What I ate Wednesday – My Eats!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a great Wednesday and that you are having nicer weather than we are here in Glasgow, Scotland! Grey and raining… not great! But we did have a few days of lovely sunshine so I’m not going to complain, only hope instead that the sun comes back soon!

It occurred to me last week that it has been ages since I have done a traditional ‘What I ate Wednesday’ post – so decided to rectify that and share with you all today.


Here are my eats from yesterday (Tuesday 29th April) – my thanks to Jenn over @PeasandCrayons for the link up!

Breakfast – Zucchini Patties, Hard Boiled Eggs and RollMop (pickled) Herring – topped with Furikake

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday

Exactly what I needed and wanted after CrossFit  – such a tasty combo!

Let me also introduce you to Furikake! It’s a blend of black and white sesame seeds with nori seaweed and red shiso leaves – a common Japanese seasoning. It is also delicious and jazzes up anything and everything – David and I are addicted! From sweet potatoes to eggs, it adds the most amazing umami flavour!

(We found ours in our local Whole Foods – you may be lucky to find some in your local supermarket or Asian store – just make sure the ingredients are clean, some have hidden nasties!)

Mid Morning Snack

Oh russet apple and tahini, how I love thee – yep still not tired of this combo! Paired with a cup of English Breakfast tea.

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-2

Lunch – Chicken with veggies and a side of baba ghanoush

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-3

Chicken and veggies, yum and need no explaining really! Baba ghanoush is an aubergine dip that David and I became addicted to when we went to the Middle East – it’s so smoky and delicious. We have even found a local company that make it exactly as it should be done, all with fresh, simple ingredients.

Mid Afternoon Snack

I say mid afternoon, more 6pm! Time for a nice relaxing bath = a nice relaxing gin and tonic! I also had some dried prunes to nibble on.

20140429 - A Wee Tipple

Dinner – Broccoli, Pea and Spring Onion (Salad Onion) Frittata

20140429 - What I Ate Wednesday-5

Fresh, delicious and nutritious, the perfect meal! We grated a little manchego cheese on top and served it with spinach and olives.

Want my recipe? Check out my post HERE on my simple, easy frittata!

Pre Bed – Peppermint tea and a small bowl of melon


Nothing more soothing than a peppermint tea before bed. Combine that with some fresh, juicy melon and I was very happy!

And that was my eats for the day! Why not head over to Peas and Crayons to see what other bloggers have been enjoying?  

CrossFit – Test Yourself!

Hi all,

Well after my post yesterday on Breakfast I am glad not to be writing about food today… it just made me crave breakfast foods – all.day. Not that it’s a bad thing mind you!

Instead I ‘settled’ for a dinner of pork chop with homemade apple sauce and sautéed kale. Oh my goodness – so simple but so good. I love pork!

20140428 - Boom There's Your Dinner

Anyway, enough on food (more tomorrow!) and back on to working out! Time for my 2 in 1 CrossFit post!

Monday Morning (28th)

Stiff as a brick, we began with a block run warm up – so strange to do this in the daylight now, I dont like it (closet vampire I think!).

We had a lot of work to do today so we moved straight on to warming up for the first part of the WOD, hang snatches. We did this by practicing and breaking down the movement using a PVC pipe. I do like doing this, not only to get our muscles warmed up to the movement but also because sometimes something just ‘clicks’ and you understand the move better.

This happened for me. I had been watching some videos on snatches and I think I have finally grasped the concept of how to do the ‘shrug and thrust’. Still working on the concept of ‘going down’ while the bar is travelling up but i’m getting there. The main, huge part for me was feeling that thrust and drive that will enable me to get the bar up fast and secure – it all does seem to fall into place once you ‘get it’. (Check out my previous CrossFit post for a video on hang snatches).

I only got the weight up to 10kg but gaining a grasp of that technique for me is priceless. The weight will come.


(I totally sing this every time squats are mentioned now… some people think they sing ‘shots’…heck no!)

We then moved on 3 rounds of 5 RM back squats. Only having 3 rounds meant you had to start heavy if you wanted a new 5RM and I did it! 35kg nailed AND I felt so much more secure, in control and happy with my technique. Pretty good considering 35kg is my 1RM!

