Christmas and Crossfit Recap – Back into the swing of things!

Hi all!

Hello and hope you are all well! I also really hope that all your Christmases were fantastic and everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family.

Our Christmas really was something special. My parents, David and I, back at my family home in Aberdeenshire simply spending some fantastic time together. We shared stories, memories, good food, a few glasses of bubbles and cherished every moment.

Here is a picture of us all just before our big meal of the day! (David and I did all the cooking and it was pretty darn tasty even if I say so myself – the perfect Paleo Christmas dinner – oh just thinking about it now makes me hungry again!).


Back in Glasgow now but still on our holidays. Back to normal on Thursday but just wanted to connect with the blogging world – I miss writing when I am away!

New Years Eve has arrived and we are looking forward to a lovely meal out tonight, just David and I, and then off for some cocktails afterwards! First time trying Brazilian food and can’t wait! Will let you all know how it went on Thursday.

wods and all

We were back to Crossfit yesterday, our usual morning session and it was great to get back into the swing of things… literally!


We began with doing more work on handstand holds. Not the easiest move in the world! A few of us are still on handstands with our legs pivoted on a box (google for more info), which makes it slightly easier but no less difficult – and we had to hold the position for an accumulation of 3 minutes. Gosh my core was so tense by the end of it! It took me 4 minutes 20 seconds to do the total 3 minutes which I was quite pleased about as I have never done them before (well not to this extent). One for more practice (especially with just getting used to being upside down!).

After that we moved on to, what coach calls, ‘breathless squats’. So we had 15 minutes to work up to a 20 rep max back squat – called ‘breathless’ as you will be out of breath by the end of it. And we were! Oh boy, it was a lot more intense than I had imagined. Not that I ever thought it would be easy! We were to do around 65% of our 1 RM for the weight. So I ended up being able to do  22.5kg, really pleased with that as my 1 RM is 35kg!

So we were all pretty beat, arms sore and strained. But then came the main WOD…

150 Kettle Bell Swings with 5 burpees EMOM

I went with a 10kg bell to begin with but my form wasn’t right so had to drop to a 8kg bell about half way through. Really was the best decision, I don’t think I could have completed the WOD injury free without swapping.

The burpees were a killer, especially when you got tired, then they took about 30-40 seconds to do, only leaving a short time for the KB swings. But I did it! And lay down on the floor unable to move for about 10 minutes afterwards! My time was 13 minutes 45 seconds, it felt like an eternity! Ah the madness of Crossfit – somehow always leaves you wanting more!

Merry Christmas one and all!




Ok so I will try and calm down, but I can’t! Just too excited!

After a morning Crossfit session and a trip to Whole Foods to pick up the turkey etc that we have ordered, David and I will be hitting the road and heading north to my parents in Aberdeenshire. My first Christmas at my childhood home in 6 years – hope it brings back lots of fun festive memories!

I hope you all are getting organised and have a fun filled few days coming up – full of love, joy, goodwill and kindness.

I am taking a wee break over the festive period, as I’m sure most of us in the blogging world will be, but will be back next week with a recap of what I hope will be a wonderful Christmas. We also have a family wedding on the 28th of December so will have lots to talk about!

Sending you all lots of love and Christmas wishes!

Merry Christmas, take care and speak soon.



Spill it Sunday… on Monday!


Hi all,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend, the last one before the big day! Yay! SANTA!

Today I am linking up with a fantastic blogger Arman over at thebigmansworld who has created the idea of Spill it Sundays! The aim is to get to know the bloggers within our community a little bit better, which is always good fun!

Please see below the required ‘selfie’!

20131220 - Christmas Cocktails-2

So here we go! Below are the questions Arman has posted (this week a Holiday/ Cultural traditions theme) along with my answers, hope you enjoy!

What is a traditional/cultural event you and your family/friends celebrate? (e.g. Christmas, Hannukah etc)?

Christmas is the big holiday in our house. We may spend some Christmases with extended family on the day itself (parents) or have it simply David and I.

