Thinking Out Loud – I Won!

Hi all,

Time for more Thursday capers with ‘Thinking Out Loud!’ – linking up with the lovely Amanda over @RunningwithSpoons!


I generally link up with Amanda every 2nd Thursday – I cannot believe how quickly 2 weeks fly by! I don’t mind, time flying equals lots of fun and games! Also I love when this link up comes around, always fun to write about what is on my mind and to write a post that isn’t planned beforehand!

So here we go!

1)      I won!

20140507 - Winner

I received a message last week to let me know that I had been chosen as the winner of the Reebok FitHub competition, in association with a national newspaper! YAAAAAYYYYY!

In order to win we had to tweet our fitness goal for the year – for me, to get a kipping pull up and generally get stronger at CrossFit.  I was so excited to be chosen as the winner!

I received the first part of my prize yesterday, a pair of the new Z Quick trainers and a funky reebok jacket from the new Dance range (chose this one myself) – love them both!

2)      And in 3 -5 weeks…

I receive the second half of my winnings – custom nano 2 CrossFit trainers for both David and I! I won vouchers and decided to share them with David so we can both have what we have longed for ever since we started CrossFit – nanos! No picture here though – I want to keep my design a secret until I get them delivered… can’t wait to show them to you!

3)      My new bookie – wookie


Picked this book up last weekend and cant wait to get my teeth into it. I knew of Anthony Bourdain and his significance in the foodie world but didn’t really get to know him until I watched him in the British version of The Taste – I love his attitude and personality and look forward to his revelations in the book! Need to wait until I finish Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe though – yes I know I should have finished it already and it is a fab book so far, I just never find the time to read! Must make time!

4)      Stats


Does anyone else read their blogging stats? I only tend to look at the views per day, simply to see what people like and dont like reading about. However when I do a post like the one I did yesterday (a recipe link up) I love looking to see what recipes people have clicked on the most – i.e. what is appealing to more readers. The winner from yesterday… Microwave sweet potato chips (crisps)! People love a simple, easy, nutritious, healthy snack! Actually going to give them a go myself today. Will let you know how it goes!

5)      Crackling Chicken


Speaking of giving things a go, I made Nom Nom Paleo’s Crackling Chicken last night for dinner – holy guacamole! You like the cracking on a pork roast dinner? Imagine that on your moist, succulent chicken – It was soooo good! We served it simply with spinach and roasted root veggies – head on over to NomNomPaleo for the recipe – LINK.

6)      Swimming


Do you ever crave a form of exercise? The other week I totally craved going swimming! I’m not great at it but I love how peaceful it is. Breast stroke is my move of choice and I just love gliding along the water, taking my time and stretching out all my muscles. Actually it would be really good for helping my muscles after CrossFit – or so I have read. So I plan on going with David sometime soon – just need to find a good local pool!

7)      10 years have passed…


Can you believe it has been 10 years since the finale of Friends?! I can still remember watching that last episode so clearly – and crying my eyes out! It was the end of an era!

I totally grew up with these 6 people and they taught me so much about how to become an adult – gosh even to this day I still quote so many things from Friends! #nerd

That also means the 10 year anniversary of the end of Sex and the City will be coming up soon  – that also came about in my first year of university! Geez I feel old!

And there goes another ‘Thinking Out Loud!’ – head on over to Amanda’s page to see what other bloggers are thinking about today!


Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying your day so far.

I thought I would do something new today that I have seen quite a few other bloggers do and looks like good fun, a ‘Currently’ post!

Going to try and make it a monthly occurrence, think it will be good to see what has changed over the previous 4 weeks and what new things are to come!

Currently I’m reading…


I would love to say I am in the midst of an amazing novel or great story but I cannot tell a lie. Instead I will admit that currently I am mostly reading blogs and cook books! The two cook books I am glued to at the moment are Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsay. Both are insane for amazing recipes and inspiration.

Currently I’m listening to…


Podcasts! I have such a backlog from over the festive period that I am still trying to catch up on. My two favourites that I am always up to date on though are Balanced Bites with Diane Sanfillippo and Liz Wolfe and The Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast with Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso. Please check them out!

Currently I’m watching…


Since David and I got a digital recording box we have had so much more flexibility with watching TV. Just finished the latest season of Sherlock (OMG!) and now watching Mr Selfridge (new season), The Taste, Location Location Location (property show), Revenge season 2 and Californication season 5.

Currently I’m wearing…


Got some amazing new workout tights in the Reebok sale that I just adore. Love the yellow stripe. Otherwise basically living in jumpers, zippy hoodies, leggings and boots – and I love it!

Currently I’m eating…


New things! Well new recipes at least. I love being in the kitchen and trying new recipes, altering older ones and just trying out new combos. However a real favourite at the moment has to be sweet potato hash, with an egg on top and avocado. Nom nom nom!

Currently I’m drinking…


My two favourite drinks at the moment (not together of course) are Choco Chili tea by Yogi Teas and on the other end of the scale, a good Gin and Tonic! I only discovered how good Gin and Tonics were this summer, I previously thought I didn’t like Gin but it just shows how your tastes change as you age. I look forward to venturing into some other Gin cocktails soon, we tried the Gin version of a Bloody Mary at New Year and it was so nice!

Currently I’m snacking on…


My favourites are dates and cold roasted root veggies. Just make up a batch on our Saturday cook up and that equals tasty, nutritious and filling snacks/ sides for the rest of the week. Sorted!

Also found these in London and they are sooo good! No nasties in them, just pork and sea salt – and that is so rare to find. Good healthy fats, just need to ration them as they are so moorish!


Currently I’m planning…


Another trip to London! David and I love coffee and the annual London Coffee Festival is taking place in Brick Lane in April. We knew we just had to go! will probably do another road trip down, stay in London over the weekend and hopefully see a few exhibitions and meet up with my brother too when we are there. Exciting!

Current changes…

20131205 - CrossFit

As you all know (or anyone who as at least glanced at my blog will know) I love CrossFit. I get so much from it that I decided to quit the gym! I think I must be the only one who quits a gym in January rather than joining one! I decided that I would rather up my sessions at CrossFit instead and am so much happier. I am not a cardio bunny anymore and I actually think the exercises I was doing at the gym were affecting my CrossFit goals (i.e. not being able to build strength – lifting = building muscle, cardio =  leaning out). And besides, if I want to do some cardio I can always wrap up, head to my local park and do some sprints – much more fun!

Currently I’m looking forward to…


Going to Whole Foods this weekend! Can’t wait to see what goodies David and I can stock up on. And when I say goodies, I mostly mean MEAT!

Also really looking forward to the Superbowl next week, as I’m sure a lot of you are. Not massively popular in the UK so I’m very grateful that they show it on TV (with the time changes it’s on quite late at night, approx 11.30pm!). Hopefully the ‘snow bowl’ will be a good game, it certainly will accompany good food, drinks and company in our house!