CrossFit – Bring on the day!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this fine Tuesday.

Do you have days when you know things are just going to be good? Whether you have something planned for later on, or it starts off with a bang?

I have one of those feelings for today – it began with a workout and then a bowl of banana GF oats, with a little greek yogurt and almond butter. When something this warming and full of love hits your tummy, it can only bring smiles. Then I went to get my nails done, a real big treat for me and not something I do very often. It was lots of fun and I love the colour. And now I get to write! All winners in my book!


Got a good lunch planned, bits to do in the afternoon and then some fun with David this evening. All in all, good times! Bring on the rest of the day!

Time for a recap of yesterdays CrossFit…

wods and all

It began with a block run in the rain. Not good, especially when the hood on your jacket gets blown off every time you run! Note to self, bring hat!

We came back in to another big warm up – 3 rounds of…

10 air squats

10 jumping jacks

10 mountain climbers

10 tuck jumps

Definitely warm by the end of it!


Then we went on to something new – Pendlay Rows. Similar to a deadlift in terms of stance but when you go down to reach the bar, you don’t pull your back up, instead lifting the bar to your chest and back, like rowing up and down. In the bent down position, your back must be flat the entire time. They were tricky, mostly due to my restrictive mobility in my upper back and shoulders, which meant that I could lift heavy, but not take that weight to my chest. We had to do 5 rounds of 5 reps and I lifted 12.5kg. Something again I know will improve when my mobility does.

The next section was 5 rounds of 5 reps strict press. I was glad to revisit strict presses as I haven’t done them since early October. My 1RM in October was 18.5kg and I managed a 5 RM of 17.5kg. Good progress. But in increasing my weight during this, I managed to do 2 reps with 20kg – so major improvement in my 1RM then! Would be interesting to see what that 1RM would be now…

After this came some hollow rock tekkers and then 8 rounds on 10 second rocks with 10 seconds rest in between. It was not fun!


And now for the final WOD…

In a 5 minute window perform the ladder:

10 double unders – 1 burpee

15 double unders – 2 burpees

20 double unders – 3 burpees

25 double unders – 4 burpees

And so on in 5 increments for double unders and 1 burpee…

So I was hoping coach would sub double unders for skips. Nope! Instead tuck jumps! Ahhhh!

I had enough of those after the 30 I did earlier… but it must be done! We were recording reps in total (unders and burpees) so I got an exact 100! Really pleased with that actually, I pushed myself even though I was uber tired!

Buuuut… the major high five of the day goes to my David who got his first RX (as prescribed) in a WOD! He managed to do double unders in the WOD (one NY resolution ticked off) and therefore do the WOD as prescribed (another NY resolution!).

Very proud wife over here! Just makes me even more determined to get mine!


WIAW – Date Night!


Hi all,

Time for a good old ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post! I haven’t done one of these in a while, mostly because, strangely enough, I tend to eat the same things on a Tuesday, with dinner being the only difference! However, yesterday was a winner in terms of posting! As always, thanks to Jenn over at @PeasandCrayons for the link up!

Had a fab day yesterday, good food, good writing and lots of good fun! Had a date night last night with my husband David and we went out for dinner and then off to the cinema to see Saving Mr Banks. It was amazing! Would recommend it to anyone, you don’t even need to be a Mary Poppins  fan to enjoy it, although being a fan (I am a massive one!) certainly helps!

So my day began with some banana oats, topped with greek yoghurt and almond butter. Only just discovered this combo and holy guacamole it’s incredible! Don’t know how it has taken me so long to discover this – delish!

greek oats

Snack time after the gym was an English Russet apple with some nuts. These Russet apples look so different but taste amazing. They really are quite unique – I just love apples!


Lunch was a tasty treat. Some Italian dry cured ham that my Mum treated David and I to at the weekend along with half a roasted butternut squash and some sauerkraut. The ham was divine and was the perfect partner to the sweet nutty squash. Will be going to my local organic supermarket to pick up some more of that soon (hello cured ham wrapped dates!).