The final WOD was as follows


 Hang power clean to thruster

Pull up (jumping pull ups scaled)

(10 minute time cap)

Coach wanted me to go for 25kg. I tried but couldn’t even clean it. I didn’t have much time on my hands so I brought it down to 15kg. I could and should have tried 20kg but we didn’t have the time. Also it was only a few weeks back I managed 15kg during a thruster WOD and I had to do this plus clean each time? I think I made the right choice. We were to count reps so I got 51 in total (up to 9 pull ups) and I was pleased with that. It may not have been a high weight but I went at high intensity.

Tuesday Morning (29th)

Today began with a block run and then a 3 minute AMRAP of 5 push ups, 7 ab mat sit ups and 9 air squats. We were certainly warm by that point! (And a bit sore, damn you ab mat sit ups!).


Like yesterday, we did some practice work on our first move (hang power clean) with an empty bar bell to get our bodies ready for what was ahead. The hang power clean is another one of my difficulties but I know the more I practice the better I will get. In fact David gave me some pointers when I got home that I am looking forward to trying out soon – I think my problem is I high pull my arms too high without going underneath the bar, therefore meaning I am struggling to whip my elbows round to ‘clean’. I managed a 1RM of 20kg – it seems to be my clean plateau that I can’t get past. Hopefully trying David’s pointers out next time will help me go beyond this.

The next part of the WOD was deadlifts. When I read that on the board I was like ‘whhhhaaaatttt????’  – I didn’t expect them so soon after the crazy, insane, deadly WOD on Friday!

So we had 3 rounds to achieve a new 5RM – they had to be touch and go, i.e. couldn’t drop the bar. I knew I had done 45 reps on Friday at 50kg so could do that! Many on Friday were actually touch and go for me. I managed to get a new 5RM of 55kg! So pleased!

The final WOD was a doozie – one of those that look simple and easy but are silent killers!

EMOM for 10 minutes

10 push ups

10 air squats

Then in the remaining time max rep push jerk.


The mistake I made was my weight on the bar. I went for 20kg but it was too heavy. After the arm based lifting we had just done and with the fatigue on my arms from the push ups I struggled to even clean the bar. So I pretty much wasted any free time I had at the end of the push ups and air squats trying to clean the bar – I did manage one push jerk though! Just wish I had stuck with 15kg. Lesson learned but hey, you gotta test yourself every now and again otherwise how do you know you can’t do more?!

Hope you have a fab day!

Spill it Sunday…on Monday! BREAKFAST!

Hi all!

Welcome to another Monday! Hope you have lots of fun things in store for the week ahead!

Today has to be the best Spill it Sunday (on Monday) topic ever and I am sooo looking forward to chatting about it with you all… drum roll please… BREAKFAST!

Linking up with the gorgeous Arman over @thebigmansworld, let’s get the breakfast party started!


First of all, the Spill it Sunday obligatory selfie – me this weekend exploring and playing hopscotch! You are never too old!

20140426 - New Lanark-3

And now for the questions!

1.What is your classic go to breakfast of choice?

20140405_083051eggs, kale and almond b

– I think if I had to have a ‘classic’ breakfast of choice then it would have to involve a combination of eggs, meat, a healthy fat and a carbohydrate. For example I love scrambled eggs with banana and nut butter or sunnyside up eggs with sausage and root veggies.

Oh but any breakfast, any day of the week and anywhere, has to involve coffee – hot, strong, black coffee!

20140330 - Refuel

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast?

20140304 - Pancakes

– Hmm, I think my favourite sweet style breakfast would be pumpkin pancakes or Amanda’s Banana Greek Yoghurt pancakes (subbing banana for pumpkin). But dont worry banana, I use your wonderful taste as a topping instead! We enjoyed this (below) for our breakfast on Sunday – this is a picture of Davids plate, he likes to put all his toppings on in one go – mine was very similar, I just like to top and eat one pancake at a time, very odd I know!

20140427 - Sunday Breakfast

I do love a banana scramble too though, with almond butter!

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast?

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

– Fish! I love a fishy breakfast, especially Kippers with sweet potato hash and a sunnyside up egg. Oh it leads to one happy Jen!

I also love rollmops at breakfast, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. Oh smoked salmon and poached eggs, is there much finer a start to the day!?

blythswood 2

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of- It can be your own or another bloggers!


– I do find my zucchini patties to be a super handy breakfast option. Make them the night before, heat them up and serve with fish, eggs, cottage cheese, nut butter, meat – the list is endless. Or you can have them cold and use them as ‘buns’ to make a grab and go breakfast. Equally as good incorporated into a lunch or dinner – wonder patties!

