CrossFit – Recaps and new RM’s!

Hi all,

It’s Friday!! Woop Woop!


Before I go into todays post I have some bits of info to share.

First up – yesterday I made the Microwave Sweet Potato Chips (crisps) that featured in my sweet potato post from earlier in the week. I used a peeler for the tater, and tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and like the recipe, placed them in a single layer at a time for 4 minutes in the microwave. After leaving them for 2 minutes to cool at the side they had crispened up perfectly and were ready to eat. And you know what, they were amazing! Better than the vegetable chips/crisps in the stores that you can buy. We will be making these again for sure! Note – they are best eaten straight away. This morning our chips were still tasty but not as crunchy.

20140508 - Sweet Potato Crisps(Davids amazing photography skills!)

And second of all – I hope to be transferring my domain over the weekend, which means some website down time. If you can’t access me over the weekend never fear, by Monday things should be up and running and back to normal…fingers and toes crossed!

And now on to today’s post – 2 in 1 CrossFit recap!

Thursday Morning (8th)

It was tipping it down with rain outside when we arrived at the box so luckily our warm up was not a block run! Instead we worked on some mobility, stretching and some yoga moves  – loving the yoga, really good to change things up a bit and try a new way of gaining more mobility.

After that we were straight on to working in pairs on the rack, first up 3 sets of 3RM push jerk followed by 5 sets of 1RM push jerk. We haven’t done these in a while so both my 1RM and 3RM were 20kg! Still working on some mobility issues in my shoulders but definitely seeing big improvements. I am able to get the bar mostly locked out overhead with minimal ‘pressing’ at the end. This was not the case a few months back when I was jerking and then having to press the bar overhead most of the way. I came out with a new 1RM of 25kg so I am very pleased with that!


Then we moved on to spilt jerk for the same amount of reps. I worked with the pvc pipe just to refresh myself with the power needed for this move – I definitely tend to push jerk if I am given the choice. Still working on my balance with this but definitely getting the hang of it with again, big improvements. New 1RM of 25kg!

We then headed outside where, thank goodness, it had stopped raining! The workout was as follows

Every 30 seconds

Shuttle 25 metres and back x 2 (100m) for 4 minutes

Then shuttle for 20 metres and back x3 (120m) for 4 minutes

2 minute rest in between

shuttle run(source)

From doing athletic testing, coach noticed that a lot of us are lacking speed in our sprinting – something he wishes to work on over the summer months. Now I’m not hot at running, coming to it for the first time ever at the beginning of the year but I gave it my best shot and tried to keep a strong pace going at all times – it is a sprint after all! I look forward to working on this and hopefully seeing improvements over the next few months.

And then came the horrible part

10 minute EMOM

10 burpees

Yep it was hard, yep it sucked, yep I was sooo glad for it to be over.

But you know what, this WOD was sooo much fun!

Friday Morning (9th)


Think SpongeBob should have tried CrossFit…

Back with a bang this morning at CrossFit – started with a block run and then moved inside for some more warm up fun and games followed by some mobility.

Today was front squat day – working up to a new 3RM.

My 3RM was 25kg and was looking forward to testing myself. I was able to have a rack all to myself which meant I could really focus on what I was doing with some stretches along the way. I kept focused, kept strong and worked up to a new 3RM of 32.5kg – yes! I was over-the-moon with this, I used to find it so difficult to find the strength for this move and now I am making major gains! Only downside – no one was watching when I did my reps! Don’t you hate it when you achieve something big and no one saw… got a high 5 from coach though when he found out, that made up for it!


Then came a lovely (evil), little AMRAP to finish off…

3 minute AMRAP x 5 rounds

15 toes to bar (high knees scaled)

10 wall balls

1 minute rest in between rounds

It was crazy, it was intense, I cursed every wall ball I threw and my hands now are super sore from gripping the bar but once again, it was awesome! Came out with a real big smile! 🙂

And now am as stiff as a brick!

Hope you all have a great weekend folks – do something that makes you happy!