My snack was a quick grab before we headed out to the cinema/dinner. My usual portion of dried prunes (plums) along with a couple of nut clusters that we picked up last week. They are really tasty – cashews, almonds, honey, pumpkin seeds and some cane sugar. A natural treat when you need something to grab and go/ a sustaining energy boost.


We had a quick stop at ASDA (supermarket) to pick up some dried fruit that we needed and a TV recorder that we had ordered (finally we can stop recording TV on a VCR!). Then we jumped quickly into IKEA (they have the most amazing pickled fish!)  before heading off to Braehead for dinner and movie!

For dinner we went to a chain restaurant here in the UK called Harvester. I hadn’t been in a while, not for at least 5 years, and didn’t know what to expect. They have focused on ‘grills’ the past few years so that did appeal to David and I. We went for grilled salmon and green beans with a side salad. It’s great at Harvester, you get unlimited salad from the salad bar and there was a lot to choose from. My expectations were certainly exceeded! The salmon was flaky, with crispy skin and cooked to perfection. The green beans had lots of flavour and still had a good crunch to them and the salad was crisp and fresh – I had 2 bowls of salad, one as a starter and one with my meal! Can’t wait to return!


Then we headed upstairs for the movie! As mentioned above it was fantastic!

Late night home but what a lovely day!

My Favourite Eats This Weekend!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a wonderful weekend. Why those two little days of the week go so much faster than the rest I have no idea!

I thought I would do a post on my favourite eats from over the weekend. Good food and good company = an excellent weekend of fun!

Saturday Breakfast – Banana Oats with some chopped dates at the side and a Peppermint Tea.


A nice ripe banana mixed in to some cooked oats. Yum! (Sorry for the bad picture :-S) I like my dates at the side rather than mixed in, who knows why, one of my little quirks! All washed down with a reviving and piping hot peppermint tea, perfect. (I would have loved a massive cup of coffee but I knew I would be having coffee later on in the day and I don’t like to caffeine overload!).

Saturday Lunch – Moroccan Spiced Mussels with a side salad.


David and I met up with our friends Ally and Lynsey for lunch on Saturday and it was such a wonderful time – great to catch up with them. We went for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Glasgow, The Mussel Inn. I went for a ½ kilo of steamed mussels, infused with chillies, garlic, coriander, cumin and ginger. Delicious!

We also went for a coffee afterwards at a local coffee shop. It was pouring with rain outside and really cold so a big Americano coffee was in order!

Can’t wait to see our friends again soon!

Saturday Dinner – Turkey Curry with Cauliflower Rice


For dinner David and I were trying a new recipe from the last issue of the UK’s Women’s Health Magazine. It intrigued us as the sauce was a mix of spices, fresh coriander and blueberries, all blitzed together with greek yoghurt. I don’t think I have ever seen blueberries in an Indian sauce before but it sounded good so we gave it a go. We served it with cauliflower rice and peas (I just love cauliflower rice! And the peas were such a fab addition!). Overall the curry was ok. The blueberries made it very sweet so I think I would add a bit less of them next time and maybe some more spices. I wanted more heat! I did love the fact that we cooked the turkey pieces ‘in the sauce’ from raw, which meant the meat poached in the sauce. That was tasty and kept it moist.

Pumpkin Seeds – PEPITA’S! 


As per usual, David and I did our Saturday cook up while also making dinner – preparing and cooking soup, sweet potato coins, 2 baked squashes and chicken pieces. We also tried something new with our seeds from our carved pumpkin. We let the seeds dry over the week then roasted them with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of Hebridean sea salt, the salt we had picked up from the Good Food Show a few weeks back. Oh boy were they good! We are rationing them right now, we just want to eat them all! And don’t even get me started on how much of a nutritional powerhouse they are!


Sunday started with our usual breakfast of a small oats, banana scramble, nut butter and coffee. I must admit I forgot to take a photo as I was so hungry! But I posted it last week and it looked exactly the same – see here for a photo!