Juli over @PaleOMG has such a good recipe for 3 ingredient protein pancakes too that I rate highly.


5.Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?

– Hmm, a strange breakfast? Nope dont think I have ever had one of those! I think it’s because I would class anything as a breakfast, lunch or dinner option, sweet or savoury. Steak and sweet potatoes – yep that’s a breakfast, sushi – yep, butternut squash, kale and cranberries with chicken – yep breakfast too! Even leftover chilli can be mixed with some scrambled eggs and made into the most delish breakfast!

6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

– Oh yes, David and I have a good breakfast menu for the week that we are really happy with. As we do CrossFit in the mornings, we need a good re-fuel. The days we don’t do CrossFit, well, they need to simply set us up for the day ahead! It tends to go as follows

Monday – Banana Scramble with almond butter


Tuesday – Zucchini Patties with hard boiled eggs and fish

Wednesday – I tend to have scrambled eggs, banana and almond butter, David (at the moment) tends to go for protein pancakes (see above) with banana, blueberries and greek yoghurt.


Thursday – Brussels Sprout, Pancetta and cranberry omelette

Glasgow City-20140214-00364 (1)

Friday – Banana Oats (I can tolerate oatmeal max once a week) 

Saturday – eggs, sausage and root veggies

20140301 - breakfast

Sunday – changes every week but it is usually something that takes a bit longer to make like smoked fish and sweet potato hash.

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

And breakfast always involves catching up with the news – both week days and at the weekends. Monday – Saturday – breakfast TV. Sunday – Sunday newspapers.

So there we have it – breakfast, the meal of the gods! And it really is, nothing else can prepare you for the day ahead (both mind and body) better than a nutritional breakfast!

What is your favourite breakfast? Is there one breakfast item you couldn’t live without? I think mine would be eggs!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Can you believe it is Thursday already! I think when you take a trip mid week or have to travel it definitely makes the week go faster.


Thought it was time for another Thinking out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda over @runningwithspoons for some random blogger thoughts!

1)      Breakfast

eggs, kale and almond b

Ok so I began my last thinking out loud post commenting about breakfast but after this mornings breakfast I felt like I needed to do it again. While visiting my Mum yesterday she gave me some fresh free range eggs from a local farm so this morning I had them scrambled, with sautéed kale and a spoon of almond butter. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so delicious!

Sometimes I find just keeping things simple often make the most fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Oh and if you have never tried this combination, I would highly recommend it. Even simply kale and almond butter – who knew!

2)      The choppy pixie

20140326 - All Smiles

As I mentioned, I went up north yesterday to get my haircut. My hairdresser from back home in Inverurie, where I grew up, is absolutely amazing. She is so up to date with trends but also knows what suits people and I completely trust her. A good hairdresser is so hard to find!

I have had short hair now since the end of December and love it! But yesterday I decided to have it the shortest since getting it done; I went for a pixie cut! And I love the results!

Not only does it look great but I love the fact that washing my hair now takes next to no time, as does blow drying it. Styling it involves some wax and just going crazy with my hands through my hair – simple! I think short haired people have been keeping this wonder a secret for too long!

3)      Oranges


I will be so sad when citrus season is over. I mean can you imagine Christmas without Clementine’s and tangerines and then comes orange season. They are so juicy and full of flavour at the moment and £1 for 6 at my local supermarket is incredible – and did I mention they taste amazing?! So lets embrace the season while we can and eat them all up!

4)      CrossFit Open

14.2 (6)

Tomorrow is the last WOD of the CrossFit Open! Although I wont miss the craziness of the WOD’s and the constant predictions, thoughts, hacks, re-do’s etc I will miss the community aspect of it. I love the fact that so many of us, all over the world, were taking part in this together – sharing the experiences (and often pain!) of the WOD’s and coming together to celebrate how wonderful CrossFit is! But we can all support athletes who will go on to regionals and then we have the games themselves in the summer! I will also miss judging – I loved doing the course and taking part in another aspect of CrossFit. Good times!

