CrossFit – Recaps and new RM’s!

Hi all,

It’s Friday!! Woop Woop!


Before I go into todays post I have some bits of info to share.

First up – yesterday I made the Microwave Sweet Potato Chips (crisps) that featured in my sweet potato post from earlier in the week. I used a peeler for the tater, and tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and like the recipe, placed them in a single layer at a time for 4 minutes in the microwave. After leaving them for 2 minutes to cool at the side they had crispened up perfectly and were ready to eat. And you know what, they were amazing! Better than the vegetable chips/crisps in the stores that you can buy. We will be making these again for sure! Note – they are best eaten straight away. This morning our chips were still tasty but not as crunchy.

20140508 - Sweet Potato Crisps(Davids amazing photography skills!)

And second of all – I hope to be transferring my domain over the weekend, which means some website down time. If you can’t access me over the weekend never fear, by Monday things should be up and running and back to normal…fingers and toes crossed!

And now on to today’s post – 2 in 1 CrossFit recap!

Thursday Morning (8th)

It was tipping it down with rain outside when we arrived at the box so luckily our warm up was not a block run! Instead we worked on some mobility, stretching and some yoga moves  – loving the yoga, really good to change things up a bit and try a new way of gaining more mobility.

After that we were straight on to working in pairs on the rack, first up 3 sets of 3RM push jerk followed by 5 sets of 1RM push jerk. We haven’t done these in a while so both my 1RM and 3RM were 20kg! Still working on some mobility issues in my shoulders but definitely seeing big improvements. I am able to get the bar mostly locked out overhead with minimal ‘pressing’ at the end. This was not the case a few months back when I was jerking and then having to press the bar overhead most of the way. I came out with a new 1RM of 25kg so I am very pleased with that!


Then we moved on to spilt jerk for the same amount of reps. I worked with the pvc pipe just to refresh myself with the power needed for this move – I definitely tend to push jerk if I am given the choice. Still working on my balance with this but definitely getting the hang of it with again, big improvements. New 1RM of 25kg!

We then headed outside where, thank goodness, it had stopped raining! The workout was as follows

Every 30 seconds

Shuttle 25 metres and back x 2 (100m) for 4 minutes

Then shuttle for 20 metres and back x3 (120m) for 4 minutes

2 minute rest in between

shuttle run(source)

From doing athletic testing, coach noticed that a lot of us are lacking speed in our sprinting – something he wishes to work on over the summer months. Now I’m not hot at running, coming to it for the first time ever at the beginning of the year but I gave it my best shot and tried to keep a strong pace going at all times – it is a sprint after all! I look forward to working on this and hopefully seeing improvements over the next few months.

And then came the horrible part

10 minute EMOM

10 burpees

Yep it was hard, yep it sucked, yep I was sooo glad for it to be over.

But you know what, this WOD was sooo much fun!

Friday Morning (9th)


Think SpongeBob should have tried CrossFit…

Back with a bang this morning at CrossFit – started with a block run and then moved inside for some more warm up fun and games followed by some mobility.

Today was front squat day – working up to a new 3RM.

My 3RM was 25kg and was looking forward to testing myself. I was able to have a rack all to myself which meant I could really focus on what I was doing with some stretches along the way. I kept focused, kept strong and worked up to a new 3RM of 32.5kg – yes! I was over-the-moon with this, I used to find it so difficult to find the strength for this move and now I am making major gains! Only downside – no one was watching when I did my reps! Don’t you hate it when you achieve something big and no one saw… got a high 5 from coach though when he found out, that made up for it!


Then came a lovely (evil), little AMRAP to finish off…

3 minute AMRAP x 5 rounds

15 toes to bar (high knees scaled)

10 wall balls

1 minute rest in between rounds

It was crazy, it was intense, I cursed every wall ball I threw and my hands now are super sore from gripping the bar but once again, it was awesome! Came out with a real big smile! 🙂

And now am as stiff as a brick!

Hope you all have a great weekend folks – do something that makes you happy!


CrossFit – A girl and a boy!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and full of fun and happiness this Tuesday!


Time for a 2 in 1 CrossFit post – these past two mornings have been beasts! Three cheers for a couple of rest days coming up – or mobility days as they should be called!

Monday Morning (17th)

So the WOD was called  – ‘Where’s your head at?’ – In cloud cuckoo land at 6.30am on a Monday morning to be honest!

We began with a warm up of 5 rounds of 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute squat holds. Sound easy? Fun even? Nope, it was the secret killer! Our quads were burning afterwards!