Sunday Lunch – Carrot and Coriander Soup with Chicken

20131016 - Food

After our walk around the local park we came home to a nice hot bowl of the soup we had made the night before. It was so good! And the addition of some chicken and spinach just finished it off nicely!

Sunday Afternoon – Starbucks


David and I headed to Starbucks in the afternoon to have some chill out time together. We bought the Sunday Newspapers and settled in some comfy seats with a hot coffee. Not just any coffee though – the red cups are back! That means gingerbread syrup! I order an Americano with a shot of syrup in a cup at the side – that way I can add what I want (I find they add way too much if they put it straight in!).  I tend to only add half of what they give me and this means I can get the wonderful gingerbread taste without buzzing on sugar for hours afterwards! A real treat that I will enjoy over the festive period – just the smell the gingerbread syrup makes me feel all Christmassy!

We had our coffee with a side of pepita’s and some dried fruit (plums for me!).

Sunday Dinner – Persimmon

20131103 - Food

My dinner on Sunday consisted of some gluten free toast with nut butter and honey but the shining star that accompanied it was a huge persimmon that I had picked up from our local organic greengrocer earlier on in the day. This fruit is amazing! Flavours of vanilla just ooze through the fruit and as I mentioned before, I can’t believe I only discovered them this year. Just take off the leaves on top, slice and they are ready to rock. They are in season right now, go on try one, you will not be disappointed I promise you!

It’s Monday again! My weekend of fun!

Hi all!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a good weekend!?

Apart from being sore all over my chest and shoulders from Crossfit this week, David and I had a weekend of fun and smiles.

We started our Saturday with our usual bowl of oats for breakfast or porridge as we call it in Scotland. We have become quite inventive with our oats, or David has anyway, I tend to come up with the ideas but then choose old faithful combos like plain oats and strawberry jam, yum! But on Saturday I went for plain oats with coconut milk over the top, and boy was I not disappointed! Talk about uber yum! David went for oats topped with organic grade A dark maple syrup and chopped pecans. Also very tasty!


Anyway, enough about our oats and on to our day! We took the train over to Edinburgh to meet some friends of ours who we have recently reconnected with. I went to university with Lynsey and we were roommates for 2 years. Then, as is sadly sometimes the case, we lost touch. Now we have reconnected again and I could not be happier! David and I met with Lynsey and her partner Ally who we were meeting for the first time. They really are a perfect couple! And we all have so much in common and are such similar people, so it was a joy to spend the day with them. We met for lunch at the 4th Floor Brassiere at Harvey Nichols, a very fancy store in Edinburgh. David and I both had a red mullet dish, with chargrilled courgettes, tomatoes, olives, red peppers and basil oil. It looked so good and tasted so delicious that we forgot to take a picture! Ahh! Forgive me, I am still getting used to the blogger trait of photographing everything!

20130810 - Fringe

After lunch we headed for a wonder around the Edinburgh Old Town. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is currently on at the moment and the whole town is buzzing with performers, comedians, musicians, dancers etc all with shows to go and see, but doing a bit of street performing during the day to try and drum up some interest for their shows. So much fun to walk around and see what everyone is offering. We didn’t have time to see any shows but saw some amazing little snap shots!

It was great fun to soak up some culture and buzz in Edinburgh for the day. It’s crazy, it’s manic, it’s loud but that’s why we love it! And to spend it all with good friends, that made it complete!

20130810 - Fringe-3

On Sunday David and I began our day with a workout, combining a little of what we did last week with some practice Crossfit moves – especially squats, feel the burn!

Then, after breakfast and cartoons, we headed to pick up our new car! What do you think? I love it! We needed to think of a name… its red, it’s fierce, so we went for… RED ROSS! Anyone who is a friends fan will know which episode that was from!


After that we came home, had some lunch and headed to Starbucks so I could catch up on some blogging and we could both get a caffeine fix!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is your favourite way to have oats?