5)      Massages

snail massage(source)

I guess this is the perfect topic to spur on from CrossFit! Both David and I know how restricted we are now with CrossFit until we get these knots out of our backs/ shoulders/ neck/ hips etc. We both do mobility at home and this has definitely helped but in order to really get at those knots we will need to go for some sports massages. When I was at Blythswood Square a few weeks back with my Mum I had a deep tissue massage – I could feel all my tension. The masseuse even said she barely scratched the surface I am rock solid! Eeek! So I think a couple of massages a month may have to happen – sound good? – Nope, sports massages are like torture, that you pay for!

6)      Happy Mother’s Day!

mum (2)

And to end this thinking out loud post, I would like to wish my Mum a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! (Don’t panic, it’s Mothers Day in the UK and Ireland – not until May for those in the States and Canada!).  I gave my Mum her card and present yesterday but want to send her lots of love via my blog and let her know how wonderful and special she is!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and having a fab Thursday!


Today I am linking up with Amanda @runningwithspoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’! – where bloggers can just write whatever pops into their heads at the time!

As someone who thinks about anything and everything, this is perfect for me! Lets begin!

1. Breakfast

–          How wonderful is breakfast?! As many of you must be aware by now it is my favourite meal of the day. Sweet, savoury, either or, you can mix and match so many wonderful things to create the perfect meal to ‘break your fast’.

–          I love staying at a high class hotel where the breakfast options are amazing. Prime example of this was where I stayed on Monday night with my Mum, Blythswood Square. Oh it was good, here is what I had.

From the buffet – hand carved (literally, by myself) Serrano ham with pineapple, melon and grapes. Freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee.

blythswood 1blythswood 4

For my main plate – Scottish smoked salmon with poached eggs and spinach. Heaven!

blythswood 2blythswood 3

2. We were deadlifting today at CrossFit. Pretty heavy going (literally!), but throughout the WOD, amongst other things, I did 150 deadlifts at 25kg. That’s 3.75 tonnes.


But more impressive than that, the average female elephant is 3.6 tonnes. So, as you do on an average Thursday, at 7am, I was working my way through lifting an elephant. Pretty cool!

3. David and I are watching a 3 part drama at the moment called 37 days


Basically all about the British government’s response and actions in the 37 days leading up until the First World War. As a history major, I have studied the First World War and knew the basics of how it came to be etc. But for someone liked David, who has actually never studied the First World War, it is an eye opener. He didn’t have a clue of half of what occurred in the run up to the war and why we were actually involved in the first place. Most people think it was Britain Vs Germany and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Isn’t it crazy that in Britain we don’t learn about such an important event in our schools? Actually the amount of British history taught in schools is shocking, especially in relation to the First and Second World Wars.

I really do believe it is vital for children to understand how our country came to be the one it is today. And with my generation being the last one who had grandparents who were alive during the Second World War, I fear the history and lessons learnt may end with them.

4. Tahini


–          I am addicted at the moment! I love putting it on everything – apples, sweet potatoes, meat, the list is endless. If you are not familiar with the product, it is sesame seeds, blitzed up – just like pumpkin seed butter or sunflower seed butter but with no oil and it is smoother in texture. And more runny, all the better for dipping with!

–          Very popular in Greece, Cyprus and around that area of the Mediterranean, along with the Middle East.

–          If you try it and find the taste too strong, try adding a little honey until just right for your taste. Yum!

5. Courgettes Vs Zucchini


–          As I was tucking into my zucchini patties this morning, I wondered why Brits and Americans call them two different things – the words aren’t even similar in sound or look! So I googled it!

–          The word zucchini is Italian and courgette is French. Zucchini is used by those in North America and Australia (and there is seen to be a link between the use of the word and the vast Italian immigration to these areas), whereas courgette is used by those who speak French, British, New Zealand and South African English. A courgette is the term for when the vegetable is smaller and zucchini for when it is larger but this is simply a technicality and rarely used to describe the differences. There you go!

6. David Blogs!


–          I cannot believe I have been writing this blog for almost 8 months now and I haven’t mentioned that David blogs too! He blogs over on a site called Blip photo. The premise is you take one photo every day and document it. David uses it as an online diary, documenting our life and has done so, every day for the past few years. Oh and his photography is amazing! You can check it out HERE.

7. Girl and Kitty!

–          To end this ‘thinking out loud’ post on a high, I thought I would share with you a video of an advert (commercial) that is currently airing in the UK for a mobile phone network. It cracks me up every time I watch it! I don’t like cats, but I think the girl rocks! Bring back classic rock I say!

