Spill it Sunday…on Monday! BREAKFAST!

Hi all!

Welcome to another Monday! Hope you have lots of fun things in store for the week ahead!

Today has to be the best Spill it Sunday (on Monday) topic ever and I am sooo looking forward to chatting about it with you all… drum roll please… BREAKFAST!

Linking up with the gorgeous Arman over @thebigmansworld, let’s get the breakfast party started!


First of all, the Spill it Sunday obligatory selfie – me this weekend exploring and playing hopscotch! You are never too old!

20140426 - New Lanark-3

And now for the questions!

1.What is your classic go to breakfast of choice?

20140405_083051eggs, kale and almond b

– I think if I had to have a ‘classic’ breakfast of choice then it would have to involve a combination of eggs, meat, a healthy fat and a carbohydrate. For example I love scrambled eggs with banana and nut butter or sunnyside up eggs with sausage and root veggies.

Oh but any breakfast, any day of the week and anywhere, has to involve coffee – hot, strong, black coffee!

20140330 - Refuel

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast?

20140304 - Pancakes

– Hmm, I think my favourite sweet style breakfast would be pumpkin pancakes or Amanda’s Banana Greek Yoghurt pancakes (subbing banana for pumpkin). But dont worry banana, I use your wonderful taste as a topping instead! We enjoyed this (below) for our breakfast on Sunday – this is a picture of Davids plate, he likes to put all his toppings on in one go – mine was very similar, I just like to top and eat one pancake at a time, very odd I know!

20140427 - Sunday Breakfast

I do love a banana scramble too though, with almond butter!

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast?

20140302 - sunday_foods-2

– Fish! I love a fishy breakfast, especially Kippers with sweet potato hash and a sunnyside up egg. Oh it leads to one happy Jen!

I also love rollmops at breakfast, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. Oh smoked salmon and poached eggs, is there much finer a start to the day!?

blythswood 2

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of- It can be your own or another bloggers!


– I do find my zucchini patties to be a super handy breakfast option. Make them the night before, heat them up and serve with fish, eggs, cottage cheese, nut butter, meat – the list is endless. Or you can have them cold and use them as ‘buns’ to make a grab and go breakfast. Equally as good incorporated into a lunch or dinner – wonder patties!

Juli over @PaleOMG has such a good recipe for 3 ingredient protein pancakes too that I rate highly.


5.Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?

– Hmm, a strange breakfast? Nope dont think I have ever had one of those! I think it’s because I would class anything as a breakfast, lunch or dinner option, sweet or savoury. Steak and sweet potatoes – yep that’s a breakfast, sushi – yep, butternut squash, kale and cranberries with chicken – yep breakfast too! Even leftover chilli can be mixed with some scrambled eggs and made into the most delish breakfast!

6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

– Oh yes, David and I have a good breakfast menu for the week that we are really happy with. As we do CrossFit in the mornings, we need a good re-fuel. The days we don’t do CrossFit, well, they need to simply set us up for the day ahead! It tends to go as follows

Monday – Banana Scramble with almond butter


Tuesday – Zucchini Patties with hard boiled eggs and fish

Wednesday – I tend to have scrambled eggs, banana and almond butter, David (at the moment) tends to go for protein pancakes (see above) with banana, blueberries and greek yoghurt.


Thursday – Brussels Sprout, Pancetta and cranberry omelette

Glasgow City-20140214-00364 (1)

Friday – Banana Oats (I can tolerate oatmeal max once a week) 

Saturday – eggs, sausage and root veggies

20140301 - breakfast

Sunday – changes every week but it is usually something that takes a bit longer to make like smoked fish and sweet potato hash.

20140216 - Sunday Breakfast blog

And breakfast always involves catching up with the news – both week days and at the weekends. Monday – Saturday – breakfast TV. Sunday – Sunday newspapers.