Last year it was the two of us and it was wonderful. This year we are going to my parent’s house and I am really excited as I haven’t had a Christmas there for 6 years!

Having family to visit is wonderful and means we can spread Christmas out throughout December – why have one Christmas day when you can have 3!?

Do you have any traditions which you partake in on a consistent basis?


There are a few traditions that I have grown up with that still must do to this day

  • We must watch Disneys sing a long Christmas songs and Muppet Christmas Carol while putting up the Christmas tree and decorations
  • On the big day, you open the pressies in your stocking with everyone, in your PJ’s, on one bed (whoever has the biggest). The rest of the presents are opened after everyone is washed, dressed and had their breakfast.
  • All the main presents go in a big sack. We then take it in turns (starting with the youngest) to pull a present out of the sack and give it to the person it is for. We only move on to the next one after that person has opened it. It means that opening presents is a time that is savoured and each gift is appreciated.

What is something special you and your family/friends do?

When I am at home (my parents’ house) for Christmas, we go to the Watchtower Christmas service at our church. It begins at half eleven and ends just after midnight, with the church bells ringing, symbolising the start of Christmas day. The service begins with Christmas carols and is always so wonderful, lots of smiles, laughter and happiness. With a real feeling of togetherness, it always feels like community.

Another special aspect that we always do is David (my husband) must be the one to finish the Christmas decorating – by placing the star on the tree. We share everything else but this is his own special tradition. It always makes me smile watching him do it.

What does a typical day during this period involve?


The past few years I don’t think we will have a typical Christmas day! Depends where we are! But the ‘must do’s’ are

  • Stockings on the bed
  • Presents from the sack
  • Christmas dinner is prepared once presents have been open
  • Once the meal is over, then you can do whatever you please! Read those books, watch those DVD’s, watch some Christmas TV, sleep or eat more!

Most memorable event?

20131210 - Christmas Tree

My most memorable Christmas? That’s a tricky one as I remember so many wonderful things. However I think what I remember the most is that ‘feeling’. The ‘feeling’ you get on Christmas day, almost like a glow. Excitement, happiness, anticipation, love and contentment all rolled into that feeling in your tummy. So special.

Any special traditions that you and your friends and family have at this time of year?

Crossfit – Fran AND Helen!!

Hi all,

Happy Friday! The last Friday before Christmas, woop woop!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend planned. I cannot wait for mine to start – meeting David after work tonight for cocktails, then off to look at the Glasgow Christmas market tomorrow. And on Sunday, off to the shores of Loch Lomond, where they are showing Muppet Christmas Carol on the drive in movie screen (loch in the background)… oh I can only imagine how magical it will be!

wod 191213

The Zombie Crew!

So here is my last Crossfit recap for the year! I will be going to Crossfit both Monday and Tuesday morning next week, getting in my WOD fix before we go up north for the big day. Is it crazy that I will miss Crossfit?!

Yesterday morning’s session began with a tabata warm up – 8 rounds of 20 seconds of skips, ten second rest, 20 seconds of air squats, ten second rest. I love a good intense tabata to get me going in the morning!

We then moved on to some mobility – some new exercises which was great, always good to have more to add to the mix. As I have said a few times now, I feel so much benefit from doing mobility exercises, especially ones for my shoulders and arms – my lift technique is only going from strength to strength because of it. You tube have some fab mobility videos if you fancy giving it a go and don’t know where to start. Oh and sorry, yes it is meant to hurt! Just imagine the most intense massage!

wod 1912 13 2

Ok, so I must admit, I walked into Crossfit yesterday, looked at the board and saw 2 names that struck the fear of life in me – Fran AND Helen. That’s right, we were to do both! (For those who aren’t clued up on Crossfit, the WOD’s that are named after women are the most difficult).

The only saving grace was that it was a team WOD, we were in a 3 – but coach wasn’t going to make it easy for us. When we weren’t doing any reps, the ‘resting folk’ were to hold a weighted plate above their head (5kg for me)! Great!