New Recipe – Sweet Potato Huevos Rancheros (Paleo)

Hi all,

Today I bring you a new recipe! Sweet Potato Huevos Rancheros!

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-7

A bit of background on this one…

David and I were craving Huevos, but we had CrossFit the following morning and knew we needed some sustenance to our dinner in order to have the fuel in our system to get us through it. Our usual Huevos is served in lettuce cups – not exactly a nutritional powerhouse being mostly water, so I put my thinking cap on for an alternative. And low and behold, the following was born! Good carbohydrates, protein, veggies and healthy fats – winner!

Sweet Potato Huevos Rancheros

Ingredients (serves 2)

2 sweet potatoes

250g ground meat

1 red onion – chopped

1 tsp of cumin

Salt and pepper


2 avocados

2 eggs


  • Cook the 2 sweet potatoes – either in the microwave (about 10 mins should do it) or roast in the oven.
  • While the sweet pots are cooking, brown the ground meat and onion in a pan, adding the cumin, salt and pepper after 1 minute. Sautee until ready.

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-2

  • Cut the cooked sweet potatoes in half and carefully scoop out the insides, leaving the skins intact. You may want to leave a layer of potato inside the skins for stability.
  • Mix the scooped potato and ground meat mixture until combined. Stuff back into the sweet potato skins.

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-4

  • Top the stuffed potatoes with salsa (either homemade or store bought – we use a store bought one with clean ingredients). Then slice the avocado and place on top of salsa.

20140227 - Deconstructed Huevos-6

  • And the cherry on top… a fried egg (dippy egg, sunny side up etc – whatever you prefer to call it!).
  • Enjoy!

20140227 - I'm Close to My Food


  • You could make this a veggie dish by subbing the ground meat for spinach or kale, simply cook in the same way.
  • Delish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You could even make the stuffed skins in advance and then just heat them up when needed – definitely ‘cook up’ material.
  • If you want them for lunch or to pack and take away, try topping instead with a sliced hard boiled egg.  Can be eaten hot or cold (minus the fried egg of course!)
  • Oh and it certainly was the perfect CrossFit fuel!

Weekend Food Photo Bomb!

Hi all,

Hope you had a wonderful and fantastic weekend full of lots of fun!

As you can see, I found a friend in this weekend Costco! Isn’t amazing what you can find in that store – pretty cool! And until that point, I never realised I wanted a stone lion!


Spending today and tomorrow working on my CrossFit course 🙂 so they wont be big posts from me – but I thought you would enjoy a weekend photo bomb of some of my favourite eats!

Saturday Breakfast – Sauasge, eggs and root veggies – perfect start to the day!

20140301 - breakfast

Saturday Lunch – Handmade sushi from Whole Foods and kombucha – uber yum!


East Renfrewshire-20140301-00381


Saturday Cook-up – root veggies for the week (also did a big pot of soup with gammon shank and sweet potato coins- not pictured)


20140301 - sunday_foods-3


My Dates!!! – Costco had them back in stock! I actually cried in the aisles of Costco when they had run out….!



20140302 - sunday_foods


Saturday Dinner – Sticky Chili chicken wings with Paleo (cauliflower) fried rice – was incredible!


20140301 - sunday_foods


Sunday Breakfast – The Sunday papers, strong hot coffee and a kipper with sweet potato hash and fried egg – bliss!

20140302 - sunday_foods-2



Oh and just one more picture to make you smile for the day… Spring has sprung! 

20140302 - Spring

What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all!

Its hump day time!

First of all I must say a big thanks to Holly for letting me guest post on her blog EatGreatBEGreat yesterday and for all the lovely comments I received. Glad you enjoyed the post and stay tuned, there is another one next week!

Now on to today…

Normally I try not to follow a routine with posts, but I have been getting such good feedback from my ‘What I ate Wednesday’ posts that I thought I would do another one this week! To be honest, WIAW posts are some of my favourites to read so I think we must all think alike – loving being nosy at what we all eat, getting ideas and lusting over other pictures with jealousy!


So as per my other posts, here is a recap of some of my favourite foods from the past week!



