CrossFit – Snatches, Squats and Deadlifts!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday so far – Glasgow is looking bright and feeling warmer – signs of summer? Hopefully!

Getting to grips with my problems over moving to self hosting (well, I think I am!). I have a path now that should hopefully lead to everything being as it should – so if you can’t access my webpage at any point, do not fear, I haven’t gone away! Please try again!


For now though, I have to wait and can go back to my happy calm place – writing and speaking to you all! We were back to my other happy place today, CrossFit, so time for a recap!

Tuesday Morning (6th)

We began with a nice block run in the sunshine to warm up – what a difference this makes! A good chat with everyone about the weekend and the run was done in no time at all!

We moved straight into warming up for the first part of the WOD and used a PVC pipe to break down and practice the moves for power snatch.

Oh snatches and cleans, why do you haunt me so!!!?? My major issue, I don’t have the strength to just lift the bar above me, so therefore I am completely dependent on technique. In the long run, great, in the short run I am getting flustered trying to get the speed and thrust needed to get the bar up. I do see progress definitely and I know one day it will just click, BUT I wish that day would hurry up and arrive. I am trying so very hard.

(A great video showing how it’s done, how to slow it down and what is involved)

Then we moved on to 5 sets of 3RM back squats – working up to a new 3RM. David and I partnered up (same height for rack) and went for it! It had been a while since I had done 3RM’s so went with what I achieved last week for a 5RM (35kg) and aimed to go higher than that. I managed to get a new 3RM of 40kg! Yay! May have even of been able to go a little higher – something to note for next time.


Final WOD time. It didn’t look fun…

5 rounds for time

7 deadlifts

7 burpee – kettle bell goblet squats

Ok, I admit, anything that says ‘burpee’ I automatically hate! Does anyone actually LOVE them? In case you were wondering, burpee – kettle bell goblet squats are where you do a burpee, stand up, grab the kettle bell and do a goblet squat, then repeat.


The deadlifts were to be heavy – the ability to ‘touch and go’ with all 7 but still heavy. So I went with 45kg. The first few rounds of deadlifts were ok but I knew with the last rounds, my back was definitely curving – not good. The burpee KB goblet squats were definitely a thigh burner – burpee ok but the squat down and up – holy quads!

I completed it in 8 minutes 15 seconds and was completely beat by the end of it! We all were! Great fun though!

CrossFit – Let the Open commence!

Hi all,

Yay it’s Friday! But not just any Friday, today marks the first day of the CrossFit Open! One of the biggest, if not the biggest date in the international CrossFit calendar!


Today is the beginning of 5 weeks of the Open – the workout was released last night in the States (early this morning in the UK), and participants have until Sunday evening (late Monday afternoon in the States) to complete the weeks WOD and post their scores.

Everyone can enter and everyone does the same workout with the same weights etc if applicable.

I just love the fact that the WOD we were doing today is the same WOD that Rich Froning (current CrossFit games champion) will be doing and the same WOD that thousands all over the world will be doing. Everyone can be involved – and that’s one heck of an awesome community spirit!


Once the Open is over, then comes the regional’s for the top athletes and then, for those who qualify, THE CROSSFIT GAMES! Exciting times!

main wod(source)

So today’s CrossFit Open WOD

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible within 10 minutes of

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches 35 kg men/ 25 kg women

(Snatches can be done as a strict power snatch or clean then jerk)


First of all, before I comment, I have to state that I did not register for the Open. Not because I didn’t want to but because I felt that, as I don’t really do any workouts at the moment as prescribed, that I really wouldn’t be able to achieve much from it. Instead I will be there with David (who has registered), every Friday at our box, completing the Open WOD (scaled) and then cheering on the others. I may be doing a scaled version of the workout but I will still be putting everything into it and performing at the best of my ability!

And I am so glad I didn’t register, double unders!!! I have yet to get one!!!!

So my scaled version was double skips and I went for 17.5kg for the snatches.