Then we moved on to some handstand hold tekkers. For my level I was to work on handstand walk holds – doing a handstand walk and then holding in that position for 30 seconds x 5. I know it will just take more practice with these, building up my strength but mostly learning to trust myself! I have to realise that I won’t fall down if I move my hands closer to the wall! And I also need to work on being upside down – I hate it! My mind goes all wonky! Practice, practice, practice!


Then came the main WOD, another girl WOD… womp womp womp…..


5 rounds for time

1 block run

30 box jumps

30 wall balls

And Coach wanted me to do box jumps at 16 inches, eeek! I did some practice with David and it took me a few tries to get over my fear of jumping. Holding his hands while jumping helped and then slowly I was able to do it on my own! Result!

The block runs wore us out. The box jumps ended up being my source of relief! (Go figure!). And the wall balls were tough as always. I joked to David that Coach was going to do Karen soon (150 wall balls for time) and I kept on saying it and saying it. So what ended up happening, we got Karen with extras!

I did it in 37 minutes 55 seconds and felt like shouting, crying and slowly dying in a corner afterwards. David was buzzing afterwards! Freak…! (Just joking hunny!).

Tuesday Morning (18th)

We arrived, it was chucking with rain, so what happened? Block run of joy!

When we came back in we moved on to a tabata of plank holds, skipping and squat holds. 4 rounds, 30 seconds of each. Certainly got us pumping!

We moved on to some tekkers of the WOD today – working on hang pull cleans and then jerks. We used the PVC pipes to stretch and then work on our technique. I like when we do this and it brings everything back before tackling the WOD.


Today’s WOD, a hero WOD.


5 rounds for time

12 deadlifts

9 hang pull cleans

6 push jerks

The weight level for me during this WOD was 30kg, but seen as I have only ever cleaned 20kg, I tried 25kg. Deadlifting, not a problem, cleaning – no go. Then I went down to 20kg but it just wasn’t happening either, I couldn’t whip my elbows round the bar quick enough. So in order to be able to clean and then push jerk, I went with 15kg.

I managed the WOD in 12 minutes 34 seconds. I am disappointed about the weight I lifted, I know I could have done 20kg or at least 17.5kg but today it just wasn’t happening. And above all I wanted to stay safe, and it just wouldn’t have been safe for my back which would have taken the strain. But the main focus should be that I was there. I was there and I did the WOD to the best of my ability and I put my all into it – if I wasn’t able to take the weight then I was going to make sure that my reps were unbroken and I went at full speed. Cleans and mobility just need to be worked on and as long as I am putting in that work then that’s all that matters. I will succeed!


CrossFit – Ogar Strong!

Hi all,

Before I bring you my CrossFit recap from yesterday, I just wanted to share an important cause with you all.

On the 12th of January, CrossFit star Kevin Ogar was completing a WOD and suffered a traumatic injury to his spinal cord, the result of a freak accident during a routine move. The accident has left him with no movement below the waist and has a long road ahead of him, paved with operations and intense rehabilitation. The CrossFit community all over the world have rallied together to try and raise as much funds as they can for his care. During the Battle of London, attendees raised over £4000 to add to the fund. David bought one of the t-shirts from RazorStorm UK, with 100% of the cost going to the fund. We are proud to be ‘Ogar Strong’!

IMG_20140121_140525 (David proud to wear his t-shirt)

If you want more information on Kevin Ogar or wish to donate to the fund, please click on the link below.

wods and all

It was great to be back to the box yesterday after a weekend of watching CrossFit, I was so inspired, pumped up and ready to go!

We began with a warm up of a block run and some mobility stretches – great to get stretched out after those long car journeys, I was so stiff!

Then we had 10 minutes to work up to a max weight split jerk, after which we would do the same with a push jerk.

As there was only 3 of us in the class it meant we could have our own rack to work from. It was great to focus solely on your own personal technique and coach was able to spend quite a bit of time with us individually, helping us improve.  My max weight for both was 20kg, same as when we did them the other week. I could have gone heavier; however I am finding I am limited in the upper back and shoulder mobility side of things, something that can improve with more intense stretching in these areas. Due to this I am struggling to ‘lock out’ when overhead, making it 90% of the way and having to push press the rest. I know I can perfect the technique, I just need to keep doing my mobility every day, and it will come! As frustrating as it is at the moment, I know if I put in the work I will succeed!


The last part of the WOD was as follows

6 rounds for time

100m sprint

10 chest to bar pull ups (or gym ring rows scaled)

Then in the remainder of 20 minutes try to complete 30 power snatches as heavy as possible.

