CrossFit – Test Yourself!

Hi all,

Well after my post yesterday on Breakfast I am glad not to be writing about food today… it just made me crave breakfast foods – Not that it’s a bad thing mind you!

Instead I ‘settled’ for a dinner of pork chop with homemade apple sauce and sautéed kale. Oh my goodness – so simple but so good. I love pork!

20140428 - Boom There's Your Dinner

Anyway, enough on food (more tomorrow!) and back on to working out! Time for my 2 in 1 CrossFit post!

Monday Morning (28th)

Stiff as a brick, we began with a block run warm up – so strange to do this in the daylight now, I dont like it (closet vampire I think!).

We had a lot of work to do today so we moved straight on to warming up for the first part of the WOD, hang snatches. We did this by practicing and breaking down the movement using a PVC pipe. I do like doing this, not only to get our muscles warmed up to the movement but also because sometimes something just ‘clicks’ and you understand the move better.

This happened for me. I had been watching some videos on snatches and I think I have finally grasped the concept of how to do the ‘shrug and thrust’. Still working on the concept of ‘going down’ while the bar is travelling up but i’m getting there. The main, huge part for me was feeling that thrust and drive that will enable me to get the bar up fast and secure – it all does seem to fall into place once you ‘get it’. (Check out my previous CrossFit post for a video on hang snatches).

I only got the weight up to 10kg but gaining a grasp of that technique for me is priceless. The weight will come.


(I totally sing this every time squats are mentioned now… some people think they sing ‘shots’…heck no!)

We then moved on 3 rounds of 5 RM back squats. Only having 3 rounds meant you had to start heavy if you wanted a new 5RM and I did it! 35kg nailed AND I felt so much more secure, in control and happy with my technique. Pretty good considering 35kg is my 1RM!

The final WOD was as follows


 Hang power clean to thruster

Pull up (jumping pull ups scaled)

(10 minute time cap)

Coach wanted me to go for 25kg. I tried but couldn’t even clean it. I didn’t have much time on my hands so I brought it down to 15kg. I could and should have tried 20kg but we didn’t have the time. Also it was only a few weeks back I managed 15kg during a thruster WOD and I had to do this plus clean each time? I think I made the right choice. We were to count reps so I got 51 in total (up to 9 pull ups) and I was pleased with that. It may not have been a high weight but I went at high intensity.

Tuesday Morning (29th)

Today began with a block run and then a 3 minute AMRAP of 5 push ups, 7 ab mat sit ups and 9 air squats. We were certainly warm by that point! (And a bit sore, damn you ab mat sit ups!).


Like yesterday, we did some practice work on our first move (hang power clean) with an empty bar bell to get our bodies ready for what was ahead. The hang power clean is another one of my difficulties but I know the more I practice the better I will get. In fact David gave me some pointers when I got home that I am looking forward to trying out soon – I think my problem is I high pull my arms too high without going underneath the bar, therefore meaning I am struggling to whip my elbows round to ‘clean’. I managed a 1RM of 20kg – it seems to be my clean plateau that I can’t get past. Hopefully trying David’s pointers out next time will help me go beyond this.

The next part of the WOD was deadlifts. When I read that on the board I was like ‘whhhhaaaatttt????’  – I didn’t expect them so soon after the crazy, insane, deadly WOD on Friday!

So we had 3 rounds to achieve a new 5RM – they had to be touch and go, i.e. couldn’t drop the bar. I knew I had done 45 reps on Friday at 50kg so could do that! Many on Friday were actually touch and go for me. I managed to get a new 5RM of 55kg! So pleased!

The final WOD was a doozie – one of those that look simple and easy but are silent killers!

EMOM for 10 minutes

10 push ups

10 air squats

Then in the remaining time max rep push jerk.


The mistake I made was my weight on the bar. I went for 20kg but it was too heavy. After the arm based lifting we had just done and with the fatigue on my arms from the push ups I struggled to even clean the bar. So I pretty much wasted any free time I had at the end of the push ups and air squats trying to clean the bar – I did manage one push jerk though! Just wish I had stuck with 15kg. Lesson learned but hey, you gotta test yourself every now and again otherwise how do you know you can’t do more?!

Hope you have a fab day!