So there we have it – breakfast, the meal of the gods! And it really is, nothing else can prepare you for the day ahead (both mind and body) better than a nutritional breakfast!

What is your favourite breakfast? Is there one breakfast item you couldn’t live without? I think mine would be eggs!

CrossFit – Aint Nobody got time for that!

Hi all,

Yay it’s finally Friday! Ok so this week has gone a bit faster than normal with having Monday off but still always pleased for the weekend to arrive – especially seen as David and I are off on a ‘seeing a bit more of what is on our doorstep’ day on Saturday – see my Thinking Out Loud post yesterday for more info!

But for now, it’s time for my 2 in 1 CrossFit recap!

Thursday Morning (24th)

We began with a double block run, always a favourite…not! And then came in to do some more squat style stretches and movements.

After that came some squat clean tekkers, first using the Burgener warm up and then applying that to the squat clean movement. Here is a video for those who are new to these moves and would like to actually know what a squat clean is!

Then we had 15 minutes to work up to our max squat clean. I am still working on technique with this one, I tell you the concept of going down and under a barbell while it is travelling up is a strange experience and quite a feat to master. I know the principal steps and understand them, it’s just the speed I need to work on and I am getting there – definite improvements. I managed 17.5kg in the end. Yes I have done 21kg before but the technique just wasn’t there. At least I know that every rep done at this weight was done with speed and precision – and I definitely prefer that, weight will come.


The main WOD

In front of a 12 minute clock

1 minute box jumps

1 minute sumo deadlift high pull

2 minute box jump

2 minute sumo deadlift high pull

3 minute box jump

3 minute sumo deadlift high pull

I went with a weight of 15kg on my ball and a 19 inch box.

Well if you read my post yesterday you will know that I froze when it came to the box jumps. I just couldn’t do it – my mind just wouldn’t let me. Blame fatigue, my crash a few weeks earlier, the fact that my side still hurts but whatever the reason, my mind just wasn’t there. I used the first minute of box jumps to try and with no luck, moved on to step ups – would rather go to the max with them rather than stand around trying to find the courage to jump.

Barney Stinson Quote Meme(source)

Good to do sumo’s again in a WOD though!

Friday Morning (25th)

Today’s WOD was insane. Our warm up consisted of 200m sprints and jumping jacks – we were super puffed out by the end! Then we moved on to some hamstring stretches which were fab actually, just what I needed to limber up.


The strength WOD was 15 minutes to gain a new 1RM deadlift. Again I wanted to focus on technique, as my back tends to round just as I am away to put the bar on the ground. I worked with high weights, slowly upping them and trying to make sure the technique followed through. I finished the 15 minutes equalling my PB of 60kg. Coach was not going to stand for this! He ordered me to put another 5kg on the bar and go for 65kg – and I did it! Yay – new dead lift PB.

bear deadlifts(A bear, my CrossFit animal! Grrr!)

We had to take 80% of this new deadlift PB (50kg for me) for the next part of the WOD…

For time

400m run

21 deadlifts

800m run

15 deadlifts

1200m run

9 deadlifts

Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry!

The deadlifts were heavy but for me they were the ‘relief’ of the WOD. The running was killer and every second was so tough, mentally and physically. But I kept running, didn’t stop, kept focused, stayed positive (or tried to) and even sang songs in my head to keep the running beat – crazy I know but it worked!

I finished in 24.40 and I am super happy about this!


Ok so it was the WOD from hell and I hated every minute of it. But will I be back for more on Monday? You bet I will!

Have a fab weekend folks!

Thinking Out Loud!

Hi all,

Hope you are well this Thursday and everything is going fab this week!


Time for some ‘Thinking out Loud’ randomness – linking up with the lovely Amanda over @runningwithspoons.