Here are the 2 WOD’s with the additional aspects!

One partner working while the other partner holds a plate overboard…




Pull Ups


3 rounds of

200m (x2) run with weight plate

21 kettle bell swings

12 Pull Ups

I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this workout! It was tough, yes but it was so enjoyable working as a team to get the goal achieved! I can’t remember the exact amount of reps I did for each section but one thing was for sure was that it was even and the workload shared equally – always good.

I even did the running! Yes! I had wanted to test my knee at some point and even though coach said I could walk it, I decided to give sprinting a go – mostly because it was so very cold! And my knee, touch wood was fine! No pain or muscle strain yesterday and nothing so far today. Looks like I may be able to start building up my runs in the New Year. Small periods of sprints to start and then working up to more sprints. I have no desire to do any marathons or anything, just want to be able to do sprints as another form of workout.

Also pleased that I kept the same weight as Monday for the Thrusters (15kg), and was able to do my share of them no problem. I also managed to up my weight in the kettle bells – up from an 8kg bell to a 12kg bell – fab!

I was so pumped after this workout – more and more progress! Oh and we did it in a time of 26 minutes, 55 seconds. Really looking forward to the 2 morning WODs before Christmas next week. I wonder what coach will have in store…!

Happy weekend everyone!

wods and all

Healthy Holiday Treats!

Hi all,

Hope you are well!

We all love to treat ourselves over Christmas. Have those special wee treats that we don’t usually have (or have in moderation) throughout the year. There is nothing bad about this at all, it is a celebration after all and we all make our own choices.

For me, my Christmas indulgence is alcohol. I normally only have it once a week, a glass or two of wine at the weekend. During the festive season, I will be a bit more relaxed – cocktails, champagne, port etc are all to be enjoyed!

Whether this be the same for you, or if your treats are more of the sweet or savoury kind, I bring you a few hints and tips to still have a treat, but to make some better choices for a healthier outcome!

Still enjoy your favourites but with no guilt whatsoever, sounds good to me!


Here are a few options to think about when it comes to festive beverages!

  • Red Cups

syrup coffee

–          Oh how we all love those red cups! Out come the Christmas flavoured coffees that are full of milk, syrup, whipped cream and toppings. Not so good!

What I do though is order a plain Americano (yummy coffee!) and then ask for a shot of my favourite syrup (my favourite ‘treat’ aspect) in a separate small cup. Then I can add as much or as little as I want, depending on my taste. Yummy coffee but without all the other ‘additions’ I’m not so fussed about!

  • Hot Chocolate


–          A favourite for a lot of people at this time of year. Why not make a lightened but still delicious version!

–          Take a few squares of good quality dark chocolate and melt in a pan. Slowly add some almond or coconut milk, about 300ml. Heat while stirring. Once heated, taste and add a sweetener (some honey or maple syrup) if required. Top with marshmallows! The best hot chocolate without the processed powder!

  • Peppermint Mocha

–          A healthy twist on a ‘red cup’.

–          Take a spoon full of instant coffee and add another spoon and a half of dark cocoa powder. Add a few dashes of peppermint extract (to your liking). Then add a small amount of boiling water to bring it together. Once it has all dissolved, add the rest of the water. Leave room to add as much or as little milk as you like (we use coconut milk for an amazing flavour) and add a sweetener to your liking – we use one spoon of honey. Voila – a festive ‘red cup’ without the price tag. You just need to find an actual red cup…!

  • Cocktails

–          Everyone loves a good cocktail, and at Christmas you may go for something different. I just tend to avoid cocktails with milk, cream or butter in them, simply because I don’t like how sluggish I feel after drinking them. I also don’t tend to go towards ones with lots of different syrups in them – sugar overload! But then again if I know I am only having one I don’t tend to be too restrictive on myself. If making at home, you have control, so it’s easy to make something a bit better for you. Use mixers such as fruit juice or sparkling/ soda water and try using fresh fruit as a flavour, rather than a syrup. Fruit purees are amazing with champagne/ sparkling wine. My favourite cocktail at the moment is a spicy jack – one part Jack Daniels, two parts spiced apple juice and 3 parts sparkling water. A tasty spicy warming drink (you could actually have it warm too, just use hot water instead of sparkling).


