Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Can you believe it is Thursday already! I think when you take a trip mid week or have to travel it definitely makes the week go faster.


Thought it was time for another Thinking out Loud Thursday – linking up with Amanda over @runningwithspoons for some random blogger thoughts!

1)      Breakfast

eggs, kale and almond b

Ok so I began my last thinking out loud post commenting about breakfast but after this mornings breakfast I felt like I needed to do it again. While visiting my Mum yesterday she gave me some fresh free range eggs from a local farm so this morning I had them scrambled, with sautéed kale and a spoon of almond butter. Oh. My. Goodness. It was so delicious!

Sometimes I find just keeping things simple often make the most fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Oh and if you have never tried this combination, I would highly recommend it. Even simply kale and almond butter – who knew!

2)      The choppy pixie

20140326 - All Smiles

As I mentioned, I went up north yesterday to get my haircut. My hairdresser from back home in Inverurie, where I grew up, is absolutely amazing. She is so up to date with trends but also knows what suits people and I completely trust her. A good hairdresser is so hard to find!

I have had short hair now since the end of December and love it! But yesterday I decided to have it the shortest since getting it done; I went for a pixie cut! And I love the results!

Not only does it look great but I love the fact that washing my hair now takes next to no time, as does blow drying it. Styling it involves some wax and just going crazy with my hands through my hair – simple! I think short haired people have been keeping this wonder a secret for too long!

3)      Oranges


I will be so sad when citrus season is over. I mean can you imagine Christmas without Clementine’s and tangerines and then comes orange season. They are so juicy and full of flavour at the moment and £1 for 6 at my local supermarket is incredible – and did I mention they taste amazing?! So lets embrace the season while we can and eat them all up!

4)      CrossFit Open

14.2 (6)

Tomorrow is the last WOD of the CrossFit Open! Although I wont miss the craziness of the WOD’s and the constant predictions, thoughts, hacks, re-do’s etc I will miss the community aspect of it. I love the fact that so many of us, all over the world, were taking part in this together – sharing the experiences (and often pain!) of the WOD’s and coming together to celebrate how wonderful CrossFit is! But we can all support athletes who will go on to regionals and then we have the games themselves in the summer! I will also miss judging – I loved doing the course and taking part in another aspect of CrossFit. Good times!

5)      Massages

snail massage(source)

I guess this is the perfect topic to spur on from CrossFit! Both David and I know how restricted we are now with CrossFit until we get these knots out of our backs/ shoulders/ neck/ hips etc. We both do mobility at home and this has definitely helped but in order to really get at those knots we will need to go for some sports massages. When I was at Blythswood Square a few weeks back with my Mum I had a deep tissue massage – I could feel all my tension. The masseuse even said she barely scratched the surface I am rock solid! Eeek! So I think a couple of massages a month may have to happen – sound good? – Nope, sports massages are like torture, that you pay for!

6)      Happy Mother’s Day!

mum (2)

And to end this thinking out loud post, I would like to wish my Mum a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! (Don’t panic, it’s Mothers Day in the UK and Ireland – not until May for those in the States and Canada!).  I gave my Mum her card and present yesterday but want to send her lots of love via my blog and let her know how wonderful and special she is!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and having a fab Thursday!


Today I am linking up with Amanda @runningwithspoons for ‘Thinking Out Loud’! – where bloggers can just write whatever pops into their heads at the time!

As someone who thinks about anything and everything, this is perfect for me! Lets begin!

1. Breakfast

–          How wonderful is breakfast?! As many of you must be aware by now it is my favourite meal of the day. Sweet, savoury, either or, you can mix and match so many wonderful things to create the perfect meal to ‘break your fast’.

–          I love staying at a high class hotel where the breakfast options are amazing. Prime example of this was where I stayed on Monday night with my Mum, Blythswood Square. Oh it was good, here is what I had.