Sunday Morning – Kippers, sweet potato hash , coffee and the Sunday papers

Absolute bliss – love my kippers, warmed under the grill, partnered with crispy hash, oh so good and a perfect start to a chilled out Sunday with my David

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

Brussels, parma ham, cranberry 3 egg omelette with almond butter

Perfect post CrossFit breakfast


Zucchini patties with cured herring and hard boiled eggs

Another perfect post CrossFit refueler 



Mac and Guac Salad

Similar to my one from last week but with guac instead! So tasty and yay for healthy fats!


Sweet Potato – half with tahini, half with cottage cheese

For those days when you want both and don’t want to choose between them!


Chicken, veggies and guacamole

So delicious but yet so simple – juicy moist chicken, crisp veg (just mixed frozen veggies #keepingitsimple) and a quick guacamole!



Steak sausages and Neeps (swede/turnip)

Sometimes it really is the simple dinners that are winners.


Thai Green Curry

This was incredible! I took the recipe for a Thai green curry paste from Gordon Ramsay’s book ‘Ultimate Home Cooking’ and simply added a tin of coconut milk and let it render down. Then I added cooked green peppers and chicken and let it simmer until thick. Served with cauliflower rice and peas, the perfect Saturday night in dinner.

20140215 - Thai Green Curry

Nom Nom ‘Big Ol Bacon Burgers’

Another recipe from Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and once again it was insanely good! These burgers were full of flavour, moist and simply heaven! We served them with Brussels sprouts (boiled and then sautéed in the pan the burgers had cooked in for amazing flavour) and roasted root veg.

20140217 - Nom Nom Burgers


Valentines Treat Plate

As a special surprise for David on Valentine’s day, I created a snack plate to go along with a delish bottle of Argentinean Chardonnay. I made dark chocolate covered strawberries, salted dark chocolate covered roasted almonds, parma ham wrapped dates and opened our special purchase a few weeks back of venison chorizo. Everything was lovely but will definitely be making the salted dark chocolate almonds again soon!

20140214 - Valentine's Treat

Apple and Tahini

Has to be a russet apple. They are the only ones that work in partnership with tahini, and what a beautiful partnership it is too!


Jen and David mid afternoon snacks!

Two wee snack pots to go along with our coffee. Mine- sweet potato coins and almond butter, kiwi and prunes. David – one huge banana and 3 dates. Happy times!



Ah Kombucha, I love you so – why can I only get you from Whole Foods/ you are so expensive! Will try making at home one day but need the bacteria to start it all first, which isn’t easy to find!


And there you have it! My favourite eats from the week! Thanks to Jenn over @Peasandcryaons for the link up!

See you tomorrow for a recipe…!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are all fine today!

For today’s post, I am doing some more link up loving and linking up with Amanda over @runningwithspoons for her ‘Thinking Out Loud’ topic.


The premise? Just simply write whatever you are thinking about!

1)      I heart Viva Brazil!

me( me very happy after loads of meat!)

Well David and I went out for our meat fest last night at Viva Brazil and it was incredible! Yes I love meat and yes there was lots of it but the real reason I love it so much is the quality. All the meat brought out is fantastic – and believe me many places can get meat so wrong!

You deal with many waiters who come around with the different meat options but we made it known to one of them that we love rare meat and he always came to us first, making sure we got the most fantastic pieces, cooked exactly to our liking – excellent service!

My favourite? The pork ribs, juicy meat with crunchy crackling on top… oh just the thought of it makes me want to pack up my things and go back there right now! Seriously….

After our meal I definitely suffered from the meat giggles and the meat sleeps! Oh and yes Arman, I did have a meat hangover this morning but nothing a good CrossFit session couldn’t beat!

(Sorry I only have the one picture – the photos of the food didn’t turn out great, lighting wasn’t good along with my camera on my phone)

2)      Bananas

th (1)

Ok I think I have an actual banana obsession. I have had a banana as part of my breakfast (along with nut butter) in some shape or form every day since Friday!  And today I have had a banana in 3 different forms – a dried banana before CrossFit, banana protein shake after CrossFit and 1 1/2 fresh banana in my banana scramble for breakfast! Geez!

But you know what, they are tasty, nutritious and I love them. So all is well with the world!

3)      Men’s Toiletries


Ok, so I have actually been using a lot of Mens toiletries at the moment. David got loads of deodorant at Christmas (no he doesn’t smell!) so I have been using his supply and you know what, its miles better than any I have used! I am also using his face wash in the shower, again, incredible and his moisturiser is pretty darn good too!