Listed below are just a few of my favourite healthy treats at Christmas – I could go on for days listing things, but have just stuck with a few good ones instead!

  • Mincemeat


–          See yesterdays post for more info. I just love the taste! You forget it’s fruit!

  • Homemade Soup


–          Yes it takes a bit of preparation, but nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup. Just cook some veggies on the stove with some stock and once the veg is cooked then blitz. Add your favourite herbs or spices for flavour. Want really simple? Cook a bag of carrots in some stock, blitz, add some seasoning and dried coriander to taste and done! A simple soup in next to no time. And after all these heavy Christmas meals, I guarantee that a bowl of homemade soup will go down a treat with friends and family over the festive period.

  • Fresh/ Dried Fruit

20131103 - Food

–          Fresh fruit – a winner at any time of year but there are some special ones to savour right now. Satsumas, clementines, tangerines and oranges are all amazing at the moment. My favourite is the Clementine I could honestly sit and eat a whole bag. And there isn’t anything more festive at Christmas. Persimmons are still very tasty and we are still going through so many of them in the Fotheringham household. But if you are looking for a real treat, why not try a 2 minute fruit compote? Chop up an apple or a pear into chunks. Add an addition of choice – I add a spoonful of my mincemeat to the fruit but other ones I have done include honey and walnuts, cinnamon, maple syrup etc. Put in the microwave for 1 minute until heated through. Stir and eat! Or make it into a crumble by toasting some oats or almond flour in a dry pan and add to the top! Easy, quick and tasty!

–          Dried fruit – a tasty treat on its own! Cranberries, figs, apricots, raisins – all so yummy and perfect for when you just want ‘something sweet’. Recently when we went to David’s parents for Christmas number one, we brought with us, as dessert, a dried fruit platter. It consisted of mini skewers each with a date, few raisins and apricot on them, a ring of dried figs in the centre and some additional raisins and dates dotted about in the gaps. It went down a treat, there was nothing left and everyone commented on how nice it was to have something different. For many it was the first time they had actually tried some of the fruits! Oh and it went perfect with the cheese board. Who needs crackers when you can use fruit instead!

  • Dates


–          Dates require a section on their own, simply because of their versatility! So you can have them on their own, delicious. But you can also stuff/ wrap dates to make the most perfect appetisers/ snacks/ canapés etc. Here are some ideas…

–          Wrap – in bacon and cook in oven until bacon is ready or in parma ham and have them cold.

–          Stuff with – goats cheese, blue cheese, nuts, small pieces of cooked ham, honey cream cheese blend etc.

Trust me, all of the above are a taste sensation!

  • Nuts


–          Nuts are a perfect energy boost at this time of year. Just try to watch your portion sizes, as with everything, too much is too much whether it be chocolate, nuts or even grapes! Almonds, pistachios, pecans, cashews and walnuts are perfect festive treats and unlike peanuts (which are actually legumes not nuts) don’t need to be heavily salted or flavoured. Sweet potatoes with pecans anyone…?!  Oh and then there are roasted chestnuts, that’s where I need to hold some restrain! But bring out a tray of them to your family and friends on Christmas day and they will beat chocolate and other candies hands down!

  • Pumpkin Pancakes

20131111 - Birthday Pancakes

–          A perfect Christmas morning breakfast that’s full of goodies and won’t make you feel bloated and yuck for the rest of the day. Or try sweet potato or squash pancakes.

  • Energy Bars


–          Just a wee one to end on. One of my favourite snacks at the moment is a nakd bar – either the gingerbread one or the pecan pie one – they both taste like Christmas cake! Full of the festive flavours we all love but none of the nasties. The gingerbread one consists of 48% dates, 32% almonds, 18% pecans mixed with some ginger, cloves and cinnamon. And the pecan pie one is simply 52% dates, 28% pecans and 20% almonds. Yummy!