  1. Box Jumps

box jumps

–          Today at CrossFit, we had box jumps on the WOD. This is the first time they have appeared since I fell a couple of weeks back and hurt my side (which I still can’t lie on).What did I do? I froze. I was really hoping this wouldn’t happen and that I would ping back up and down the box, showing it who’s boss but I just couldn’t do it and went with step ups instead! I hate when my mind gets the better of me! Hoping to do some practice with David though to get my confidence back up, I will not be defeated!

  1. Bacon Pancake Sandwiches

bpsammies(Eat me here)

–          Ok now on to something now which is making me smile… a lot! Michelle over at nomnompaleo.com has released a new recipe. Yep it is a monster treat but what a treat it is combining some of my favourite things – bacon, banana/coconutty pancakes and maple syrup = yummers!  Thinking a definite for Sunday brunch very soon!

  1. Camera Tech


–          David, the camera wiz extraordinaire, is being a star and giving me lessons on how to use his camera. The basics for now but hopefully enough to take my food pics from ok to awesome! I really enjoy learning from David, he is such a good teacher and it is something I have wanted to develop on for a long time. Major bonus having a hobbyist photographer for a husband, he has all the kit!

  1. Revenge


–          Oh this TV show… I have never known anything to have more plot twists and turns than this one – you can have several in each episode! We watched season 1 a while ago and noticed that season 2 was now on our streaming service – we ploughed through them like nothing else! And now on to season 3 that we recorded off the television. I just don’t know where it is going to go, every time I have an idea, it is squished by the end of the episode with another plot turner. Hooked doesn’t even cover it!

  1. Cod Liver Oil


–          I have stopped taking a multi vitamin, realising that what I eat gives me more than my recommended daily dose of most vitamins and minerals! I have however, started taking a high strength Cod Liver Oil tablet – and so has David. We did some research and realised that additional fish oils would be beneficial to our bodies – focussing on its benefits on joint and bone health – essential for what we do at CrossFit. It’s early days but I have heard wonderful things about its benefits so fingers crossed.

  1. Doing more on your doorstep

new lanark(source)

–          We are all guilty of this, we travel to far flung areas across the globe but how often do we actually spend exploring some of the wonders on our doorstep? David and I are adamant to see the most of our local treasures so this Saturday we are off to New Lanark (world heritage site), an 18th century restored Cotton Mill. Check this website out for more pics and info but it looks really interesting!

–          http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/heritage/worldheritage/world-heritage-sites-in-scotland/new-lanark.htm

  1. Eat the Yolks!

eat the yolks(source)

–          My read at the moment is Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe – one half of the Balanced Bites podcast team. In it she dispels the food myths and lies that we have been fed for decades and tells the truth! So refreshing! And written in Liz’s fun and entertaining way, just like she is on the podcast. Sometimes her writing is like a friend writing you a letter, it’s that conversational.

So that is it this week for ‘Thinking out Loud ‘  – oh and in response to my water post yesterday, I am working in Starbucks, not with a coffee this time, but a sparkling water instead – and loving it!

3 Reasons To Drink Water!

Hi all,

Water. We know we all need it. We probably all know we should be drinking more of it! But why? I went on the hunt to find out!

3 Reasons To Drink Water


  1. Hydration


–          Yep, makes sense as the first one, we are made up of mostly water after all! We lose water through sweat, digestion, breathing, going to the toilet etc so we need to keep those fluids up on a frequent basis. Not just after we have a heavy work out session! Signs that your body may require more water include – headaches (in fact it is one of the main common causes), tiredness, loss of concentration and constipation. The average recommendation for daily water consumption is 2.5 litres – more if you are exercising, recovering from illness or in a hot environment.

  1. Water and Exercise


–          There are many reasons as to why we should drink water when exercising – the creation of sweat during exercise being the main one. But did you know there are optimal times for drinking water when combined with exercise? Your body performs best when you drink water little and often throughout the day – always being topped up but never over hydrated. In order for your body to use that hydration, water should be drunk no later than 15 minutes before exercise as it needs this time to digest it. Then up to 20 minutes after exercise, for your body to process what it needs after the exercise.

