around the world, are following, reality TV. It is everywhere, from cookery shows, to music, dancing, celebrities in strange situations, the workplace… I could go on and on!

And it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere! Ever since the creation of Big Brother in 1999, reality TV has taken the world by storm and folk just love finding out about people, their personalities, their talents, their hopes, dreams, fears – whether they be a member of the public or a celebrity.

And I am not ashamed to say I watch a few of them! I began watching Big Brother when I was a teenager and carried on watching it until a few years ago when David and I realised that we were missing out on much needed sleep to watch it! Nowadays we watch Xfactor and Strictly Come Dancing every year, Masterchef on occasion and have started watching The Taste, first series in the UK and it looks good! I probably watch more of them, I just don’t realise it!

(And that’s totally true, I have just remembered about the Kardashian’s, I love it!)

Do you watch any reality TV?

Any trends that you loved following or are embarrassed to have followed?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!  🙂

Spill it Sunday…On Monday!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and have had a fantastic weekend!

As much as I adore the festive period, there was something nice about this weekend and the fact that it was so chilled out! I think I need a few more of those throughout the year, everyone needs some ‘down time’ – even if it is just to catch up on movies and TV shows that we have recorded over the past few weeks!

Today I am joining up with Arman over at @thebigmansworld, for Spill it Sunday… or my version, Spill it Sunday on Monday!


Arman’s topic this week, Childhood Dreams Vs Reality.

Of course, let’s begin with the selfie! Taken today after our morning Crossfit session – I was pumped (and looking very bright eyed considering how early it was in the morning!)

gun show

Now the questions!

What did you want to be when you were younger (career wise)?


–          When I was very young, I wanted to be an archaeologist, well an Egyptologist to be specific. I wanted to spend all my time in the desert digging up artefacts and studying the complex wonders of ancient Egypt. This then moved on to being an actress when I was about 11/12. I loved acting and did all the school plays. Drama and History were my favourite subjects at school. After a few years at secondary school I realised how much of an impact and connection I had with history and I was really inspired by the passion and enthusiasm my History teacher had for learning. From then on I wanted to be a History teacher.

What dreams did you have when you were younger?


–          Oh my, didn’t we all have so many! I wanted to see the world, especially Disneyland, like Arman! I wanted sky TV (cable) so that I could watch the Disney/ Nickleodeon channel – and then have my own TV show like Clarissa Explains it all.  I also wanted to marry Freddie Prince Junior/ Jamie Bell/ Sean William Scott – I wasn’t picky. Or become a princess.

Are you in the same career path as what you wanted?

–          Nope! So I left school wanting to be a History teacher, went to university and gained my undergrad degree and some in school training, just as I was told to do. Then I applied to study my post grad in secondary teaching and didn’t get in. I was gutted. I had gained good grades, as I was told, got a good degree, as I was told and did everything I could to make sure I gained a place. However when 150 people are interviewed for 8 places, the stats really aren’t in your favour. I didn’t know what to do so I took the first job I was offered. Then in 2013 I changed things. We moved to Glasgow as David was offered a fantastic job – I took the opportunity to take some time out to figure out exactly what I wanted to do in life. And ta dah! Here I am, Jen the writer! And I couldn’t be happier!

Have you achieved any of your childhood dreams?

20131220 - Christmas Cocktails-2

–          Again nope! Ok so having my own TV show and becoming a princess were a bit of a long shot. I didn’t marry a famous actor, but I did marry my best friend which is a million times better! Oh and who needs cable TV now anyway, I grew up with 4 channels, now the ordinary person has access to tens of channels, all with a cheap freeview box! Score!

Will you try and make any of those dreams realities?


–          Only one, Disneyland! One day I will be there and I know it will be just as awesome as I dreamed it would be. (And I hope I meet Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, you just know that guy does Crossfit!).

Great questions Arman, can’t wait to see what comes next week!