So there you have it, just some of my favourite things to eat and drink this month that I have no reason to feel any guilt over, whatsoever. Just good, honest, real fuel for our bodies! What we always want!

Any favourite you have that you want to share?

Festive Healthy Treat – Mincemeat!

Hi all,

Happy Hump Day!

I know I probably didn’t need to mention this but just in case you weren’t aware – Christmas Day is this time next week! Yee ha! (I don’t think I have ever used ‘yee ha’ before in my life ever, it just seemed to call for it!).

Today I bring to you a new festive recipe – Mincemeat!


If you are not familiar with this; please do not think it is made of meat! Traditionally yes, today no way! Instead it is a delicious mix of dried fruit, spices, zest and other goodies, marinated and used in a variety of ways.

It can be quite unhealthy at times, mixed with sugar, sugar and more sugar! However I have made a lightened version that’s paleo friendly! It also doesn’t include suet which means it is suitable for vegetarians too. And you can sub out the alcohol for orange or apple juice if you want to make it suitable for children.

So what do you do with the mincemeat?

Well, most commonly, it is baked with pastry to create a ‘mince pie’. I have included a recipe below for a grain free pastry that you can use to make tasty gluten free, paleo and a lot healthier mince pie! A healthy festive treat…? Yes please!

But there are so many other uses for it!

  • Over greek yoghurt with some nuts sprinkled on top
  • Mixed with oats for breakfast
  • Used as a chutney with cold meats and cheeses
  • On top of eggs (seriously, try it!)
  • On top of rice cakes etc
  • Mixed with chunks of apple or pear, heated in the microwave for 1 minute
  • Just as a snack on its own, out of the jar… yes I have done this… a lot!

And here is the recipe – mincemeat first and then for the pastry if you want to go for mincepies!




700g of dried fruit (I went for raisins, sultanas, currants and mixed peel. However, you could also use cranberries, chopped figs, dates, cherries etc)

1 tsp of cinnamon

1tsp of nutmeg

1tsp of mixed spice (all spice)

Zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange

2 ½ tbsp of apple puree

1 tsp honey

1 tsp coconut oil

1 cup of sherry (you could also use brandy, rum, whisky, orange or apple juice)


  • Put all fruit in a bowl and mix
  • Add the spices to the fruit and stir through to coat


  • In a small pan put the zest, apple puree, honey, oil and sherry.
  • Stir on a low heat until the oil and honey has melted
  • Add to fruit and stir


  • Let it cool
  • Once cool, cover and leave for at least 24 hours to marinate. The longer left, the more infused the fruit will be. Try and stir at least twice during the 24 hours.


Grain free/ Paleo pastry (makes 10 pies approx) 


1 cup of almond flour (ground almonds)

1 egg beaten

Coconut flour (enough to bring the mix to a pastry like consistency)


  • Mix the almond flour and eggs
  • Add coconut flour, a small amount at a time, to dry out the dough until it is no longer sticky.


  • Roll out with a rolling pin and cut out round shapes.
  • Place in cupcake/pie tin with 1 heaped teaspoon of the mincemeat on top.


  • Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 160C. Check often.


(Note- the texture of the pastry will be different to ‘usual flour’ pastry. However this pastry is full of almond/coconut flavour and I think it’s a lot nicer, yum! It also is so much lighter than normal pastry).

So there you have it! Why not give it a try, it is so easy to make and keeps for at least a few weeks in a sealed container. Or make and give as a lovely gift!

(And thanks to Jen over at @peasandcrayons  for the WIAW link up!)

Life Lessons from Christmas Movies!

Hi all,

Happy Monday and 16th of December, oh it seems so close now!

Hope you all had a fab weekend. I really enjoyed mine, didn’t turn out as planned but the ‘impromptu’ aspect of it was what was so wonderful about it!

