CrossFit – Annie and Diane!

Hi all,

Time for more mid week madness, this time in the form of a 2 in 1 CrossFit post! (Monday and Tuesday morning).

But before I begin I must give another big shout out to Holly over @EatGreatBEGreat for letting me guest post for her again yesterday. I really did have so much fun writing the post and reading everyone’s comments, you were all so kind!

And if anyone else is looking for a guest poster I am always happy to help! 🙂

CrossFit time! (Oh and apologies first up for the photos, David must have been pretty wobbly after the two WOD’s!)


Monday Morning (24th February)

Good old block run in the rain to start – never a good beginning to a Monday morning! It was then followed by some mobility which, yes, was a killer but you know you are a CrossFitter when you know that pain is good!

The first part of the workout was front squats – not my favourite but good to revisit them again as we haven’t done them in a while. We had to do 3 sets of 5, then 4 sets of 3 and finally 5 sets of 1 rep max. I began with 20kg on my bar and just worked up and up in weight with every round I did.

Front squats definitely show me where my weaknesses lie in my shoulders, however I have seen an improvement since the last time I did them = mobility works!

My last 2 1RM reps were no bueno but I gave them a shot, they were at 37.5kg. But in simply just upping the weight each time I reached a new 1RM without even realising it! 35kg! Brilliant!

We then worked on some double unders. Nope I still didn’t get one but coach said I was close! It was good to break down the moves again and I think my main problem is I don’t jump high enough – always an issue when you are tall, further for the rope to travel and therefore a higher jump required! Seriously is there anything (apart from being able to reach the bar without the need of a box) that being tall in CrossFit is a benefit!? #tallpeopleproblems


And then we went into the main WOD – one of the girl WOD’s –Annie.

I haven’t done Annie before and it was just as tough as the other girl WOD’s I have done!

50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Double Unders (or triple skips scaled)

Ab Mat Sit Ups

We had a 9 minute time cap on this one. I didn’t manage to complete within the cap but I managed 490 reps (up to 10 ab mat sit ups within the ‘30’ section). It was tiring and my abs are still sore today! Oh and major butt burn too! (Those in the know will understand!). Not nice!

Tuesday Morning (25th February)

From the first look of the board when I first got into the box, I knew it would be tough. It was called ‘Kippin’ Hell’ after all!

We began with a warm up of squats, while lifting 10kg plates (from ground to overhead) – 8 rounds of 20 seconds, with 10 second rest in between. Then we went on to 8 rounds of 20 second jumping lunges with 10 seconds rest in between. Those two were killers!

We then moved on to the bar and had a kipping pull up revision session – starting from taps all the way to kips. If you don’t know what a kipping pull up is like, please see the video below.

I have my taps on the right level now and am working on my kips with a band. I doubt I will progress more with this until I gain more strength in my arms but I am improving each time I do it and can feel myself getting stronger.

It felt like we had 2 main WOD’s within this session. The first part being…

150 pull ups / 75 pull ups (dependant on level)

EMOM 8 plate lunges

(15 minute time cap)

I went for 75 pull ups with the band and a 5kg plate for the lunges. Oh boy was it tough. I managed the 75 within the time with the max effort pull ups I could do. In fact, I did reach 75 earlier than 15 minutes but felt guilty that my pull ups weren’t ‘proper pull ups’ so carried on until the end. Yes I know I am strange!


We then went literally straight on to the next part of the WOD – a girl WOD again – Diane

(Although I never realised I was doing Diane until right now when reviewing the pictures!)



Hand Stand Push Ups (with box scaled)

(12 minute time cap)

I went for 30kg in my deadlifts (with my 1RM being 42.5kg). I probably could have gone slightly heavier (35kg) but I was pleased with the result (my 3RM was 35kg – ha!), completing the WOD in 9 minutes 26 seconds. The hand stand pull ups are still such an issue, I just hate being upside down = instant headache, so doing mass reps of them is no fun whatsoever. But I know the answer – keep doing it more and get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!

crossfit (source)

Next CrossFit session is Friday and marks the beginning of the CrossFit Open! Eeeek!

I am not competing in the open but will still be taking the open WOD session on a Friday with the others that are. David has signed up and I am so excited for him. Will be there not only cheering him on but experiencing it with him and that is pretty awesome!

Crossfit – Braving the storm!

wods and all

Hi all!