I have also heard on the grapevine that using Men’s shaving cream is not only cheaper but better for your skin and same goes for the razor and blades.

Don’t just take my word for it, give it a go and raid your mans supply!

4)      Everything is awesome! When you are a kid!


My Mum took David, my brother and I to the cinema on Saturday to see the Lego Movie. Are you ever too old for your Mum or Dad to take you to the cinema to see a kids movie?

I believe the answer to that is no. First of all, hanging out with your parents is always cool. Second of all there is no such thing as a ‘kids’ movie, more your interpretation of its target audience. The Lego Movie had lots humour for all ages as do most ‘cartoon’ based movies (especially every Disney film ever made).

So why not take your parents (or get them to take you, like the good ol’ days) to the cinema to watch a ‘kids’ movie (highly recommend Lego Movie!). I guarantee you will have a blast!

5)      Lusting after…

There are 3 things I am lusting after at the moment. However, unlike most ‘lusts’, all of mine are highly practical and would definitely be a major asset in my life right now!

First up – a new camera


I totally need a new camera. My old one has served me so well but I have had it for almost 5 years now and it is a bit outdated. Not good when you are a blogger and photograph basically everything you eat!

Second – a pair of Reebok Nanos


The trainers I have at the moment are ok and are fine for general exercise but definitely not for CrossFit. I really wish I could have these as I know how much they would benefit me in all the disciplines of CrossFit. Time to start saving up!

And the third and final ‘lust’ – an iPhone.


I adore my BlackBerry, it is a great phone, fab for email and twitter etc. But I know in terms of blogging I need an iPhone (or it would be a great asset to have). Right now I can’t get Instagram on BlackBerry and I am desperate to be on there. Also the camera is only ok when you are somewhere bright and airy, otherwise pictures don’t really work. I also know that if any other new streams of social media arise then they are likely to be available on an iPhone rather than any of the other types of phone.

But until my current contract runs out, I am stuck!

6)      Dried figs are tasty – period.


Thanks for joining me for ‘Thinking out Loud’ and thanks Amanda for hosting!


What I ate Wednesday!

Hi all!

Happy hump day and all that jazz!

I am sooo excited as tonight I get to celebrate Valentines number one by going out to dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Viva Brazil – watch out meat, here I come!

Today I am linking up with Jenn over @peasandcrayons for the delightful ‘What I ate Wednesday’!


Instead of one day’s particular eats, I thought I would share some of my favourite meals from the past few weeks. Sorry if a few of the pictures are a bit grainy/ blurry – some were taken on my phone and others were at the mercy of the lighting in our apartment, which is so unpredictable!



I currently have a slight obsession with scrambled eggs – especially when paired up with a banana and nut butter. Had it 3 times since Sunday! But all full of goodness so no big deal! (Note this was not a post CrossFit breakfast, I would always require much more after training to help my muscles).


I also thought I would share with you one of David’s favourite breakfasts at the moment, banana oat pancakes – created by the wonderful Amanda over @runningwithspoons. Although for this one, we gave it a twist using pumpkin instead of banana, it was delish! Topped with grass fed butter and trail mix  – tasty!



Mackerel Salad

I had this one yesterday – simply tinned mackerel in olive oil with beets, a hard boiled egg, olives, the usual salad bits and seeds. So good!


Haggis and Neeps

Some people give haggis a bad rep. I think it’s delish! Some people just aren’t into their offal, and that’s fair enough, but at least give it a go! It’s simply offal and oats. Partnered with mashed swede (neeps in Scotland, Turnip in other areas).


Smoked Herring Salad

Smoked herring with peppercorns, beets, some guacamole and a wee bit of mackerel hiding in the corner too!

smoked herring


Broccoli and Pea Frittata (for 2!)


Rotisserie chicken with salsa, a sprinkle of grated manchego and veggies


Liver with onions served on a bed of parsnip mash

Not a great picture but I wanted to put this in as it truly was amazing! Remember I said I wanted to try Melissa Joulwan from theclothesmakethegirl’s recipe? Well it rocked! Cooked to perfection I think it will be a household staple meal!


Southwest Cowboy Chili

From the amazing cook book that is nom nom paleo (totally recommend buying it – review coming soon!). I will never make another chili recipe again, this is THE recipe. Michelle used chuck roast but said ground beef would work well too – so that’s what we used. And we added in some grated carrot and peppers. Divine!