We were meant to meet friends in Edinburgh on Saturday, however one of them took ill and we had to cancel (hope you are feeling better Lynsey!). So David and I had to decide what to do with this sudden ‘free day’. We had things to pick up from the shops so we combined some Christmas shopping with a nice warming lunch and a spectacular afternoon cocktail at one of our favourite hotels. It was so lovely! David was even able to try hot buttered rum – it’s so comforting and warm, wish I had picked it too! You don’t see it anywhere in the UK so it really was a treat.

Then on Sunday, as planned, we had a Christmas movie day! Good food, hot warming drinks, a stack of Christmas DVD’s and PJ’s on – what more could you ask for!

And this relates to my post for today. I realised that there is a lot to be learnt from a Christmas movie, true life lessons. So, I will go through the movies David and I watched over the past couple of days and indicate what we pulled out to be vital information for life.

Four Christmases




A couple, who had their Christmas vacation cancelled, are forced to visit their parents and family on Christmas day instead. They haven’t been home in years… for good reason!

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      Don’t lie to your parents. They either know you are lying and it hurts, or they don’t know and then find out. And it hurts.

2)      You actually find your parents more annoying than your partner does!

3)      Do not hide anything from your partner about your past, especially if you used to be named Orlando…

4)      Check if there is a spending cap on presents at Christmas. A torch simply cannot live up to an Xbox!

The Santa Clause



When Santa falls off the chimney one Christmas eve, a Dad is forced to deliver all the presents. On returning to the North Pole, he realises that he must now become the new Santa! And so the changes begin!

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      Always read the small print. In fact carry a magnifying glass!

2)      Tinsel is the tool of the gods – it has all manner of uses.

3)      Don’t burn the turkey; Denny’s on Christmas Eve is not much fun. However do always have a fire extinguisher in your house, just in case.

4)      Think big presents wise, Santa can fit anything into his sack including a canoe! Car…?

The Muppet Christmas Carol



The Muppets take on the traditional Dickens classic. An old miser is forced to evaluate his life while being visited by three ghosts. Will he see the error of his ways and change?

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      Muppets rule, especially at Christmas. Just when you think a tale can’t get any better…

2)      Any situation can be improved by a song

3)      Light the lamp not the rat, light the lamp not the rat!

4)      Scrooge is not a bad guy after all – so calling someone a Scrooge is actually a compliment.

5)      It’s never too late to change

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation



A father decides to have their whole family visit at Christmas time and tries really hard to create the picture perfect ‘old fashioned family Christmas’.

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      Measure the tree and size of your room before purchasing one.

2)      Sometimes there is such a thing as too many Christmas lights!

3)      Don’t overcook the turkey… nasty!

4)      Don’t buy anything with your Christmas bonus without actually receiving it.

5)      Family will always make everything better in the end.




A human is adopted and brought up by an elf at the North Pole. On discovering the truth as an adult, he goes in search of his father, a high flyer in New York city.

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      New York is a dangerous place, especially for an Elf. However you will always find solace in a toy store.

2)      Eating syrup with everything makes you super hyper. And really isn’t good.

3)      If you love to sing you should let the world hear you.

4)      We can’t let the Christmas spirit run out. We all have to believe.

Home Alone



A family goes on holiday at Christmas but forgets one thing, their son! After being left alone he discovers there are burglars in the neighbourhood and vows to protect his home.

Life Lessons Learnt

1)      Make up your own opinions about people, they may not be a scary as you think.

2)      Any household item can be used as a booby trap. Why not try and create a plan for your own home.

3)      As a robber, don’t have a calling card.

4)      I now know exactly what polka music is.

5)      Why swear when ‘frigga fruga frudge’ muttered under your breath will do nicely!

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning about many very important issues! However, on a slightly more serious note, the best thing about these movies is how much they made me smile. A Christmas movie is a good stress reliever and sometimes this is key at this time of year, when all the craziness can sometimes pile on top of us. And sometimes we all just need to be reminded about what this season is all about – family, friends, the spirit of goodwill and happiness. So why not throw on a Christmas DVD, chill out with some of your favourite people and let yourself smile – you also never know what you might learn about life!