The sprints were fine, no knee problems or soreness! Yay! The gym ring rows I made as tricky as possible so I felt like I was getting the same level of workout as the others doing the chest to bars. And coach made sure it was as difficult as possible too! I completed this part in 9 minutes 44 seconds.

When it came to the power snatches, I was really unsure what to go for weight wise. It isn’t a move I am used to and have only ever lifted 7.5kg before and for much less reps. So I went for that weight, in the thinking that I knew I should be able to do it. And I did, in and finished 15 minutes 42 seconds within the 20 minute cap. I could have lifted a lot heavier and wish I had stopped after 10 or so and added some more weight. Alas I didn’t… but I know for next time… and I will smash those snatches next time. Go heavy, or at least try! It’s time to up the stakes!

Crossfit – Run Jen Run!

wods and all

Hi all,

Happy Friday – woop woop weekend!

As you may remember, yesterday I mentioned about how Thursdays WOD really took it out of me. Before I get into why, I must mention that I did exactly what I said I was going to do after writing yesterday – rest. And you know what, it felt really good! I feel so much better for it today – maybe I should listen to my body a bit more often! I know we are all guilty of not doing that in some shape or form.

The reason why the WOD was so difficult was because it began (after warm up and mobility exercises) with a 4 x block run (1,760 meters or just over a mile). I knew this was coming and before I went to the box I had decided not to do it and instead do my alternative exercise that’s less heavy on my weak knee, row. After only doing 2 runs before (literally 2 runs in the past 6 years – 1 block run at the WOD on Monday and 1 in a previous WOD before Christmas) I really didn’t want to push it and take it too far, injuring my knee. I have worked really hard to get it where it is now and have built up the muscle, I didn’t want to risk it.


When I arrived at the box, coach was really keen for me to try. He thought it would be a good indicator of how far I had come and how much I have achieved. So I agreed to it. I don’t know why I said yes when I was so adamant beforehand not to but I guess when you are there and in the setting, your mind can change. After all, how would I know if I could if I didn’t try?

So I did it. I wasn’t fast but right now that doesn’t matter. Looking back on it now I just feel proud that I went for it. I don’t have a running technique or breathing technique and that made it quite difficult – it was the biggest test both physically and mentally I have had in a while – can you do it? Will you hurt yourself? Is it too much too soon? Why you aren’t faster, you are fit so why aren’t you fast? All these thoughts running through my head.

But now all I have is one thought – you bloody did it Jen! You proved to yourself that you can, even though you were told by doctors years ago that you will never be able to run on your knee, you proved them wrong. I think about it now and it shows me how much strength I have gained, both in my body, knee and head. I was strong enough to try, I was strong enough to persevere and I was strong enough to endure. I finished in 11 minutes 46 seconds. Not bad for my first ever mile and a bit!

Oh and you know what is the most amazing thing, no pain, no injury, no aches in my knee. I am ready to run! (Don’t worry I am not going to go to extreme, sprinting at Crossfit will be enough for me, no marathons planned!).


I was super exhausted after that so the final part of the WOD wasn’t probably the best I could have done but I tried with as much energy as I had left.

15 minutes to achieve max

2 x Push Jerk

1 x Spilt Jerk

After some tekkers of the moves we paired off and tried to get to our max weight for these moves. I haven’t done either of them very often so did have to spend some time on technique over weight. However I still managed to get up to a weight of 20kg which is a new PB for me so pleased with that. Doing this showed however that I still need more mobility work on my back/ arms and shoulders (keep the elbows up!), especially in order to ‘lock out’ with the bar. But something to work on and I can do my mobility at home to help with it. Then again, I might be better at it in the future had I don’t just done the above previous!

Let’s just hope that Monday’s WOD isn’t as crazy, but hey, it’s Crossfit, when is it ever not!

Crossfit – Skips and Lifts!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope your Tuesday has gotten off to a terrific start!

I started mine with some pumpkin spiced oats which certainly brought a smile to my face! How could it not!?

Time to recap yesterday morning’s Crossfit session…

We began with a row for me and a block run for the others. I knew coach was keen to push us hard today as what followed was a mix of mobility and burpees. Lots of ‘ow’s’ and then ‘urgh’s’ to be heard from us all. I was so glad when that part ended!