–          Keeping hydrated is key when combined with exercise for building muscle and making those muscles work well for you – dehydration = muscle fatigue. Hydration  = energy!

–          Water also keeps your joints lubricated, allowing for more movement.

  1. Keeping your body strong


–          Water can help you keep strong, yes like above in relation to muscles but also strong in terms of other health factors. Kidney function is a big one – water cleanses our body and flushes out nasty toxins. If you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys will store what little it has and can lead to infection.

–          Hair, skin and nails – want to stay looking youthful and radiant? Keep drinking!

–          Regularity. No one likes that feeling of being ‘clogged up’ and it can be a big sign of dehydration as your body pulls water from your colon to support other areas. Keep topping yourself up with water and it can keep your system on check.

–          Immunity – Keeping hydrated wards off and help fights the cold, flu and other diseases. Combine your water with lemon and you are on to a nutrient powerhouse that can help you fight a variety of illness, from the common cold through to stress, asthma and arthritis.

So we all know why – but how can we make sure we get enough water?

Here are some tips on how to get more water in


–          Have a glass of water by your bed at night. Drink whenever you go up to go to the toilet and whatever is left in the morning, finish while waking up.

–          Carry a water bottle with you all day. Having water at hand means you are more likely to drink it.

–          Make sure you have a glass of water with every meal.

–          Eat more water rich foods like cucumber or melon.

–          Drink sparkling water – whenever I feel like I don’t want ‘another’ glass of water, I have a glass of sparkling and always end up gulping it down! Add in some fruit juice and you have the perfect non alcoholic summer tipple!

–          Swap one of your drinks during the day for a glass of water – i.e. your afternoon coffee.

–          Get a water buddy – why not pair up with a friend at work to try and drink more water. Having someone to encourage you always helps.

Do you drink enough throughout the day? Any tips for drinking more water?

drink waters(source)











CrossFit – Squats, Swings and BURPEES!

Hi all,

How is everyone’s day so far? Always a bit of a thought to get back to normal after a holiday weekend but hopefully the memories of fab times will keep you smiling!

David and I celebrated our Glasgowversary (our one year anniversary of living in Glasgow) in style yesterday – lunch at our favourite restaurant and then we had an amazing cocktail at a newly opened bar just around the corner from where we live. Inside is beautiful, renovated back to what it would have looked like in the 1930’s, including the original signage which they discovered during the renovation. We will definitely be back here, in fact I think we may have found ‘our bar’. Relaxing, fun and with the types of drinks we like – the Kelvingrove Cafe, you are a hidden gem!

Me below in the bar with our cocktails… my cocktail was called Kingdom Heart and it consisted of – Tapitao tequila, grapefruit solution, Cocchi Americano, yellow chatreuse – shaken, straight up with a cherry. Incredible!


David enjoying his drink – and changing his mind on Campari!


Anyway – on to today’s post – recap of this morning’s CrossFit!

We began with a block run and then some squat stretches. I swear the first block run of the week is always a drainer, even though we were active all weekend. Or maybe it’s because we chat the entire time while doing it which gets us more out of breath…!

From there we did an nasty little tabata which pushed our abs to the max – 16 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, planks and hollow rocks. Feel the burn!

We then paired off to do the strength WOD – 6 rounds of 6 rep back squats at 70% of our 1RM.

My 1RM is 35kg so I went with a weight of 25kg. Not too keen on back squats but was actually glad to do them today, total progress moment. I felt more in control, more confident, more in tune with my technique and the pressure. It felt good! Coach Matt (Coach TC having a well deserved morning off!) gave David and I some good advice about using our butt and hips about ¾ of the way back up to almost ‘thrust’ the bar upwards. Something we presumed we were doing but when we focussed on using that technique, soon realised we weren’t! What a difference and something I will use from now on.

Then on to the final WOD – I don’t think I need to explain to anyone the feeling I had when I read this, because I all know you will have the same feeling!

