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Hi all,

Hope you are well and had a good weekend!

It’s a public holiday here in the UK but both David and I are working. Only downer, no CrossFit this morning – but back tomorrow! Yay!

Today I am talking all things Paleo – A-Z style!

Not following a Paleo lifestyle? Never fear, the crux of the matter is simple and something I know we all agree on – eat real food. Must we define it? The fine details may differ but the message is all the same. We eat what is best for us and our bodies.

eat real food(source)

Actually, let’s drop the P word for now and simply keep lifestyle. After all, it sums it up perfectly!

So enjoy and explore some deliciousness as I dive into the first part of my foodie lifestyle! – A to H!

A – Avocado

20130217 - Avocado

–          It just had to be! And what a food to start on! Avocados are amazing and such a nutritional powerhouse. An excellent source of healthy fats, they are choc of fibre, antioxidants and are actually one of the few foods that when taken with others, help you absorb MORE vitamins! They taste delicious and have so many uses, sliced in a salad, made into guacamole or even used to make chocolate mousse or baked to make super rich chocolate brownies.

B – Bacon

20140304 - Pancakes

–          I can hear you laughing now! A bit of a running joke within the Paleo community about how much we all love bacon – but don’t we all? Yep bacon contains saturated fat, nope this isn’t bad. Oh and in fact bacon contains mostly monounsaturated fat – you know the one we find in olive oil…! Now, I won’t be going to eat it every day but because I like some variety but I think it is about time we all started learning the truth about fats. Not gonna preach here, instead if you want more info, click here for an article on bacon and the truth.

C – Coffee


–          Again, another Paleo staple but a staple in most people’s lives! We love the kick up the bottom it gives us in the morning but I simply love the taste! Yep we get the caffeine kick, but we also gain a mass amount of antioxidants from it – leading to feeling happier, less stressed and contributing to a healthy lifestyle. In fact the antioxidants in coffee help protect us against a variety of cancers, type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

–          Just a wee tip, it takes 6 hours for our bodies to process caffeine. Try to avoid it 6 hours before you are planning on going to bed and it shouldn’t affect your sleep.

D –  Dates

20140302 - sunday_foods

–          Maybe not a staple for all but a staple in my household. I love dates for their flavour and texture, most readers will be aware that I can’t get enough of them. A natural source of sugar, they are great for when you need that boost of instant energy but also sustainment. Their benefit list is endless – fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, helps promote muscle development, vitamin A and K, zinc, help build bone strength… I could go on for hours! (Maybe a topic for the future…??)

E – Eggs

20130710 - Fast Food

–          Breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs are a perfect ingredient. Packing a major protein punch, a post CrossFit breakfast always involves them. They contain 14 major nutrients essential for our diet including A, B2 and B12. Oh and remember folks, the yolk is where the nutrients are – so eat them up! (Kept this one short deliberately, think I go on about the wonders of eggs too much!)

F – Fat


–          Fat is not to be feared and should be a major part of our diet. An example of some of my favourite healthy fats include – avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, fish, coconut and grass fed butter. The key with fats, look at the sources, especially regarding animal fats.

–          For a good guide on which fats to embrace and which to ditch, check out this brilliant fact sheet from Diane over at Balanced Bites – LINK

G – Grass Fed Meat

20140125 - pork

–          Grass fed meat is always my aim. If the animal has a good diet, then those nutrients are passed on to you. If the animal has had a bad processed, grain filled diet, then those nasties are passed on to you. David and I do the best we can regarding meat – we buy the highest quality that our budget can afford. Sometimes it will be locally farmed meat, sometimes organic, sometimes we have to go with what we can. If you really can’t afford high end meat, go for the leaner cuts – the nutrients if applicable or nasties if applicable are in the fat.

H – Hunt

Caveman joke(source)

–          We may not use the same techniques as are our hunter/gatherer ancestors, but we still should hunt. Hunt for the best produce, the best meat and fish, the best ingredients – real food. Talk to your butcher and fish monger, ask what the animals were fed, what is in the burgers, sausages etc. Go to a farmers market where you can talk to the producers and suppliers directly so there is no doubt. Pick up those jars and other items in the supermarket and look at the ingredient lists – take ownership of what you put in your body. Hunt out real food fuel!

What about your foodie lifestyle? What would some of your A-H’s be?

Back with part 2 later on in the week!


6 thoughts on “Foodie Lifestyle!

    • It’s so true, I have never felt better since incorporating more healthy fats into my diet.
      That’s why I wanted to remove the P word and change it to lifestyle – when we do that we all realise that we are the same, eating real food! 🙂

  1. I loved this post! Such a fun idea! I would say eggs, avocados, coffee, well really everything you just named except dates are a part of my diet! Haha I do like dates I don’t know why I just always seem to forget about them !

  2. YES! you picked great ones for the A-H section- I’ve actually never cooked proper bacon before, only eaten it out!b but this will be rectified this weekend! Although all Australian bacon has sugar and other fillers in it!

    • Believe me, I have to hunt to find clean bacon in the UK! So many preservatives and nasties!

      Hope your bacon cook up goes well – tip, make more than you think you will need, cold bacon is delish crumbled on anything! (Bacon guac….!!!)

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