Happy Friday! Yay! Fridays are great but Fridays in December are even better! Then again I think everything is better in December!

Quick post for today to recap yesterdays Crossfit. We are off for Christmas number one at David’s parent’s tonight so need to get all organised and packed!

Yesterday we had crazy weather here, the winds were just catastrophic! The whole rail service in Scotland grounded to a halt and they are encouraged most people not to travel. We made an insane car journey to Crossfit yesterday morning, jeez, the massive puddles (or rivers as they should be known as!) we drove through were scary. Warnings weren’t up at that point! But we made it there and home safe and sound and it had calmed down by the afternoon. First winter storm of the season!

I think all of us that attended the morning session deserved a medal for braving the weather! That’s dedication for you. Coach joked when we arrived about getting everyone out to do a block run as a warm up – thank goodness we knew he was joking, we would have blown away!

So we started with a 7 minute warm up of 10 air squats, 10 ab mat sit ups and 10 lunges. It was a good warm up and got us all pumped. I think it was exactly what we needed!

20131205 - CrossFit-3

We then moved on to some mobility – some good stretches for the hamstrings!

Then it was time for some weights – 10 rounds of 3RM front squats at 80% of your 1RM. My 1RM was 30kg so 80% was 24kg. To make things easier numbers wise, but technically more difficult for me (!) I went for 25kg. First of all I was able to lift the weight for the sets required = progress! Second of all my technique has improved, especially with my stance and keeping those elbows up = progress! And last but not least I just have a better general confidence now in my lifting and feel like I have made so many gains, especially in the last 2 weeks = uber progress!

20131205 - CrossFit

After a slight delay when the bad weather caused the main fuse to blow (scary box darkness!), we then moved on to weighted pull ups. 10 rounds of 1 rep max. Ok I am nowhere near doing a weighted pull up yet but to be fair, most of us there aren’t! So instead we went for trying a general pull up or one with a band, but as light a band as possible. David was able to use the lightest band which is great – he is at the point where he is very close to doing a pull up unassisted and will be there soon I know it. I went for the next band up, the light blue one, and although tough, managed my 10 rounds, brilliant!

The main WOD was as follows


Dyno press ups

Pull ups

Dyno press ups were a new one for me – please google for more info as there is no way I could describe them and do it justice! Needless to say, just when you thought a press up couldn’t get harder…

The pull ups I did on the thicker green band and I really enjoyed doing them. Good times! And good progress on them too – yay! I finished in 7 minutes, 50 seconds.

All in all a fantastic and really enjoyable work out. Just buzzing from my progress 🙂

Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy some festive cheer! Will be back with you all on Tuesday!

Crossfit – Does anyone enjoy a thruster?!

wods and all

Hi all,

Time for a recap of yesterday morning’s Crossfit! Not as cold as last week, thank goodness, but instead masses of fog on the way – very eerie to see the city in darkness, covered in this blanket with just the street lights to guide you. Eerie but kind of cool too!

Anyway we arrived and went straight into our warm up – 5 rounds of 10 ab mat sit ups followed by 20 Russian kettle bells swings. Good fun and great to get the heart pumping – I love those KB swings!

wod 251113

Then the treat of the day (not!), some shoulder mobility. Both David and I struggle with our shoulders and have massive amounts of knots in them that we are trying to release. This means pain! Coach had some new exercises for us (and has emailed us some more, thanks coach!) to try and work on these specific areas. This, along with my lower back, needs some work, but the more I do it, the better Crossfitter I will be.

We then moved on to working on our push presses, with a formation of 5-5-5-3-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1, working up to our max weight. Previously I had done 17.5kg for my 5 RM but had yet to work on a 1RM. Push presses are tough! I struggle to find that ‘drive’ in my hips needed to thrust the bar up and to use the power in my hips rather than arms. Right now my ‘drive’ gets me about half way and my arms have to do the rest of the work, not great. More mobility exercises should be the key though and just watching others and there technique too. It’s amazing how much you can learn from watching others at Crossfit. I managed to work up to 22kg as my 1RM and I was very pleased with that.

The main WOD for the day consisted of

7 rounds for time (time cap of 15 minutes)

10 hand release push ups

15 air squats

10 thrusters

Oh the evil thrusters! Everyone was dreading them! I still need a low weight on them so I went with the 7.5kg bar and training wheels. I only just finished at a time of 14 minutes, 23 seconds and I was the only one in the session to finish. Yes my bar was heavily scaled down and therefore the thrusters were more achievable but I was still very pleased and chuffed to finish within the time cap. Previously even just the ‘arm dependant’ combo of push ups and thrusters would have been very difficult for me to get through.