For time

10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30

Kettle Bell Swings


Damn you burpees! Yep, 100 KB swings, 100 burpees in total. There was nothing to do but to go for it and kick burpees butt!


I went for a 10kg kettle bell and was pleased I picked this weight. I was going to go for an 8kg bell but decided to stick with the higher weight, keeping that all important intensity high. I finished in 14 minutes, 17 seconds and was pleased with my time, I don’t think I could have gone any faster!

Here is the zombie crew afterwards, shattered but we all killed it to the max and felt super pumped!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Hope you all had a wonderful time this weekend with friends and family celebrating all things Easter – maybe with a little bit of chocolate too 🙂

Today is a holiday in the UK and David is off work, so I have decided to take the day off too so we can spend another fun day together. It also happens to be another celebratory day for David and I, our 1 year anniversary of living in Glasgow – or Glasgowversary if you will!

20131130 - Riverside Museum

We have had the happiest year of our lives here in Glasgow and cannot wait for what the next year holds – more excitement, more fun, more smiles and lots of love. So today we will celebrate by going to lunch at one of our favourite restaurants with maybe a cocktail afterwards to toast the day!

Whatever you are up to today, whether that be work or spending more time at home, I hope you have a great day! 

See you all tomorrow!




CrossFit – Evil Karen!

Goooooood Friday to you all!

(See what I did there, ‘Good Friday’, hehe, get it?! Ok maybe not so funny!)

Today is a wee recap of yesterdays CrossFit, which was anything but ‘wee’!!!

Thursday Morning (17th)


Karen. Karen. Karen…

I kept on looking at the board, hoping that word would disappear. But no.

What WOD is Karen some of you may ask? Karen is the worst of them all in my books. 150 WALL BALLS… but just when you thought it couldn’t get worse; Coach had decided to modify the WOD – Karen on steroids! Will come back to this shortly.

wall ball killer(source)

We began with a block run as a warm up and then came inside to do some more short exercises to get everything limber. This included doing a new yoga pose for some of us, the downward dog. I have done this before but not fully stretching out (half hearted yoga at home!) so when doing it properly and for a significant period, you can really feel a great stretch in the calves and hamstrings. One to carry on at home I think.

Then we moved on to the strength WOD – 6 rounds of 6 rep deadlifts at 70% of your 1RM.

I went with a weight of 42.5kg and each 6 reps EMOM. I like deadlifting and I know that the more I do of them the better my technique is getting – as ever practice equals perfect. I didn’t want the deadlifts to end as that meant one thing…

KAREN – on steroids!!!!

150 Wall Balls for time

5 burpee penalty

–          Every time the ball is dropped

–          Every time you rest more than 5 seconds

–          Every time the ball misses the target.

= not a very happy Jen.

wall ball problems(source)


The penalties made you think more tactically about your WOD. Focus more on your target, keep control of that ball and keep your head in the game. My biggest asset came in the form of changing my tactics when it came to resting. Previously I would go all guns blazing, do about 15 in a row and then stop for 20 seconds (or more) to recover. This time I worked with what my body was telling me. I began with the first 50, taking that 5 second rest I was allowed after each 10 reps. Then I went on to taking the 5 second rest after every 5 reps. It actually worked brilliantly and kept me going – forcing that rest every 5 reps, whether I needed it or not, kept the energy going.

wall ball face(source)

I had 3 burpee penalties, all for missing the target. But the burpees actually gave my neck a rest from staring at the target and again, seemed like a bit of an asset! Crazy talk I know…!

I completed the WOD, with a 5kg ball in 13 minutes 6 seconds and was over the moon with that time. Actually I dont think I have ever done a wall ball WOD where I haven’t even dropped the ball before so it just shows you what a bit of tactical thinking can do.