The skips were fine and the snatches were fun! I went for a clean then jerk but was pleased to only be 7.5kg under what the other girls were lifting. In fact, if I could do it again I know I could lift 20kg.

I managed 202 reps in total.

David nailed it too – managing 56 reps in total, the double unders being tricky but he did it!

Below is a video which gives you more information on the Open/games/ Rich Froning etc – just a fun 7 minute watch! 

There was such a buzz about the box this morning. We were all ready, all pumped up and eager to perform and cheer everyone else on!

Oh and I am taking my judges course early next week so fingers crossed, as of next Friday, I will be an official judge! I may not be competing but I still want to be involved and this is the perfect way to do it!

Bring on 14.2!


CrossFit – Ogar Strong!

Hi all,

Before I bring you my CrossFit recap from yesterday, I just wanted to share an important cause with you all.

On the 12th of January, CrossFit star Kevin Ogar was completing a WOD and suffered a traumatic injury to his spinal cord, the result of a freak accident during a routine move. The accident has left him with no movement below the waist and has a long road ahead of him, paved with operations and intense rehabilitation. The CrossFit community all over the world have rallied together to try and raise as much funds as they can for his care. During the Battle of London, attendees raised over £4000 to add to the fund. David bought one of the t-shirts from RazorStorm UK, with 100% of the cost going to the fund. We are proud to be ‘Ogar Strong’!

IMG_20140121_140525 (David proud to wear his t-shirt)

If you want more information on Kevin Ogar or wish to donate to the fund, please click on the link below.

wods and all

It was great to be back to the box yesterday after a weekend of watching CrossFit, I was so inspired, pumped up and ready to go!

We began with a warm up of a block run and some mobility stretches – great to get stretched out after those long car journeys, I was so stiff!

Then we had 10 minutes to work up to a max weight split jerk, after which we would do the same with a push jerk.

As there was only 3 of us in the class it meant we could have our own rack to work from. It was great to focus solely on your own personal technique and coach was able to spend quite a bit of time with us individually, helping us improve.  My max weight for both was 20kg, same as when we did them the other week. I could have gone heavier; however I am finding I am limited in the upper back and shoulder mobility side of things, something that can improve with more intense stretching in these areas. Due to this I am struggling to ‘lock out’ when overhead, making it 90% of the way and having to push press the rest. I know I can perfect the technique, I just need to keep doing my mobility every day, and it will come! As frustrating as it is at the moment, I know if I put in the work I will succeed!


The last part of the WOD was as follows

6 rounds for time

100m sprint

10 chest to bar pull ups (or gym ring rows scaled)

Then in the remainder of 20 minutes try to complete 30 power snatches as heavy as possible.

The sprints were fine, no knee problems or soreness! Yay! The gym ring rows I made as tricky as possible so I felt like I was getting the same level of workout as the others doing the chest to bars. And coach made sure it was as difficult as possible too! I completed this part in 9 minutes 44 seconds.

When it came to the power snatches, I was really unsure what to go for weight wise. It isn’t a move I am used to and have only ever lifted 7.5kg before and for much less reps. So I went for that weight, in the thinking that I knew I should be able to do it. And I did, in and finished 15 minutes 42 seconds within the 20 minute cap. I could have lifted a lot heavier and wish I had stopped after 10 or so and added some more weight. Alas I didn’t… but I know for next time… and I will smash those snatches next time. Go heavy, or at least try! It’s time to up the stakes!

Crossfit – On a very cold morning…!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are well and everyone is happy that it is Friday again! Woop Woop!

This Friday has come around even sooner with being away for most of the week on holiday, don’t holiday weeks just fly by so fast!

Anyway, back to Crossfit this morning for the 6.30am session, recap time!

First of all everyone at Crossfit this morning deserves a medal for actually getting out of bed and turning up – we have a major cold snap here at the moment and it was -3 degrees Celsius (26 degrees Fahrenheit)  when we got in the car, so very cold! As you can imagine we were very keen to warm up straight away, feeling like a bunch of sleepy ice poles!