Have made a note to try 10kg next time on the thruster bar though, hopefully it won’t come around too soon…!

Oh and please see below a picture of David during the WOD doing his thrusters. 25kg – GO DAVID!

david WOD

Thanks to coach for the picture! 🙂

Crossfit – Back to the Box!

wods and all

Hi all,

Happy Friday! Yay!

Today has been a bit of a crazy day, in town picking up bits for David’s birthday on Monday and then coming home to eat and wrap! So this post is just going to be a wee recap of yesterdays Crossfit, still more to do!

David and I decided to do another morning Crossfit session – a wise choice considering his workload at the moment and not knowing what time he will finish work for the day. But while I am talking about morning sessions, I think we have decided to try going solely for morning sessions from now on. We are both morning people so getting up isn’t a problem. It energises you for the day and at the end of it, you have an evening free – brilliant! It also means spending more time with David when we would otherwise be asleep, so that is always a winner in my books! Bring on the zombie crew!

Anyway, back to the WOD!

wod 711

We began with a warm up of skipping and double unders. Still no luck there but I am trying really hard and coach says that I have got the hang of the speed, just need to jump higher. Fingers crossed with more practice it will come soon! We finished the warm up with some good stretches.

Then we moved on to the first part of the workout -front squats, working our way up to our 1RM. I was quite pleased to be doing this as I had never had the opportunity to work on my 1 RM for front squats yet so although tough (as 1 RM’s always are) it was also challenging and fun. I managed to work up to a weight of 30kg – really pleased with this.

After the weights we went on to some push up tekkers. A Crossfit push up is so different to what people perceive a generic push up to be and it really is hard work (Google for more info). A lot of pressure on your triceps, I couldn’t even go all the way down and I was also on my knees. Coach wanted us however to really understand this move and was more concerned with the technique, rather than us making it all the way down, that will come in time. We used these principals during the main WOD.

5 rounds for time – 21 kettle bell swings, 21 push ups and 21 ab mat sit ups.

As quite a few of us were slower on the push ups, we had our rounds slashed to 3 – was really pleased to hear that! I also had a couple of ab mats underneath my chest when doing the push ups so that I could focus on technique and simply hit the mat as a target. It did not make it easier!

It was a killer WOD and we were all exhausted by the end of it! I was glad to see kettle bell swings, always a favourite and the ab mat sit ups, well, they are as charming as ever…! But the push ups really took it out of me and I know David found them tough too. I completed it in 13 minutes and 11 seconds.

Sore arms today! But a session of yoga this morning seemed to do the trick, and good fun too!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Well, Crossfit last night was the aim…!

Hi all,

As you can see from my title, our aim last night was to head off to Crossfit as usual. Unfortunately, David had a major project that ended up taking longer than expected to complete and he couldn’t leave work at the usual time. So Crossfit was a no go. He really had hoped to make it but at the last minute he had to concede to the fact that it wasn’t going to be. I was all ready to rock for Crossfit and was ready for a workout so decided to head to the gym instead.

(Oh I don’t drive by the way, hence the reason I couldn’t go to Crossfit alone!).

It was so strange heading off to the gym in the evening, haven’t done it before. It was also absolutely freezing last night so I piled on a major amount of layers before heading out!

As expected, it was packed with people – the ‘after work’ crowd. It’s normally so quiet when I go mid-morning, I really am spoilt! Also the men in the weights section mid-morning tend to be a bit more accommodating of having women there, it tends to be about ¾ men to ¼ women (I wish more girls would see the wonder of the weights!). However this evening there wasn’t another women in sight at the weights, I got some funny looks for being in there (don’t care!).

So anyway, about my workout. I wanted to do something Crossfit inspired and tried to get my thinking cap on while power walking to the gym. Power walk= warm up = literal warm up, it really was bitterly cold! And this is what I ended up doing.

Crossfit Inspired Gym Workout

10 minutes on the rowing machine/ 2000m (whichever comes first) – at highest setting.

5-5-5-5 Front Squats

5-5-5-5 Strict Press


10 push ups

20 ab mat sit ups

Repeat 3 times.