Have you learnt any lessons from Christmas movies?

Crossfit – I’m lovin’ it!

wods and all

Hi all,

Happy Friday! That’s another week gone and another week closer to Christmas! Yay!

Just trying to soak in as much of the excitement as I can at the moment, after all it’s all these events that go on throughout December that make the whole season so magical!

Have a fun filled festive weekend planned so really looking forward to that!

Now time though to recap on yesterdays Crossfit.

I really have noticed over the past few weeks how much I am loving Crossfit. I always ‘enjoyed’ it, but this past month or so I have been so excited about it. Maybe it’s the switch to morning sessions that get me so energised or maybe it’s because I am really seeing major progress and strength in me. I think it’s a combo of both. That, linked in with the great Crossfit community and the mental strength that Crossfit can give you to believe in yourself makes it so much fun. (More on the mental impact of Crossfit in the new year…!).

wod 121213

We began yesterday’s morning session with a general warm up of various bear crawls, burpees, squat jumps and the like. Being tall, bear crawls suck! But it did what it needed to do and got us stretched out and warmed up! Coach has just come back from a training course so he is all about the new warm ups and mobility = eek!

Afterwards it was some ankle mobility. Interesting as I have never done any mobility specifically on my ankles before but they are a major part of squatting and need to be strong when you are lifting weights. Luckily mine seem to be quite flexible and I don’t have too much of a problem with them but I know others were finding it quite painful!

Following on from this we had 15 minutes to try and break our 1RM front squat PR. I had done my 1RM for this a month ago (30kg) so was interested to see what I could achieve now. Coach was very impressed as my squat technique, knee position and elbow elevation had all improved significantly! I was so pleased! My elbows really were a problem but it just shows that the mobility exercises are working. I also managed to increase my 1RM to 31kg. 1kg may not sound like much to some, but it makes all the difference when it is resting on your front rack! I was just so happy to have honed in on my technique and to get a new PR was fab too.

The main WOD was tricky but so much fun! It was a different kind of set up and I really enjoyed going to different stations.

3 rounds of 1 minute stations

Back Squats

Pull Ups

Press Ups

Rest 1 minute

I went for 20kg on the back squats as my weight level is lower than the others but it was good to have a heavy weight that was relative to me. It meant I could practice my technique on squatting with the weight – I have a tendency to throw myself down too quickly in a squat, making it more difficult to come back up.

The pull ups were to be done kipping style and I went for a thick green band to help me. Both coach and I decided after the WOD that this was too ridged for me (basically I’m not heavy enough to keep the band down) so will go for a lighter band next time for some more movement. I therefore did my pull ups strict (with the band of course!).

The press ups were great actually. I can see how strong my core is getting by how much easier it is becoming to do constant pull ups. Always good!

A great WOD, lots of progress and evidence of strength  – I’m just lovin’ it! 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Festive giggles and cheer!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this fine Thursday!

xmas 10



Sometimes during the festive season, we can all get a little stressed. It tends to creep up on us without realising it! So I thought, to get us all back into the right mood of the festive season I would write another joke post! Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even something mulled, get a comfy seat, snuggle down, read and prepare to laugh!

Also handy for potential handmade cracker jokes, awkward silence breakers at Christmas parties or simple table talk on Christmas day! Or do as we do, write a joke in everyone’s Christmas card, brings a little extra festive cheer!

xmas 2



Who is never hungry at Christmas?

–          The turkey, he is always stuffed!

What is an ig?

–          An Eskimos house without a loo!

xmas 6



What game do reindeer play in their stalls?

–          Stable-tennis!

What operating system do advent calendars use?

–          Windows 24

xmas 3



How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?

–          Nothing, it was on the house!

My mum opened her Christmas present from me and pulled out a load of leaves and vines… that’s the last time I order from Amazon!

xmas 9



Did you know that Santa’s not allowed to go down chimneys this year?

–          It was declared unsafe by the Elf and Safety Commission!