The warm up was great actually, really enjoyed it. We did 5 rounds of 10 russian kettle bell swings, 10 swing to cleans and 10 air squats (without the bell). It gave a good stretch to both our legs and arms and got the blood pumping round which really was the main thing!

WOD 221113

Then we moved on to some hip mobility exercises. After a week away from Crossfit I really noticed the burn – even though I did yoga on Sunday and some foam rolling yesterday! Good to get those muscles really warmed up and stretched though, the cold air was trying to tense them up again! The more mobility I do the more I notice a difference in my performance during many aspects of Crossfit and I know David feels the same too. Really glad that our coach places such an emphasis on it, shows that he really places our bodies and their protection as a priority.

After that came 10 rounds of 5 hang squat snatches. We didn’t do them EMOM as on the board but instead did them in pairs. I am still getting to grips with this technique, I’m glad coach says it’s one of the hardest ones to grasp! I ended up doing a power snatch and then going down into an overhead squat from that, simply to break down the move a bit and try to hone on my technique. The last time I did overhead squats I had to do it with a PVC pipe and slide very light weights on to it, I couldn’t get the technique right with a barbell due to the weight. This time, 7.5kg barbell all the way! My technique still needs work but I am getting there which is the main thing. Progress!

Even more impressive was the fact that I managed to use the barbell following through into the WOD.


Overhead squats

Box Jumps (step ups for me)

It was tough and I felt the weight completely in the squats. Making sure I kept my weight in my heels though really helped and took me through each round. I only had to rest a couple of times during the 15 and 12 set of overhead squats when my arms just needed a break. The step ups were very welcome though, my arms enjoyed their minimal use during it!

I finished in a time of 6 minutes and 43 seconds. Very pleased with that. Also gave me a chance to watch David complete his box jumps, gosh he is getting good at those – jumping the full 30 inches! I just don’t know how he does it, but I love watching him do it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Crossfit – Positive Mental Attitude!

wods and all

Hi all,

Yay it’s Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend planned. David and I are off to do a bit of shopping – something we rarely get the chance to do so looking forward to that! Maybe a bit of early Christmas shopping – yes I know I can hear you all gasp – but it’s best to spread it all out and be organised early!

Here is a recap of last night’s Crossfit – it was a killer!

wod 16

Once again, David and I were late. Once again, the traffic was the issue. It was raining pretty bad in Glasgow yesterday and rain always equals more cars on the road. So you know what that means… burpees. Urgh! Although I don’t think David minded too much, the guys that were doing the block run looked pretty wet, cold and miserable when they returned.

So as if this wasn’t bad enough, the first part of the WOD involved more burpees! Oh boy, I was not impressed. A 21-15-9 of burpees and jumping jacks… so, including the warm up, 65 burpees in total, in the space of only being there 15 minutes! I was definitely tired and grumpy!

We then moved on to, thank goodness, some thoracic mobility with the foam roller. Although this is never fun on the pain scale, you at least know you are doing some good and the stretching will release some of the knots and tightness.

All was not good for long though as after this came wall walks! 5 sets of 4, EMOM. I tried my best with them but as with before I can get to the point where my legs are straight up on the wall, I just can’t move my arms back any further. Coach knows this though and knows I am doing the best I can so was just happy for me to work on my technique and practice. Pretty chuffed for David though, his wall walks are looking sweet!

After this came something that finally made me smile! 7 sets of 5 front squats at 75% 1RM. I have never done front squats since on- ramp training so it was good to revisit them and see what I could do! I was quite pleased that I managed 17.5kg on the bar overall. It was tough to do the 5 reps, could I have gone slightly higher if we had more time, maybe. I think next time I would build up to 20kg and see how I go with that.

And then came the main WOD of the day – Isabel (30 power snatches) plus, when done, as many toe to bar swings that can be done. 9 minutes on the clock.