Foam roller stretches and warm down.

The workout went well. I did 2011m on the rower in 10 minutes 42 seconds with a 2.39 average.

The front squats and strict presses were done with a 12.5kg bar bell as I wasn’t too sure of my usual weights (I left my Crossfit note book at home).

The push ups and ab mat sit ups were a killer! But I persevered – I don’t think I realised how much I benefit normally from coach motivating us during WOD’s!

All in all, not bad for an emergency workout but would I swap it for Crossfit – heck no! Bring on Crossfit Thursday AM!

After that I threw on my layers of clothing and power walked home! Luckily David was only 10 minutes behind me so it wasn’t long before we were chilling out to a tasty dinner. The only picture for the post but I hope you enjoy it! Dinner was delicious, only 4 ingredients and just perfect – beets, steamed broccoli, smoked mackerel and sunflower seeds. Yum!


Crossfit – The Zombie Crew!

wods and all

Hi all,

Hope you are well. I’m having one of those Tuesdays when I feel like it is later in the week than it actually is! Never a good start!

My Crossfit session yesterday was slightly different than normal. As David and I were unable to book into the evening session (fully booked) we had to rethink our plans, and decided to try the morning session instead. Nicknamed the ‘Zombie Crew’ the session starts at 6.30am! That meant getting up at 5.45am, when it was still pitch black outside! Gotta love Crossfit to do this!

It wasn’t as difficult as expected. We had an early night on Sunday and as David and I are both morning people, getting up really wasn’t an issue. We also decided that due to the fact that we both do morning workouts/ runs without fuelling beforehand, a cup of hot honey and lemon and a shot of beet juice was all that was needed – meaning we didn’t need to factor in breakfast or a snack. This worked a treat by the way – our bodies were simply ready for breakfast (and a large cup of coffee) by the time we got home at 7.45am!

But on to the session itself! It was great as we were able to meet some new Crossfit folk who we normally wouldn’t meet as they tend to stick to morning sessions – no zombies here, just bright, friendly faces!

We began with a warm up of alternating skipping/ double unders for one minute intervals. Still no luck on the unders but I feel like I am almost there – more practice! Then we moved on to some stretches with the pvc pipes – especially good to get those arm muscles pumping for what was coming ahead.

CameraZOOM-20131028074101316 (1)

The first segment focussed on power cleans; to hang squat cleans to a clean. I was a bit nervous about returning to cleans after that crazy WOD the week before that took it out of me, but it really was the best thing to revisit it again and focus on getting it right. We were supposed to do 3 sets of 3 straight, then 3 rounds that we could break up, building on the weight. I wanted to really get some focus on my technique and moving from one move to the other so I stuck with a weight I was happy with but still heavy for me (12.5kg) and did just that. I do feel better and happier on cleans now, not there just yet on the confidence front but getting there and coach is doing a great job of honing my technique and showing me where I am going wrong and how to improve.

We then moved on to back squats – 6 rounds of 2 reps at 80% RM. My previous 1RM was 25kg but it was also my 5RM so I decided to start with 25kg and work from there. I needed to do a few rounds of 25kg to really get into it, my arms were sore from the cleans. By the end I was at 27.5kg, would have liked to have tried 30kg but ran out of time, next time though!

The main WOD was an 11 minute AMRAP, consisting of – 30 ab mat sit ups, 20 box jumps and 30 kettle bell swings (step ups for me and a kettle bell of 8kg). It was a tiring WOD but really good fun too! The ab mat sit ups were fine – feeling it in my abs soooo much today though! The step ups were good too but the kettle bell swings really were my favourite! I love the thrust and movement, strange I know but I always dig a workout that involves them – 30 in one go though was tough! I managed 2 rounds plus 20 step ups in the 11 minutes.

We then finished with some stretching and general chat which was great.

Overall David and I really loved the morning session! We arrived back home in plenty of time for David to get ready for work and get his breakfast, he actually left slightly earlier than normal! We both felt really pumped the rest of the day too – it didn’t tire us out any more than a general day does. I think the only thing we both noticed was that we were slightly more peckish throughout the day but that makes sense considering what our bodies had done in the morning plus with being up a lot earlier in general. And it was fab when David came home in the evening and we were able to just chill out – it definitely was less of a rush in the morning than in the evening. And hardly any traffic on the roads – score!

Will definitely be doing a mix of morning and evening sessions in the future!