We then moved on to some tekkers for the WOD today. The WOD had 4 moves with weights that we practiced on with PVC pipes – deadlifts, thrusters, squat cleans and push jerks. Oh boy was this going to be a workout! I was glad for the tekkers though, sometimes I still get my moves slightly confused and it was good to go over the exact techniques for them all.

wod 161213

The WOD was in pairs. David and I were put together due to our similar level and we got all our bits and bobs ready to tackle this WOD. It was as follows

All 4 rounds each for time and score (number of reps)

Round one – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ Deadlifts

Round two – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ thrusters

Round three – 75 double unders (225 skips)/squat cleans

Round four – 75 double unders (225 skips)/ push jerks

While one partner skips, the other does the weights, then they swap. Number of reps done on weights counted.

Wow, this was hard work!

The skips were more challenging than expected, all the more so when you know your partner is doing mass reps of heavy weights until you finish! Saying that, it was always going to be hard work when the total amount of skips done during this workout being 900!

I went with a weight of 15kg. I needed that lower weight for the thrusters and squat cleans. They are still very tricky for me – I even had to drop the bar (and I fell with it) at one point during tekkers of squat cleans as it had pulled me forward too much. But I wasn’t going to let that defeat me! Coach stayed quite close to me while I was doing my lifts, just to make sure I was doing ok and lifting correctly. He could see I was finding it tough but what a motivator he is! He kept me going, kept me pumped and I was adamant I was going to do this and do it well!

Also just checked and I have never done a WOD with that weight for thrusters, squat cleans or push jerks before. It has always been lower, sometimes by half! Definitely pays off recording these workouts in a book! Really over the moon now!

We finished with a time of 26 minutes and 26 seconds. I was really pleased with our total reps too

  • 52 for deadlifts
  • 25 for thrusters
  • 26 for squat cleans
  • 28 for push jerks.

Going to need to do some mobility today though, geez am starting to get stiff and achy! Just got to keep those muscles moving!

Crossfit – On-Ramp – Session Two


Hi all,

Well that’s my second On-Ramp Crossfit session completed! And I must admit I did enjoy it slightly better than the first one.

The session on Thursday dealt with the basics of pressing – we worked with the plastic tubes first and then made our way up to the weighted metal bars.

The first move we learnt was the shoulder press – basically (and I am going to keep it basic because I don’t know the correct terminology yet!) from the bar sitting on the shoulders in front of you to it being vertically above you, locking your elbows at the top.

The second move was the push press. You begin the same way as the shoulder press then instead use a ‘dip’ with the bar and then drive the bar above you using a quarter squat and using your core to help you drive the bar up.

The third move was the push jerk. Same as the push press but you jump into a squat and lock you arms then once locked you stand – using your legs and hips to help you drive up.

(I am sorry for any uber crossfitters who have read this and have noticed that what I have written isn’t entirely accurate, I am still learning!)

After learning the basics of all these 3 moves it was time to put some of it into practice with the WOD. Everything was buzzing around my head at the time – had I perfected the move yet? Did I trust myself with this bar!? But the main way to learn is to put it into practice I guess!


21- 15- 9

Push Press 37.5/ 25

Walking Plate Lunges

With a 200m run before each set

Now as I mentioned in my last post, because of my bummer knee I can’t run, so I had the utter joy (please note the sarcasm in my tone of writing!) of doing 10 burpees before each set instead. Urgh, I hate burpees… but once again, with more practice, maybe I will learn to love them… or not!

My first round of burpees, not a problem. I went into the first set of push presses feeling confident, my weight was only 7.5 kg – bit of a weakling when it comes to upper strength but I am totally working hard to beef those bad boys up with muscle! And I think I did ok with the presses, surprising myself with my technique and only a few times having problems with fully extending my arms, rookie issue. The walking lunges again were ok. I didn’t use a plate to try to avoid the pressure on my knee but I did keep my arms fully extended, as if I was holding a plate above my head. Still a killer, especially after push presses!

And the second round went pretty much as the first, not too bad, just a few more rests in between presses.

Round 3 however, was a bit more tricky! Because at this point, from the presses, my arms were like jelly, the burpees did not go well. My arms didn’t want to push me back up so I had to find other ways of getting up, like rolling on my hips – I must of looked like such an idiot but I was determined! The presses were tough too, I was having trouble fully extending those arms but with a few more breaks I did it. And boy was I glad to see those lunges. Tough to do but definitely my friend after burpees!

I finished in a time of 11.20 which I was quite pleased with.  Very sore today in my upper arms and shoulders but I know it will pass – it just shows me which muscles I’m not using in the gym!

Monday session here I come! Eeek!