What is a childs favourite king at Christmas?

–          A stoc-KING

xmas 5



Why is it always cold at Christmas?

–          Because it’s Decemberrrrrr!

Doctor Doctor, I’m scared of Santa!

–          Ah yes, you are suffering from Claus-traphobia!

xmas 7



What type of cars do Elves drive?

–          Toy-ota’s!

When does New Years day come before Christmas?

–          Every year!

xmas 4



What athlete is warmest in winter?

–          A long jumper!

Why in Cinderella such a bad football player?

–          She had a pumpkin for a coach!

xmas 1



What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert?

–          Lost!

xmas 8



Roadtrippin’ – Hints and Tips!



Hi all,

Today I thought I would write a post about something we do quite often – Roadtrippin’!

With David’s parents being in England and with my parents being in the north of Scotland, we often are in the car for a long journey. We have even done the trip from Glasgow to London and found it a breeze! We have so much fun and always really enjoy the journey.

However, there is the potential for a road trip to become quite dull and stressful and nobody wants that. Let’s make it super fun with my hints and tips I have collected from throughout the years!


Good Tunes


–          A road trip is not complete without some good music! Why not treat yourself to a new CD/ download before a long journey or create a special ‘road trip’ playlist.

Comfy Clothes


–          It may sound like an obvious one however the amount of times I have worn my jeans in the car for a long journey and then regretted it is insane! Try wearing layers, that way you can add or take away dependant on the temperature. If you are a passenger, wear a pair of cosy socks, that way you can relax with your shoes off and your feet stay warm.

Healthy Snacks


–          Such a bonus to have when you travel. And so many options too. From trail mix to fresh fruit, cereal and protein bars to nuts there is plenty to keep you going without having to buy chocolate and potato chips at the services! Also the snacks will give you the energy for the journey which is key (stay alert!). Oh and of course saves you some money too – win win!



–          If you know you will be travelling when you hit these points in the day, make sure you bring a healthy meal option with you. For this journey, David and I knew we would need lunch so instead of paying a fortune for fast food at a service station, we made a yummy turkey salad and filled our flask with hot soup. It was quick and easy to do before we left and sustained us for a good length of time.  You could always pack it in takeaway containers if you didn’t want the dirty tubs at the end of it. And you won’t be tempted by a burger and fries! Turkey salad any day!

Games/ Topics for discussion

–          Why not use this time to play some fun games with your partner/kids/ even yourself! The A-Z list game is always a good one – good themes to try are place names, Christmas, foods, boys names etc. You can also use this time to plan bits and bobs that need doing – the shopping list, meal plan for the week, schedule, ideas etc.



–          Stay hydrated! It is really difficult when you are driving to make sure you drink plenty of fluids but hydration really is the key to staying alert. Just fill your water bottle and have it beside you at all times – maybe set a goal like take a drink every time you are 15 miles closer to your destination. Also it is handy to have a flask of hot tea or coffee with you – not only will it keep you hydrated and alert, it’s a good winter warmer and also prevents you from having to purchase an expensive service station coffee!

Plan of Action


–          Know where you are going! It may sound like a silly question but if you haven’t done the journey before you may just want to double check your route somewhere like google maps to make sure you are taking the best route. It’s also worth checking this to see distance and time. Will you have enough petrol therefore to do the required mileage? Should you factor in any scheduled stops? Where is there to stop nearby if service stations aren’t an option?

What are the conditions?


–          Know what you will be up against especially in terms of the weather. Snow, ice and rain are a major problem at this time of year for us so we always make sure that we have a blanket, water, de-icer, an ice scraper and some food with us, just in case. You may also want to check any travel updates before you leave – accidents, road works, potential delays etc. Always good to download an app so you have the ability to check for updates on this throughout the journey.

Car and Driver!


–          And of course, if you don’t drive yourself (like me), you will need a car and one very lovely driver!

Let’s all enjoy our road trips this coming festive season – I know quite a lot of us will be doing more than one! And remember, stay safe!