CrossFit – Jump up!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and are looking forward to the weekend!

I had such a stressful day yesterday – trying to go self hosted! Anyone who has done this will know what I mean (unless you are a tech whizz and found the process a doddle!). I think I have done everything I should but it still appears to be connected to rather than .org. I have gone with bluehost. Some folk have said that it takes a while to transfer over, up to 72 hours. I hope that is the case for me and everything will be fine soon. It’s only stressful because it is so scary!

(So please check if I ‘disappear’ off your follow list, I am still there, it just may not transfer over!)

I just keep telling myself that it is a move forward for my blog and that it will all work out. When I think back to all the things I have done in my life it’s often the scariest things that turn out to be the best things overall.

do something(source)

But anyway, it is Friday, time for the weekend (soon) and time to smile! And to talk about one of my favourite topics – my CrossFit recap!

Thursday Morning (1st May)

We began with a block run and then some mobility work – hamstrings and calves – tight, sore and much needed!


Then we moved on to something new for our box that Coach wanted to trial – the vertical jump!

Basically, see how high you can jump, going from two feet, jumping upwards and touching with at least one hand the shutter above. For once in CrossFit (and this NEVER happens) being tall would be an asset! I managed 103 inches from the ground. Not bad but could do better. I think next time I won’t make the mistake of looking up – that only got me disorientated!


(Something like this, although I probably didnt look as elegant and in control! Oh and I’m sure David will be pleased I put an NFL pic in there!)

After this came 3 sets of 5 weighted pull ups. I know you guys know where I am with this. Can’t do a strict pull up (YET), my arms just can’t pull me up. We tried an option of putting a barbell in a rack and with me holding on to the bar and my legs rested up on a box (i.e. simply having the ‘top half’ of me to pull up to the bar) – not there yet either. But what I can do is rest my feet on the box and use this method for negatives – start with my chin above the bar and slowly release down. Now here is where I saw some progress. I finally felt in my arms what it would feel to do a pull up and down and the more I did the slower I released down. Good signs.

The final WOD was a short one but a good one.

4 rounds

In 1 minute perform

6 yard pro shuttle

Then in the remaining time max box jumps

(30 second rest in between rounds)


So the box jumps… still psyching myself out with those. So my solution, work my way up. There is no point in standing around staring at a box when I could be doing something – so I will use weight plates to build the height up. I went with 12 inches and went at max effort. Next time I will try 15 inches.

In round 1 I did 7 box jumps in the remaining time, round 2- 7, round 3- 8 and round 4- 9. Keeping to my usual weird result of improving and getting more reps as I went!

And there we have it folks, a nice recap read and CrossFit capers! Hope you all have a fab weekend and do something fun! Keep smiling!