From the buffet – hand carved (literally, by myself) Serrano ham with pineapple, melon and grapes. Freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee.

blythswood 1blythswood 4

For my main plate – Scottish smoked salmon with poached eggs and spinach. Heaven!

blythswood 2blythswood 3

2. We were deadlifting today at CrossFit. Pretty heavy going (literally!), but throughout the WOD, amongst other things, I did 150 deadlifts at 25kg. That’s 3.75 tonnes.


But more impressive than that, the average female elephant is 3.6 tonnes. So, as you do on an average Thursday, at 7am, I was working my way through lifting an elephant. Pretty cool!

3. David and I are watching a 3 part drama at the moment called 37 days


Basically all about the British government’s response and actions in the 37 days leading up until the First World War. As a history major, I have studied the First World War and knew the basics of how it came to be etc. But for someone liked David, who has actually never studied the First World War, it is an eye opener. He didn’t have a clue of half of what occurred in the run up to the war and why we were actually involved in the first place. Most people think it was Britain Vs Germany and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Isn’t it crazy that in Britain we don’t learn about such an important event in our schools? Actually the amount of British history taught in schools is shocking, especially in relation to the First and Second World Wars.

I really do believe it is vital for children to understand how our country came to be the one it is today. And with my generation being the last one who had grandparents who were alive during the Second World War, I fear the history and lessons learnt may end with them.

4. Tahini


–          I am addicted at the moment! I love putting it on everything – apples, sweet potatoes, meat, the list is endless. If you are not familiar with the product, it is sesame seeds, blitzed up – just like pumpkin seed butter or sunflower seed butter but with no oil and it is smoother in texture. And more runny, all the better for dipping with!

–          Very popular in Greece, Cyprus and around that area of the Mediterranean, along with the Middle East.

–          If you try it and find the taste too strong, try adding a little honey until just right for your taste. Yum!

5. Courgettes Vs Zucchini


–          As I was tucking into my zucchini patties this morning, I wondered why Brits and Americans call them two different things – the words aren’t even similar in sound or look! So I googled it!

–          The word zucchini is Italian and courgette is French. Zucchini is used by those in North America and Australia (and there is seen to be a link between the use of the word and the vast Italian immigration to these areas), whereas courgette is used by those who speak French, British, New Zealand and South African English. A courgette is the term for when the vegetable is smaller and zucchini for when it is larger but this is simply a technicality and rarely used to describe the differences. There you go!

6. David Blogs!


–          I cannot believe I have been writing this blog for almost 8 months now and I haven’t mentioned that David blogs too! He blogs over on a site called Blip photo. The premise is you take one photo every day and document it. David uses it as an online diary, documenting our life and has done so, every day for the past few years. Oh and his photography is amazing! You can check it out HERE.

7. Girl and Kitty!

–          To end this ‘thinking out loud’ post on a high, I thought I would share with you a video of an advert (commercial) that is currently airing in the UK for a mobile phone network. It cracks me up every time I watch it! I don’t like cats, but I think the girl rocks! Bring back classic rock I say!

Spill it Sunday…On Monday!

Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a wonderful weekend!

I am super excited because my Mum comes to visit today! And not only that, for her birthday we are going to spend the night in one of my favourite Glasgow hotels – Blythswood Square!

To top that all off we are being pampered with a massage (deep tissue massage for me #crossfitproblems) and then off to the Thermal Experience spa!

Annnd we are also going to Viva Brazil for dinner – MEAT!

Gosh it’s going to be a fun day!

Today I am linking up with Arman over @thebigmansworld, for Spill it Sunday (but for me on Monday!).


I felt I had to link up today with Armans topic of choice being one close to my heart – FATS!

1. What is your favourite fat source?


– Eeek! Can I only have one!?

I adore avocados, coconut and nuts but I also couldn’t live without meat and the healthy nutritional fats within them. And then there is oily fish! Hello mackerel!

2. What is your favourite nut? What is your favourite nut butter?


– See that would be 2 different answers for me, and a real tough nut to crack! (Sorry, nut pun, cracks me up!). Favourite nut at the moment would be a macadamia nut, but I do alternate on favourites – other top ones would be pistachio, cashew and pecan.