20140417_074052_1(My ‘evil’ orange ball)

The WOD killed and I still detest wall balls with a passion, but I have changed my mindset on this discipline slightly. I will think tactically from now on and maybe wall balls and I could be amicable acquaintances rather than enemies. But please dont go telling Coach that his addition of adding penalties to WOD’s actually worked at making us better, he might do it more often! 😉

Have a great Easter weekend folks!


Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying the countdown to the Easter weekend! Hope you have something nice planned – family time or even just a big candy/ chocolate fest?!


We all need it; we all thrive from it but sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we would hope. Insomnia, bad dreams (in my instance), light sleeper, too deep a sleeper, snorer or simply just a lack of sleep, it affects us all.


I have had quite a history with bad dreams, ones that keep my brain in overdrive all night then leave me the next day tired and feeling like I need to sleep all over again. So I decided to do some research into what induces good sleep and thought I would share my findings with you all.

I must add that these are just various points I picked up and may not be suitable/ appropriate for all. A bit of trial and error is required to see what works best for you!


want sleep(source)

I thought I would start with the one aspect that David and I have found works best for us – having a good solid night time routine. We begin by making a cup of herbal tea (small) along with a small snack about 45 minutes before we want to go to sleep. We switch off all media, including the TV, and either sit and read or chat. Then we get bits prepared for the morning, clean our teeth, get changed etc and snuggle down to sleep. This allows our body to ‘prepare’ for sleep. Due to the routine, it knows its coming and by the time we get into our beds, it knows that it is time for sleep. We try to make this the same time every day, allowing us to gain at least 8 hours sleep. Of course it may differ on weekends etc but we try to follow it as best we can, with great results. We also keep our bed for sleeping in, no reading/ watching TV – so our bodies know this room means sleep.



A lot of my research stressed upon sleeping in a pitch dark room. Now we live in the centre of a city, street lighting is rife! David also hates sleeping in the pitch dark (without his glasses he is pretty much blind so uses light to his advantage). Therefore my only option to try was using an eye mask. Once I got used to it, it did help slightly – mostly to get to sleep, I had always pulled it off by the morning. I will however use it in the future if I am suffering from insomnia as I definitely noticed a difference in how quickly I was able to sleep when in darkness.


hot v cold(source)

The ideal temperature for sleeping is 18C or 65F. David and I have a thermometer in our room and the lowest it ever got was 20C. So when making our tea in the evening, we now open the window in our bedroom to cool down the room. This certainly did have results, especially for David who is often very hot before he goes to bed.  Also having the room filled with fresh air before we go to bed has certainly been a bonus – it has meant that we rarely wake during the night now due to a dry throat needing water.

Drinks pre bed


Now we all know to avoid caffeine before bed, but did you know it takes 8 hours for your body to fully process caffeine? Now minus 8 hours from before you go to bed, that’s the latest you should be drinking caffeine. Scary huh! I was partial to a pre dinner/ afternoon coffee but not any more, and have felt the benefit (stick to herbal teas and decaffeinated teas and coffees).

And we all know this one, drinking alcohol before bed is a no no and can lead to disrupted sleep. Yay – good excuse for an afternoon cocktail, however maybe tricky when most (including David and I) sometimes crave that evening glass of wine or a nice whiskey. I try to stick to drinking alcohol at the weekends so that I can sleep in if need be – but you know what, I don’t think I am ever going to be able to fully commit to this one!

Also monitor how much you drink before bed. My peppermint tea is in a tiny mug and only half full – otherwise I will be up all night!

Bedding and Clothes

This is definitely one you have to work out what works best for you, but is worth testing. In our case, we work best in crisp cotton sheets, pulled tight. I need a hard pillow, David medium softness. We both prefer tight bed clothes so we don’t get all tangled up when we move at night.

Also try flipping your mattress – often there are some bumps we dont realise are keeping us awake!