As you may recall, I did struggle with power snatches the last time I did them. Such a tricky move to master. So rather than focussing on weight, I stuck with the 7.5kg bar and the training wheels in order to attack this. I just want to try to come to terms with the movements within the power snatches. I did ok – definitely better than last time but still struggling with the ‘shrug’ within the move, it just goes so fast. But practice will make perfect and in time the weight will come.

The only problem with a low weight? You go through the power snatches quicker than you would like to which meant moving on to toe to bar swings! I tried hard but just couldn’t do them, not enough strength in my arms to hold on while throwing my legs upwards. I did however make some progress. I was able to hold on to the bar for much longer, I was at least able to swing and raise my legs and I understood how the movement works and how it will come in time.

So, yes, a toughie of a workout. I was exhausted by the end of it and my arms and shoulders are still tired today. However, as I have realised, writing all this down and evaluating the session makes me see things in a more positive light and really does highlight the positives rather than the negatives. Hard work, determination and a positive attitude will only turn those current weaknesses into strengths!

Crossfit – And my arms are still sore…!

wods and all

Hi all,

Happy (and thank goodness it’s…) Friday!

Just a wee post to recap Wednesdays Crossfit  and put it this way, I am writing 2 days after said event and I am still sore!

So we arrived and did our usual warm up – a block run for the group and a 440m row for me. Loving the rows actually and with only doing a short distance, I can really go for it and get my heart rate pumping! Compared to when I am at the gym and am doing longer stints on the rower and have to steadily pace myself over a set period of time. Both different but fun!

We then worked on some stretches/ massages with the foam roller and the hard ball. Oh boy do we have some knots in our shoulders and back! It was a real killer doing this but I know these knots and pains shouldn’t be there and hopefully more work on this will ease them out. Not going to be a nice process but one that will benefit our bodies both in general and with our Crossfit technique.

wod 7

Moving on to something more energetic however, the first part of the WOD. It wasn’t too bad, 25 double unders (or 50 skips scaled), 5 burpees (urgh!) – 4 rounds for time.

So I sailed through the skips, I do love skipping and can do it well – just not double unders! But will get there eventually with that! And then the burpees slowed me down, still getting used to them, still hate them and weak arms means it’s trickier to pull yourself back up again quickly! I managed it in 4 minutes 15 seconds, not bad and the burpees will get faster as my arms and shoulders get stronger.

And then we had part two of the WOD. It looked alright on the board, I wasn’t dreading it too much, but the combination of a few different factors made it the toughest workout yet.

The push presses and back squats were fine. We were able to use our ‘dip drive’ force on the push presses so that always helps. And I really do feel like I have gotten the hang of a back squat. The power snatches however were brand new to me and getting to terms with the technique was proving difficult.

I like to break my technique down into sections so that I know I am doing all the key moves and correctly. That’s the only problem with the power snatch, it has to be done quite rapidly and with breaking it down and doing it slowly, I was never doing it properly. I also was having a problem with my arms, I know I had to keep them straight but somehow they were always bending at the elbow. Actually I think my biggest fault was that I was simply looking too much into the specifics rather than just ‘doing’. The perfectionist in me!

It was a long 15 minutes. Even though I can do the push press and back squat, that amount of reps meant I really couldn’t handle any weight on the bar and had to stick with the weight of the bar bell (7.5kg) and training wheels on the end. That in turn however affected my technique as having a bit more weight on the bar keeps my chest down when lifting, especially in the push press. Very frustrating.  The power snatches did improve over time though, the more I did them, the more I seemed to get nearer to the ideal. And my arms were bending less – great!

By the end I was shattered. When your arms are your weakest part, doing an ‘arm’ based workout is a killer and at times can bring me down a bit, especially when I am trying so hard but can’t seem to grasp a technique. I will however look on the positive side and focus on the fact I am still making progress. I am such a beginner to this Crossfit journey with so much to learn but I will persevere in order to give my body the strength it deserves!