Nut butter on the other hand – almond butter hands down! Not that I have tried many of the others. I know I definitely do not like cashew butter, it doesn’t taste of anything to me!

3. What fat is receives unfair flack? What fat is most overrated?


– Butter receives the most flack. Provided it’s grass fed and you don’t go over the top with it (as with anything), it is a good source of healthy fats. And then there is the outdated, false information over eggs and cholesterol. Eat the yolks people!

I don’t know if I think any healthy fat is overrated. I think more should be done to ‘rate’ the healthy fats and show people that they are fantastic nutritional powerhouses and nothing to be afraid of.

4. Link up a favourite recipe embracing fats (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

20140125 - pork20140125 - pork-2

– Kalua Pork! And then turn the fat on top into crackling! Yum! LINK

Serve with lettuce cups as taco shells and guacamole! More healthy fats!


Or just anything with guacamole! Or nut butter….! Or eggs! Ahh!

5. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

– Essential, strength builder, delicious, a real life changer!

6. What benefits do FATS play in YOUR personal eating habits?


– Since incorporating more fats into my diet I have seen my energy levels rise, my immune system boost, my hair, skin and nails become stronger and I just feel healthier in general. It was like I was finally giving my body what it actually wanted!

Fun, Fantastic Weekend

Hi all,

Happy Monday! And the week begins again…!

So I thought today I would give you a recap of my weekend of fun, mostly in pictures as I know they are fab to set the scene!

Saturday began as all Saturdays do in the Fotheringham household, with a good bowl o’ porridge (oats), the newspaper (from the day before but never mind!) and cartoons! I went for old faithful, plain oats with a dollop of local strawberry jam in the middle as a treat and David went for his favourite, pecan nuts and maple syrup. Both of us enjoying our choice and I partnered mine with a cup of peppermint tea, a great start to the day!

porridge sat

We were both really looking forward to some visitors who were coming to see us for the day – David’s mum Carmel and his sister Clare. It had been a wee while since we had caught up with them both and they hadn’t been to see us since we have moved to Glasgow, so we really wanted them to come up so we could show them some of the sights! I say some, there are too many to see in one day!

They arrived mid morning and came straight to the apartment for a much needed coffee after the train journey up from England. After a quick tour of the apartment and a coffee pit stop, we headed out into town for lunch, destination – The Mussel Inn.

I’m sure some of you will have seen the picture of my lunch that I posted yesterday but for those who didn’t, please see below. I love posting this picture again, even just to emphasise how tasty and delicious it was. I love it so much when restaurants take local, seasonal ingredients and don’t mess around with them, keeping the food simple and letting the produce shine through. And that’s exactly what they did here – cooked in their natural juices, with some chillies, garlic and spices and served with a plain side salad, I couldn’t have asked for a better prepared meal. The staff and service were also excellent and really made the meal perfect. They were knowledgeable on the produce, friendly and attentive. Everyone loved and raved about their meal and David and I can’t wait to go back!

20130824 - Mum and Clare in Glasgow

From there we headed to Blythswood Square – one of David and I’s favourite places in Glasgow. Please see my anniversary blog post here for more information. And so we spent the rest of the afternoon here, with a lovely cocktail and just catching up and reminiscing about stories past, as you always do with family. It really was lovely.

David with his mum and sister

20130824 - Mum and Clare in Glasgow-3

My cocktail – The Duchess (yes I had this one before but it is my favourite!)

20130824 - Mum and Clare in Glasgow-2

David and I

20130824 - Mum and Clare in Glasgow-4

Clare and I in one of the alcoves at the entrance to the hotel

20130824 - Mum and Clare in Glasgow-5

We then took them both to the station to catch the train home. A wonderful time had by all with an emphasis that we must do it again soon!

On our way home we picked up some bits and bobs for dinner – tonight’s menu – stir fry veg, sautéed with chillies and garlic and then we added fish sauce and lime juice to taste. Served with individual lettuce cups and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. A fab Thai inspired dish with a real hot and sour flavour. Be making that again soon!


Sunday was another great day which began the way we like it – with a killer home work out!