And finally – switch off and calm down!

sleep media(source)

Again, I dont need to tell you that our media devices are affecting our sleep. Try to put down that ipad/ ipod/ phone/ computer/ switch off the TV at least an hour before bed and you will probably notice a difference. If this really isn’t an option then try downloading an app such as Easy Eyes which tones down the light on your device, making less strain on your eyes. David highly rates this – I instead force myself to put the phone/ipod down!

Stress Worry Woman with Text on White(source)

Switching off doesn’t necessarily only mean on media – it also relates to your own head! I am my own enemy when it comes to this, I am constantly thinking about everything! Try to wind down – make a list for the next day if you are worried about forgetting things, do those dishes if they are on your mind – just address the issues if you have to, then calm down. Sometimes I find that some warm almond milk and a chat with my David about what is on my mind clears everything up and allows my body to rest and prepare for bed. If that doesn’t work, try closing your eyes and visualising something calm – like walking down a beach on a hot summers day or walking through a forest. Never mind counting sheep…!

These are just a few factors that have really helped me get a better sleep. Why not try a few options out and see if you can improve your sleep time. Your body, after all, needs it!


London Eats!

Hi all,

Remember my recap post on Monday regarding the London Coffee Festival? I loved writing about it but there was one vital part missing that I am sure you are all dying to read about… what did I eat!!!??? (with the exception of bucket loads of dark chocolate of course!)

So today I am linking up with Jenn over @peasandcrayons for What I Ate Wednesday, focussing on my favourite foodie delights from my holidays, the festival and our Road Trip! Prepare to get hungry!

Friday – Road Trip

Trippin’ Lunch – Salad Box – smoked mackerel, lettuce leaf, sweetcorn, peppers, olives, feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, mango and melon! Yep quite a feast! (Can you believe this all came from our local supermarket? Who says you cant get a healthy lunch from a supermarket!?).

South Lakeland-20140404-00444

Snack – Strawberries – massive and delish!


Dinner – Nando’s in London – Lemon and herb chicken with ratatouille, sweet potato mash and avocado – very nice and perfect fuel after our road trip!


Saturday – The fest and the rest

Breakfast – Hotel breakfast – fresh fruit and yoghurt to start (not pictured) then poached eggs with bacon, tomato and mushroom (side of green tea and OJ)


Lunch – Brick Lane Street Food Cart Caboose – we ordered the pulled pork and the beef brisket and shared. Served with a crunchy beet salad, pickles and siracha! Yum!

Tower Hamlets-20140405-00449DSC04441DSC04440

Dinner – CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!! – First time ever! We only have them in London in the UK and David and I were desperate to visit! I had the burrito bowl with barbacoa, lime coriander rice, lettuce, grilled veggies, salsa and loads and loads of guacamole! It totally met our expectations. And yes I may have already tweeted Chipotle to ask them to open a store in Glasgow…!


Sunday – Rest Day/ Family Day

Breakfast – Hotel Breakfast – Cold meats, melon, pineapple, grapes, raisins and walnuts to start. Poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, chorizo and tomato with coffee. (Pic of David’s plates but mine were pretty much the same!)

20140406_092923 (1)20140406_102616 (1)

Lunch – Pinkberry! – Again first time ever, again only stores in the UK are in London, again was incredible! Tart original yoghurt with mango, banana, dark choc chips and crushed almonds. I wanted it again after I had finished #willpower


Dinner – Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Not pictured 😦 It was dinner with my brother who lives in London and we were catching up soo much that I forgot to snap it! But I had a bunless beef burger with pineapple, grilled mushroom and a crunchy slaw. Nicest burgers ever!

Snacks bought in London (sorry for the bad phone pics!)

Pistachio Halva from the Food Hall at Selfridges

You all know I love tahini. Mix that with honey and pistachios and you have heaven. Amazing


Also from Selfridges – Beef Biltong – Best jerky I have tasted. Totally hunting for more of this!


Road Trippin’ back up to Glasgow

Lunch – Tomato Mackerel Salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes – another supermarket find!


Partnered with another London find – Happy Kale BBQ kale chips – very nice!


Snack – Love Raw Cacao and Maca Organic Bar – will definitely buy again. Ideal snack and just the right size.


Oh and to finish the trip off, as the sun was shining – a 100% Orange Juice Ice Lolly – refreshing and fun in the sun!


Happy Wednesday Everyone!


CrossFit – You gotta be a little weird!

Hi all!

Hope you are well and your Tuesday is set up to be super fun!


I am back blogging in my favourite local Starbucks with the sun shining outside. I think it was all that coffee talk yesterday that has made me crave a fresh brew! But not just any coffee, oh no, I am having my Americano iced today! Little bit of sunshine = desire for iced drinks!

But now on to my 2 day recap of CrossFit!

Monday Morning (14th)

So this morning I was still nursing my cold and was still pretty sore from my crash on Thursday! (See here for info if you missed it). I decided to still attend CrossFit, but like Friday, proceed with caution!

We began with a block run and then some additional warm up exercises to get us prepared for the WOD.


The strength WOD was 8 rounds of 4 rep back squats at 80% of our 1RM. My 1RM was 35kg so I decided to round down rather than up and go for a weight of 25kg. Each round was then to be superset with a form of pull up, dependant on your level. I tried a few different pull up options but ended up going with 15 jumping pull ups in between each set of back squats.

The back squats were fine, the 4th rep of each set being quite tricky but hey that’s what it is meant to be! The jumping pull ups were done on top of a 16 inch step which made them more tricky than normal. (In case you are thinking ‘woah 16 inches is still so far from the bar!’ I should probably add that I am 6 foot 1 so not as low as it would be for a ‘normal’ person!). Out of everything at CrossFit, I feel my weakest at the gymnastic work but I am getting there. It may be slow progress but still progress nonetheless.

The second WOD was

4 rounds of

2 minute AMRAP

16 kettle bell swings

12 goblet squats

8 hand to hand snatches

Rest for 1 minute in between each round

I went for an 8kg kettle bell. I could have done 10kg for everything bar the hand to hand snatches, they were difficult to master and new for a few of us so wise to go lighter and to a higher intensity.  My results were as follows

Round 1 – Up to 5 snatches

Round 2 – Up to 6 snatches

Round 3 – Up to 7 snatches

Round 4 – 1 complete round

Yay, increased by 1 rep every time – get in!

Tuesday Morning (15th)


We began with a block run and some killer mobility work. Much needed work on my tough area – the scapula.

The strength WOD for today was strict press and I was pleased as I love to press. I think I may be a rarity in that but I guess I just feel more in control of the bar pressing that squatting.

Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes – 4 strict press at 80% 1RM

I do think I could have gone slightly heavier with this. My 1RM (gained quite a while ago now) was 20kg so I went with 15kg for the WOD. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t tough either so I hope 1RM’s come up soon so I can have a more accurate weight to work from.

The second WOD today was tough, very tough! Anyone still feeling the pain from 14.5, look away now!


4 rounds of

3 minute AMRAP

12 thrusters

12 toes to bar/ knee to chest

1 minute rest in between each round


Round 1 – 1 round plus 4 thrusters

Round 2 – 1 round

Round 3 – 1 round plus 3 thrusters

Round 4 – 1 round plus 5 thrusters

Holy guacamole! Killer WOD but actually really good fun! One of my favourite WOD’s we have done recently!

I went with a 15kg bar for the thrusters and did knees to chest. I am very chuffed as when I did 14.5 I went for 10kg so a 5kg increase on a thruster heavy WOD – big smiles from Jen!

I also managed to get better as the WOD went on, just like yesterday – but I am odd like that, I always tend to improve as I go on with WODs, instead of the regular more understandable result of getting slower as you get more tired! But hey, you got to be a little weird to be a CrossFitter, its part of the criteria!