Inspired by the work out posted by Heather, guest poster over @fruitandfitness (normally run by the fab Nicole), just with a few alterations. And yes, it included burpees – I am determined to keep doing them until I love them (practice makes perfect!) and yes, I still hate them with a passion!

(Oh David and I use the sweeties as counters to keep track of how many rounds we have done, well we weren’t eating them so they might as well come in handy for something!).


We then had my favourite breakfast of the week – banana scramble! David has his with peanut butter and mine is the one with the almond butter and the slightly more caramalised eggs (I like to crispen up and brown those banana-ry bits!).  David has his with a side of oats and I have a small bowl of cereal (again not happy with this part so it doesn’t get the satisfaction of a picture!).


After our delicious and much needed breakfast, we headed out to a farmers and artisan craft market that was happening locally at a Charles Rennie Macintosh designed gallery – House for an Art Lover. We had never been there before and it was stunning! Can’t wait to go back to actually do a tour around the house and extensive gardens which are full of the most amazing sculptures.

The market was small but good – we picked up some locally made blackberry, apple and gin jam along with a cute chilli plant that we can grow on our windowsill. We love chillies so fingers crossed we can keep it alive!

The market


Me outside House for an Art Lover – holding our new chilli plant!

20130825 - Jen at House for an art Lover

The walled garden


The afternoon was spent chilled out with a nice coffee in Starbucks, I wrote while David phoned his Grandma for a chat. We get to visit her next week and I am so looking forward to it – she is a fantastic person who I could listen to for hours!

Dinner consisted of a quick, easy make, Sunday favourite – a fruit plate, making the most of the last of the summer fruit and 2 slices of Genius Gluten Free bread, one with PB on it, the other local heather honey. Yum! (Yes and as you can see from my toast, I like things crispy (or burnt as David says…!)).


All tied up and enjoyed with a couple of episodes of Revenge before bed. This series is so good!


Wedding Anniversary at Blythswood Square

Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying your week. Thank goodness it’s Friday though! Although we have a busy weekend ahead of us, car shopping! Eek!

However, I wanted to blog today about my wonderful evening last night which I spent with my husband celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary.

On the one hand, 4 years seems like no time at all, then on the other hand, that is the same amount of time you spend at university gaining your degree, and that felt like forever!

I met David after work and we headed to our favourite hotel in Glasgow, Blythswood Square. A stunningly beautiful 5 star hotel in the centre of Glasgow, combining both the traditional and modern but with its own unique twist. We love it here, having been a couple of times before, the last time celebrating New Years just passed, where we were lucky enough to stay for 3 nights. It was absolute bliss!

We headed up to the Salon for some pre-dinner cocktails. Here we are enjoying our choices, it was so easy to sit here, relax and unwind.

DSC02849    Glasgow City-20130801-00094

After our cocktails we went downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. So many choices from the menu that jumped out but I spotted one that was just perfect – steamed seabass with ceviche, peas, broad beans and gem lettuce. As you can see from the photo below, it looked beautiful and tasted even better! Oh and in case you are wondering, those ‘tubes’ on my plate were potato but I just popped them to the side, neither David or I like potatoes, they tend to make us feel rather yucky, so he avoided his too. No big deal though, both just being easily put aside.

Glasgow City-20130801-00102

David’s choice is below. He went for Highland venison haunch with beetroot textures – and I can testify from trying some, it was amazing!

Glasgow City-20130801-00104

Once we were finished we fancied just a wee sweet treat and ordered a scoop of sorbet each. David went for the bramley apple and I went for the melon. We split a scoop each which I was quite pleased about as although my melon was nice, the apple was just incredible and so full of flavour!

Glasgow City-20130801-00106

After a wee espresso to finish off the evening, we headed home. It really was a lovely night and it felt very special. Glad to be back in one of our favourite Glasgow places and it really emphasised that we must go back soon, even if it is just for a wee cocktail. A truly fantastic way to spend an evening celebrating 4 years being married to my best friend.

J x

How have you spent anniversaries of the past?